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Sloggers & Betters (York 2014) – Update

York S&B October 24-25

An update from John Henderson:

I’m sure to have missed people out or to have left out special dietary needs. Please would you check the relevant list(s) below, and advise me of any such omissions or inaccuracies.  I can easily swap you from list to list.

1 (a) Sat 25th, main event: meet Fox & Roman, noon onward, buffet 3pm approx.

*no dairy, **pescatarian, ***no seafood, ****gluten-free)…Buffet booked for:

alm3***; beeryhiker; kathryn’s dad; Mike C; Sil van den Hoek***; Bert&Joyce (2, one*);Richard Heald (2, one**); George Clements; Jennifer Clements; Andrew; Neal H; icelily*; Claire S (2); Gervase; Poins (2); Wickball ****; Linda; Peter Welton; Polly; Helen Ougham; Sid Thomas; Liz Geear; Polly Jones; Samuel; Kenmac; John McKie (2); Toby Robertson; Spindrift; gnomethang; andy; jetdoc*; maninsuit; Sue; Jason Crampton; Allan C; monk; morph; me (John)

(b) Attending, no food (yet) booked for:

Big Dave; Chas; Dave Lavan; eXternal; trailman; kruger; gaufrid; Richard Grafen; Frances Grafen; lato; gozo

2 Pub crawl (Fri 24th, schedule to follow soon): meet York Tap 6pm:

Richard Heald (2); Claire S (2); Helen & Sid; Liz Geear; Polly; Toby Robertson; jetdoc; Jonathan & Sue; me (John)

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  1. John – I won’t need the buffet as I will be arriving later than planned. I have to pick up the Ageing Ps from Monkgate & take them out for lunch as I only get back to York 3 or 4 times a year. That will all change when I retire & move back to the best city in the UK.

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