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ST 2762

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2762

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 21st September 2014

Morning All!. I found this a simple but effective puzzle in the main.The beauty was, as always, the great surface readings and a couple of clues where traditional clue indicators were used but not employed in order to fox us further ( q.v. 15d).

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1a           Person making dough around clubs as supporter (6)
BACKER – A BAKER (Someone who ‘kneads or needs the dough’) around the outside of C for Clubs (as an annotation in Bridge).

4a           After church, primate left for another place of worship (6)
CHAPEL – A charade of CH (the abbreviation or abb. of Church) then APE (primate/monkey) and finally L for Left.

8a           United‘s defensive blunder in tie (8)
TOGETHER – A subtle clue. Place OG, the abb. of Own Goal (or defensive blunder in Football) inside TETHER or tie.

10a         Chap who delivers orders from outlaw holding weapon (6)
BARMAN – A BAN (outlaw as a verb) outside of or holding ARM (weapon).

11a         In a frenzy, brief reassurance about my condition (4)
AMOK – If you briefly said you were unharmed you might say “AM OK”.

12a         Variety of native tree that’s deep-rooted (10)
INVETERATE – An anagram (or variety) of NATIVE TREE. An inveterate liar for example.

13a         Where journalists may be found after crowd largely dispersed (5,7)
PRESS GALLERY – Another tricky one to get a handle on due to the great surface reading. Press for ‘crowd’ followed by an anagram (dispersed) of LARGELY.

16a         Trait in a clue that’s awful, not using words clearly (12)
INARTICULATE – An awful anagram of TRAIT IN A CLUE.

20a         Soil inside grave I removed? That’s defamatory (10)
SLANDEROUS – Place LAND for soil/earth inside SER(i)OUS or grave with the I being removed – S (LAND) ER (i)OUS

21a         After cold, ring doctor to sort out shock, in a way (4)
COMB – The shock being the shock of hair, cryptically. C for Cold (on the tap) and then O for Ring and finally the MB (Bachelor of Medicine or Doctor).

22a         Silly person that entrusts nest egg to others (6)
CUCKOO – Traditionally the CUCKOO lays eggs in another bird’s nest. That is the cryptic definition and the ‘silly person’ is a slightly dated definition.

23a         Legal actions that may be carried on by boarder (8)
SUITCASE – Two legal court actions. One is a SUIT and the other is a CASE.

24a         Line dividing women’s quarters in New York district (6)
HARLEM – Place L for Line inside (it is dividing) a HAREM (women’s quarters).

25a         Experience confinement, kept under observation (6)
BEHELD – Split this as BE HELD and it means ‘experience confinement’. The cryptic definition simply means ‘seen’ or ‘kept under observation’.


1d           Reserve currency no longer used — reminder placed in work (8)
BOOKMARK – The work is a fictional book work. A charade of BOOK (reserve) and the old, no longer used German currency the MARK.

2d           Arrest for threatening announcement by player (5)
CHECK – Two definitions. To stop or stem a problem and then the placing of a King in ‘CHECK’ by the chess player.

3d           Repeating speech so boring, left 50 per cent out throughout (7)
ECHOING – Remove half (50% being left throughout) of the words of (spe)ech (s)o (bor)ing

5d           Regular visitor somewhat put in shade (7)
HABITUE – Place A BIT (somewhat) inside a HUE or colour.

6d           Showing a bit of light in entrance (9)
PORTRAYAL – A RAY of light inside a PORTAL or entrance/gate.

7d           Shed adjoining building slowly covering area (4-2)
LEAN-TO – LENTO is the musical notation for slowly. Place that around A for Area (it is covering it).

9d           Part of Bible filling clergymen briefly with joy (11)
REVEATIONS – Start with REVS (the abbreviated/brief plural of Reverends or clergyman) and fill that with ELATION or joy.

14d         Turner including a ketch’s bow sail (9)
SPINNAKER – A from the clue and then the front (or bow) of K(etch) inside (being included by) a SPINNER or ‘turner’.

15d         Listed some comrades I met initially going the wrong way (8)
ITEMISED – A reversal (going the wrong way) of SOME (i.e. a hidden reversal) of comraDES I MET Initially.

17d         Workers rising within a unit in plant (7)
ANEMONE – Reverse MEN and place within A ONE (a unit)for the perennial crosswordy plant.

18d         Where Englishman’s at home, it’s said, including one part of Spain (7)
CASTILE – I for One inside a CASTLE (the Englishman’s home).

19d         Shed in swampy area (6)
SLOUGH – Two definitions.

21d         Hiding-place pronounced ready (5)
CACHE – A homophone of CASH or ‘ready’ in the vernacular.


I’ll see you all next Thursday for another Sunday Puzzle. Thanks to Virgilius.



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