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ST 2764

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2764

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment *****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 5th October 2014

A lovely sunny Sunday, and to make the day even better, a superb Sunday puzzle from Virgilius.   So much to enjoy in this one, quintuple definitions, words hidden three times, topical references, I could go on and on… perhaps I’d better just keep Kath happy and say my top favourite was 6d.

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1a           University problem — way I’d agitated about learner moving to higher class (8,6)
UPWARDLY MOBILE –   U (university) followed by an anagram (agitated) of PROBLEM WAY ID with L (about learner) inserted.

9a           Around hospital, broadcasting TV presentation (7)
SHOWING –   SOWING (broadcasting seed) around H (hospital)

10a         Final points in letter minister’s posted (7)
TERMINI are hidden in leTER MINIster.

11a         Kind of dance that’s labelled as Haitian or Cuban, initially? (3)
TAP – One of today’s favourites – the initials of Haitian and Cuban can found on hot and cold  taps respectively!

12a         They craft messages — possibly on scripts about party (4,7)
SPIN DOCTORS –   An anagram (possibly) of ON SCRIPTS with DO (party) inserted.,

14a         Programme that’s put out at breakfast time, in sound only (6)
SERIAL is a homophone (in sound only)  of breakfast CEREAL.

15a         Male brought in to make a meal in afternoon (5,3)
CREAM TEA –   Insert M (male) into CREATE (make) and finish with A (from the clue).

17a         Like records showing main competitor missing second run (8)
ARCHIVAL –   ARCH RIVAL with the second R (run) missing

19a         Slight change for region (6)
IGNORE or slight is an anagram of (change for) REGION.   Today’s ‘old friend’!

22a         Not using care, yet temperature reduced (11)
THOUGHTLESS –   THOUGH (yet) T (temperature)and LESS (reduced).

23a         Leaders of Scots are disappointed and glum (3)
SAD – A timely reference to the recent No vote perhaps?  Another word for glum is obtained from the initial letters of Scots Are Disappointed.

24a         Tease about time that set of bones is found in chest (7)
RIBCAGE –   RIB (tease) C (circa, about) and AGE (time).

26a         Perform in theatre in musical work they oddly selected (7)
OPERATE –   OPERA (musical work) and the odd letters of ThEy.

27a         After show, model is tense (7,7)
PRESENT PERFECT –   PRESENT (show) and PERFECT (model, ideal).


1d           Weak plant put under sun as it moved around (14)
UNSATISFACTORY –   An anagram (moved around of SUN AS IT followed by (put under) FACTORY (plant).

2d           About which angler may tell one (7)
WHOPPER –   A lovely definition of a fisherman’s tale of a huge fish that got away.

3d           Putting back in range — isn’t it cooked? (11)
REINSTATING –   An anagram (cooked) of RANGE ISNT IT.

4d           Line I inserted in remixed song initiates keyboard session (4,2)
LOGS IN –   L (line) followed by an anagram (remixed) of SONG with I (from the clue) inserted.

5d           Spanish killers usually managing to avoid charges (8)
MATADORS –   And another cryptic definition.

6d           Don’t allow    sequence of notes,   except for     local      lawyers (3)
BAR –   I have seen several ‘three definition’ clues before but I think this one might be my first quintuple one.   Five separate definitions of a tiny word all combined in a perfect surface reading.   Brilliant.

7d           Floored obnoxious youth without help (4,3)
LAID OUT –   AID (help) put inside a LOUT (obnoxious youth).

8d           Rifts could result from this initial extension of Constitution (5,9)
FIRST AMENDMENT – An amendment or anagram  of FIRST would result in RIFTS.

13d         Adjusts engagement,    dresses differently (7,4)
CHANGES GEAR – Adjusts the engagement of a car’s gear box; changes one’s clothes (gear).

16d         Criticise the combination of old and new in temple (8)
PANTHEON –   PAN (criticise) THE (from the clue) O (old) and N (new).

18d         Wipe the floor with    clothes (7)
CLOBBER – To defeat heavily (wipe the floor with) or a slang term for clothing.

20d         Publicly acting    like some old-fashioned travellers (2,5)
ON STAGE –   Acting in public or travelling on a stage coach.

21d         Get back and start to read Italian author at university (6)
RECOUP –   R (the start of Read) ECO (the Italian author) and UP (at university)

25d         Repeatedly in classes has surpassed dunce (3)
ASS is found three times (repeatedly) in this clue clASSes, hAS SurpASSed.

I have the treat of reviewing the next Sunday puzzle too so I’ll be back next Thursday.



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  1. A tad more difficult from the Sunday maestro I thought but nevertheless an example of a good puzzle which made me think but was not being clever for the sake of being clever. Thanks go to Virgilius & to CS whose reviews I appreciate even if not many other people bother to comment. 3 more sleeps until the next one!

  2. 6d is as you say crypticsue a brilliant clue and 11a a close runner up. Thanks to you and Virgilius

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