DT 27618

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27618

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 11th October 2014

Morning All!. There were some lovely clues here but I found the amount of straight insertion clues to make the rest a bit of a write-in. Hence one star for the solving time.

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1a           Curt comedian abandoned without popular support (12)
UNDEMOCRATIC – An anagram (abandoned) of CURT COMEDIAN

9a           Woman who’s left Nazi without resentment (7)
HEIRESS – The resentment/anger is IRE. Place Rudolph HESS, a prominent Nazi around the outside

10a         Fashionable costumier, poet is dressed by me (7)
MODISTE – Place an ODIST or poet inside (dressed by) ME from the clue.

11a         Support protecting single innovator (7)
PIONEER – A PIER/support outside of (protecting) ONE for single.

12a         Had too much of composer in regressive act (7)
OVERDID – VERDI, the composer, inside OD, a reversal (regressive) of DO/act.

13a         Surrealist shows seabirds with head on wrong end (5)
ERNST – Max, the surrealist artist. Start with TERNS (seabirds) and place the starting letter on the other (wrong) end.

14a         Most insist on tucking into French cheese — here? (9)
BRASSERIE – My favourite clue and a semi all-in-one. Most of the word ASSER(t) or insist (in an argument) tucked into BRIE.

16a         Ban girl coming out with topless dress (9)
DEBARMENT – A girl who comes out is a debutante or DEB for short. Follow that with (g)ARMENT or a dress with the top removed.

19a         Graduate turned equipment to make dyed cloth (5)
BATIK – A BA or Bachelor of Arts followed by the reversal (turned) of KIT or equipment.

21a         Old man does up grand buildings (7)
PALACES – A charade of your PA or old man/father followed by LACES – or does up a shoe.

23a         Saddle hurtful with one aboard little horse endlessly (7)
PILLION – Take ILL for hurtful and I for one then place inside PON(y) or a small horse with the end letter removed.

24a         Tailor lent tie to give style (7)
ENTITLE – An anagram (the instruction is to tailor) LENT TIE.

25a         Boy keeps tumbling down mountain (7)
SNOWDON – SON for boy keeping or holding an anagram (tumbling) of DOWN.

26a         Bribe with £500 someone to fix things (6,6)
GREASE MONKEY – To GREASE the palm is to bribe. Follow that with a MONKEY (slang for £500).


1d           Northern Ireland company aboard vessel finding mythical beast (7)
UNICORN – The abbreviations (abb.) NI for Northern Ireland and CO for Company inside an URN (vessel).

2d           Least shallow river — nuisance going under (7)
DEEPEST – The River DEE with a PEST or nuisance going underneath (under in a Down clue).

3d           Skinflint fit to be unhappy (9)
MISERABLE – A charade of a MISER/skinflint and ABLE/fit.

4d           Appeared ordinary in small role (5)
CAMEO – CAME for appeared and then O, the abb . of Ordinary (from Ordinary Level qualifications).

5d           Mini maybe parked by a daughter’s home (7)
ADDRESS – A DRESS (of which a mini is an example) after A (from the clue) and D for Daughter.

6d           One shoddily rinsed one’s privy (7)
INSIDER – I for One followed by a shoddy anagram of RINSED. Lucky to have an inside one!.

7d           MI5 after tender meat dishes (9,4)
SHEPHERDS PIES – MI5 are the SPIES. Place them after a SHEPHERD or tender (the man who tends the flock).

8d           Locating ship’s position accounting for fatalities? (4-9)
DEAD RECKONING – The first is the straight definition and the second is the cryptic i.e. reckoning/counting the DEAD or fatalities.

15d         What could be turned into tapas? (9)
ANTIPASTO – A lovely clue and an all-in-one or &Lit!. The starters in italian are an anagram of INTO TAPAS – the starters in Spain.

17d         Horse that runs away, perhaps, carrying son’s padded support (7)
A runaway horse (we had one in the pub carpark yesterday evening!) is a BOLTER. Insert S for Son.

18d         Sample of apricot tart and soft cheese (7)
RICOTTA – The cheese is hidden in (a sample of) apRICOT TArt.

19d         Steer three characters from Istanbul to join Yale, say (7)
BULLOCK – The last three letters (characters) from IstanBUL to join up with LOCK (YALE is a well known lock manufacturer.

20d         Half of them drily cooked, as French hens appear at Christmas? (7)
THIRDLY – Half of the word TH(em) followed by an anagram (cooked) of DRILY. The hens came in third after the 2 turtle doves and the pear tree/partridge combo.

22d         Kid persuaded by speech (5)
SUEDE – A homophone (by speech) of swayed or persuaded. Shame the homophone is also in the clue!!

I have next week off. Good luck to all the competitors in the Times Crossword Championships tomorrow and I hope to see some of you at the pub down the road in the afternoon.