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MPP – 029 (Review)

Monthly Prize Puzzle No 29 (October 2014) by Radler

A review by Prolixic

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Congratulations to Lynn Chua who successfully navigated her way through Radler’s Monthly Prize Crossword. I fancy that the number of entries were on the low side this month as this was a decidedly difficult crossword. Solvers had to find seven across clues where a letter was removed from the definition given by the wordplay leaving a valid word to enter into the grid. I have highlighted the relevant clues in bold.

The letters omitted spelled out ARTEMIS. This had to be paired with another answer in the grid (APOLLO) and both words submitted as the solution.

Apologies for the late appearance of the review. With the Times Crossword Championships, busy Sunday and reviewing the Rookie Corner I have only just completed a rather hasty review.

1 It’s what close mates do and where, on getting caught (7)
INBREED – The abbreviation RE (on) inside (getting caught) IN BED (where the breeding might take place).

5 Flings starter abandoned after Henry’s buttock parts (7)
HUNCHES – After H (the abbreviation for Henry) add LAUNCHES (flings) and both remove the first letter (starter abandoned) and remove the first of the letters to be omitted (A). (Haunches (buttock parts) to Hunches).

9 Congregate in North German ground (5)
THONG – An anagram of North G (German) and remove the second of the letters to be omitted (R) (Throng (congregate) to Thong).

10 Score given and race abandoned (9)
GRIEVANCE – An anagram (abandoned) of GIVEN RACE.

11 Was initially fit, Edward’s dead (6,3)
STARTED OUT – START (another word for a fit or involuntary tic) followed by ED for Edward and OUT (a word meaning dead). Remove one of the letters (T) (Started Out (was initially) to Stared Out).

12 Box containing English coin (5)
CRATE – CRATE (box) with an E (inside) with a letter removed (E) (create (coin) to CRATE).

13 Dance from drag act originally moved later (4)
HULA – Haul (drag) with the A (act) moved to the end.

15 Retrieves from water, assuming fish twisted lines (8)
LANYARDS – LANDS (retrieves from water) with YAR (fish) reversed (twisted) inside (assuming).

18 Terminal waiting area airport designed primarily for hotel (5,3)
DEATH ROW – Replace the H (hotel) with D (designed primarily) in HEATHROW (airport).

19 Natural and necessary to produce asymmetry (4)
EASY – The answer is hidden inside (necessary to) PRODUCE ASYMMETRY.

22 Quietly given spiritual guidance and medicine to get fit (5)
PRIED – P for quietly followed by RI (religious instruction or spiritual guidance) followed by MED (medicine) from which we removed one of the letters (M) (Primed (to get fit) to Pried).

24 Storing up trouble, ignores tip (9)
REPOSTING – An anagram (trouble) of IGNORES TIP from we remove a letter (I) (Repositing (storing up) to Reposting).

26 Stop worrying about length, I got aroused (7,2)
LIGHTEN UP – An anagram (about) of LENGTH I followed by UP (aroused).

27 Tempt it back from Berlin with Italian title (5)
EDUCE – Reverse the German pronoun ES (it back from Berlin) and followed it with the title of an Italian leader. Remove one of the letters (S) (Seduce (tempt) to Educe).

28 Work to stop? Yes, when the public visits (4,3)
OPEN DAY – OP (work) followed by END (stop) and AY (yes).

29 Remedy concerning lady doctor? (7)
REDRESS – RE (concerning) followed by DR-ESS (Doctoress – lady doctor?).


1 Yours truly pronounced cleverest, measured by this? (2,4)
IQ TEST – I (yours truly) followed by a homophone (pronounced) of CUTEST (cleverest).

2 8 or saw blue of bruising (4,1,4)
BLOW A FUSE – An anagram (bruising) of SAW BLUE OF.

3 Big birdie? (5)
EAGLE – A semi-cryptic definition of a golf score and the bird.

4 Follow and arrest choker (3,6)
DOG COLLAR – DOG (follow) followed by COLLAR (arrest).

5 Somebody who is to tackle (5)
HOIST – Hidden in (some – body) WHO IS TO.

6 Unexpected invoice at a time of learning (9)
NOVICIATE – An anagram (unexpected) of INVOICE AT.

7 Colour upset wife of William S (5)
HENNA – William S(hakespeare) was married to Anne H(athaway). Reverse the wife’s name.

8 Anger controlled after temperature dropped (3,3)
SEE RED – Remove (dropped) the T (temperature) from STEERED (controlled).

14 Saw at bottom of mountain climbing earlier (9)
ANTEDATED – DATED (saw or went out with) after a reversal (climing) of ETNA (mountain).

16 Rag clothing showing up breasts with a hint of nipple above jug (9)
NEWSPAPER – Reverse PAPS (breast) inside the first letter (hint of) nipple and EWER (jug).

17 Abandoned idea, essentially not current custom (9)
DESTITUTE – DE (the inner letters – essentially) of IDEA) followed by INSTITUTE (custom) with the IN removed (not current).

20 Handsome young man given survey after having a ball (6)
APOLLO – The A from the clue followed by POLL (survey) and O (ball).

21 Right to go at first, not right to return (6)
EGRESS – Remove the R (right) from REGRESS (return).

23 Fire one couldn’t start (5)
INGLE – Remove the S (couldn’t start) from SINGLE (one).

24 Fluid, like a successful innings? (5)
RUNNY – A successful innings would have lots of runs!

25 Consume species abruptly leading to extinction (5)
SPEND – SP (species abruptly) followed by END (extinction).

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  1. Congratulations Lynn. I agree with Prolixic that it was very challenging. As I said in a comment at the time, it is so counter-intuitive to be looking for an answer that does not fit in the grid, and then deciding what letter to take out to make a word that does fit. Found it a very absorbing challenge.
    Thanks again Radler and Prolixic for the review.

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