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ST 2769

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2769

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 9th November 2014

Another nice Sunday puzzle, this one with a couple of military references as befits a puzzle published on  Remembrance Sunday.


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1a           Fruit nomads gathered haphazardly (6)
DAMSON – An anagram (gathered haphazardly) of NOMADS.

4a           Deterrents to improper conduct, namely regulations about parking (8)
SCRUPLES –  SC (the abbreviation for scilicet, the Latin word meaning namely) and RULES (regulations) with P inserted (about parking).

10a         Deficit resulting from one kind of movie season in US (9)
SHORTFALL –   A SHORT is a film subordinate to the main film in a programme and should be followed by FALL, the word Americans use for autumn.

11a         Smooth changeover that’s central for houseguests (5)
SEGUE is indeed hidden in the middle (central for) houSE GUEsts.

12a         First points for big win as all the leaders have quit (7)
ORIGINS –   Remove the first letters (leaders have quit) from fOR, bIG, wIN aS.

13a         False statement taken out of account ruthlessly (7)
UNTRUTH – Another hidden word – taken out of accoUNT RUTHlessly.

14a         Man on board announced time for retirement (5)
NIGHT sounds like a Knight in a game of chess (man on board).

15a         Second family member entering college once, maybe (8)
POSSIBLY –   Insert into POLY (polytechnic, college once) S (second) and SIB (sibling, family member).

18a         Be domineering and make too much of issue? (8)
OVERBEAR could mean to bring too many children into the word (make too much of issue).

20a         European included in step taken to produce truce (5)
PEACE –   E (European) inserted into PACE (step).

23a         Revolting coach put another player in inferior position (7)
UPSTAGE – UP (revolting) and STAGE (stage coach).

25a         Remove person in crowd being filmed in front of court (7)
EXTRACT –   EXTRA (actor in a crowd scene) and CT (the abbreviation for court).

26a         Thick edition that’s bound (5)
FATED – FAT (thick) and ED (edition).

27a         Fish has gone bad in angler’s basket (6-3)
CONGER EEL –   An anagram (bad) of GONE inserted into a CREEL (angler’s basket).

28a         Officer in charge of females inside fighting outfit (8)
WARDRESS –   Split 3, 5, you would have a WAR DRESS or outfit for fighting in.

29a         It’s very hard having fish in place of pork? (6)
STEELY –   EEL (fish)  inserted into STY (the place where a pig lives).


1d           Consider unimportant duke is superior to another noble (8)
DISCOUNT –   D (duke) and IS go before (is superior to) COUNT (another noble).

2d           Sounding catty, what makes your setter in debt to another? (7)
MEOWING –   Split 2, 5 your setter might be saying he was in debt.

3d           Circle, say, that includes appropriate clothing supplier (9)
OUTFITTER –   O (circle) and UTTER (say) with FIT (appropriate) inserted.

5d           In short, officer material, including our soldier perhaps — one of those upholding standards (6-8)
COLOUR-SERGEANT –   COL (abbreviation (in short) for colonel, officer) and OUR (from the clue) followed by SERGE (material) and ANT (a soldier ant).

6d           Result that’s surprising highly-placed clique (5)
UPSET – UP (highly-placed) and SET (clique).

7d           Practical joke, for example, turned up in Fifties (3-4)
LEG-PULL –   EG (for example) and a reversal (turned) of UP inserted between three Ls (L being the Roman numeral for 50).

8d           Notice article and become filled with anger (6)
SEETHE –   SEE (notice) and THE (definite article).

9d           Deceptive behaviour as drunk fleeces parents (5,9)
FALSE PRETENCES –   An anagram (drunk) of FLEECES PARENTS.

16d         Restless rascal I confined within one part of camp (9)
IMPATIENT – IMP (rascal) followed by I (from the clue) inserted into (confined within) A TENT (part of camp).

17d         Those serving, with score in mind (8)
MENTALLY – MEN (soldiers, those serving) and TALLY (score).

19d         Is it circular letter penned by empress who’s away from home? (7)
VISITOR –   IS IT (from the clue) and O (circular letter) inserted between the cipher of Victoria Regina, who was both Queen of England and Empress of India.

21d         University community installing Andrew, oddly, in top spot (7)
ACADEME – The odd letters of AnDrEw inserted into ACME (top spot).

22d         Not many supporting rogue measure restricting people’s movements (6)
CURFEW –   FEW (not many) goes after (supporting) CUR (rogue).

24d         How to make pal paler, producing venomous creature (5)
ADDER –   You simply  ADD [an] ER!

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  1. Another Sunday treat from Virgilius – many thanks to him and to CS. My favourite was his trademark clue, 12a.

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