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DT 27636

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27636

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 1st November 2014

Morning All! I’m fairly sure that this was a Cephas production. A couple of chestnuts and  some good charades made it a pretty fair puzzle for all.

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1a           Shell makes vehicle fast! (8)
CARAPACE – A chestnutty but good clue. A charade of CAR (vehicle) and APACE (fast/quickly)

5a           Crumbs collected by school char (6)
SCORCH – This took me ages to see that COR is an exclamation like ‘Crumbs!’. Place that inside SCH – the abb. for School.

10a         Not getting one another ready to vote? (2,5,8)
AT CROSS PURPOSES – The second, cryptic definition refers to someone with pen poised and the intention to put a cross on a ballot paper (Thursday 20th Nov for us in Rochester and Strood!)

11a         Covered walk right inside vessel (7)
GALLERY – Place R for Right inside a GALLEY ship/vessel.

12a         Direct link with the equator? (3,4)
HOT LINE – The cryptic definition is the line around the equator which is usually included in the hottest mean daytime temperatures.

13a         Each had modified energy splitter (8)
HEADACHE – I’ve been reading Sci-Fi so this was easy. Er. Make an anagram (modified) of EACH HAD and then add E for Energy.

15a         Lake and river insect (5)
LOUSE – A charade of L for Lake and the river OUSE.

18a         Wife and a drink gives one such courage (5)
DUTCH – Two definitions, the second being the more cryptic – “My Old Dutch” is the wife and Dutch Courage is found at the bottom of a beer glass. The perfidious Dutch last invaded England in 1667 at Upnor which is right close to me. We have never let my Brother-in-Law forget it!

20a         Mix up letters, fail to deliver with charm? (8)
MISSPELL – Another definition and cryptic def. The second is to fail in an incantation or charm – mis-spell.

23a         Revitalised Britisher is out for spiritual enlightenment (7)
REBIRTH – What yer Daily Llama promises you. Remove the IS from BRIT(is)HER and then make an anagram (revitalised)

25a         Disheartened, never to return and attempt coming in again (2-5)
RE-ENTRY – Remove the middle letter (disheartened) from NEVER and then reverse it (to return) and finally add TRY (attempt) – RE(v)EN TRY.

26a         Phoney bids for a deed against that woman and similar people (5,2,1,7)
BIRDS OF A FEATHER – An anagram, indicated by phony, of BIDS FOR A DEED followed by HER or ‘that woman’.

27a         Eastern country’s landed property (6)
ESTATE – E for Eastern and STATE for country. Another starter clue that gets the mind thinking in a cryptic style.

28a         What some footballers did — nurtured backs and made final (8)
DEFENDED – Reverse FED (nurtured) and then add ENDED for ‘made final’ – DEF ENDED


1d           Convert a little currency (6)
CHANGE – One of my last answers in and a kicking of the shins!. Q.V. small change in currency.

2d           Remember to get together again (9)
RECOLLECT – COLLECT is to get together and add the prefix RE- to do it again in cryptic parlance.

3d           Go on with most of the takings (7)
PROCEED – The takings are the PROCEED(s) and we only want most but not all of that word.

4d           Retiring copper’s first to get comfortable (5)
CUSHY – SHY for retiring and place the chemical element CU (copper) first. Queue Del-Boy cushty comments…

6d           Top-quality Brussels? (7)
CAPITAL – The second cryptic def is an example of a capital city.

7d           Partly for appearance, Boris hired a Hindu poet (5)
RISHI – He used to blog here you know!!. He is also hidden in boRIS HIred (indicated by ‘partly for appearance).

8d           Flew from the Andes? (8)

9d           Savage slurs they endlessly spread (8)
RUTHLESS – An anagram of SLURS THE(y) – indicated by spread for the anagram and endlessly for the removal of the last letter.

14d         Banker in Cambridge has set off short distance for something in car (8)
CAMSHAFT – the River CAM followed by SHA, an anagram of HAS, and finally FT – foot, a relatively short distance. Shame that the river is defined in the city of the clue – it stopped me putting the word in!.

16d         The unclad eccentric opened the door (9)
UNLATCHED – An anagram (eccentric) of THE UNCLAD. History does not record the outcome of the meeting.

17d         Woman in Italian island being held up, appealing (8)
ADORABLE – Place DORA (a women’s name) inside the reverse of ELBA (an Italian Island that has been reversed/turned up in a down clue) – A (DORA) BLE

19d         Obstinate in gruelling part of court battle? (4-3)
HARD-SET – A charade of HARD (gruelling) and SET (a part of a tennis match). you just need to add the hyphen.

21d         Get ready, shave beforehand? (7)
PREPARE – To PARE is to shave or cut. Add the prefix – PRE- to indicate a previous action (i.e. pre-pare)

22d         Cross dishy bride’s holding (6)
HYBRID – Hidden (is held by) the second and third words in the clue.

24d         Grilled like soldiers? Yet arresting sailors (5)
BURNT – I’m with BD on this one as I don’t like my toast burnt!. Place RN – the abb. for the Royal Navy (sailors) inside BUT (yet).

25d         Annoy fellow inside with firearm (5)
RIFLE – F for Fellow (of a Royal Society) inside RILE or annoy.

Thanks to the setter for the entertainment, I’ll see you all next Friday.

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  1. Your solution of 26 across is not correct. It is not an anagram of “bids for a deed”.
    It is an anagram of “bids for a ” followed by a deed – FEAT, and HER

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