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ST 2758

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2758

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 24th August 2014

This was a pretty fast solve apart from needing to look up 3d. There were some lovely clues here though. 20 more seconds and it would have been in ** territory.

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1a           Versatile player daft men abandon (3-3,4)
ONE-MAN BAND – A Daft anagram of MEN ABANDON for the humorous soloist.

6a           Become engaged with some time-sharing (4)
MESH – The word for engaged (mechanically as in gears) is hidden in the last hyphenated word.

9a           Fruit drink that’s pink I had knocked back inside (7)
CORDIAL – CORAL for pink and then the reversal (knocked back) of I’D inside.

10a         Police covering up evidence of debt that’s abundant (7)
COPIOUS – The IOUS are the usual suspects when dealing with evidences of debt. Place the abbreviation inside (they are covered up by) the COPS (police).

12a         Member of working group due to change in transition, possibly (5,8)
TRADE UNIONIST – A lovely anagram spot. Make an anagram (to change) of DUE inside an anagram (possibly) of TRANSITION.

14a         Take off and wander around East with maiden (6)
REMOVE – ROVE (to wander/roam) around the outside of E for English and M, the cricketing abb. for a Maiden over.

15a         Explosive device in mint awfully close at hand (8)
IMMINENT – Place a MINE (explosive device) inside an anagram (awfully) of MINT.

17a         Person from North or South, and one from west of Europe (8)
SIBERIAN – Start with S for South then add IBERIAN for a Portuguese or Spaniard who are from the IBERIAN peninsula which is the westernmost point on mainland Europe.

19a         Assassin decapitated American poet (3,3)
HIT MAN – The American poet os Walt WHITMAN. Remove the head (decapitate) his surname.

22a         Danger on rocky hillside for group still at the top? (7,6)
ROLLING STONES – The top of the Hit Parade for example (NOT!). Effectively this makes it two cryptic definitions!!. Luckily Mr Greer added a cheeky question mark to indicate that this might not be the case!

The first definition relates to the stones rolling down the hill to imperil climbers.

24a         Not for profit, in a way (7)
AGAINST – Place GAIN (profit) inside A from the clue and ST – The abb. of Street or way.

25a         French dramatist increasingly including fiction (7)
MOLIERE – A LIE (piece of fiction) inside MORE for ‘increasingly’.

26a         Location or spot, so to speak (4)
SITE – A homophone (so to speak) of sight’ or spot/view.

27a         In good US city, managed even accommodation for senior (6,4)
GRANNY FLAT – G for Good then NY – The abb. of New York (US City). Inside this place RAN for ‘managed’ and then finally ad FLAT or ‘even’.


1d           Part of concert that’s not encored (4)
ONCE – A cracking clue – simple but effective. A synonym for ‘not encored’ is hidden in (part of) cONCErt.

2d           One slip corrected using another? (7)
ERRATUM – A cryptic definition of a slip of paper which lists slips or errors in a book.

3d           Critical comment from part of UK in a crazy form (13)
ANIMADVERSION – The only word that I had to look up although I had it in my head from the checking letters. NI (the abb. of Northern Ireland in the UK) inside A MAD (crazy) and VERSION (form/type).

4d           Listed in programme as indisposed, so resting? (6)
BILLED – A lovely cheeky clue! If you are indisposed, so resting then you are ILL in BED i.e. you are B(ILL) ED.

5d           Extra handle in metal unfinished, holding worker up (8)
NICKNAME – The metallic element NICKE(l) being unfinished, with MAN (worker being reversed and inserted (being held up).

7d           Turned over great book I have that’s controversial (7)
EMOTIVE – Reverse (turn over) a TOME or great book then add the abb. of I have – I’VE

8d           Male announcing about one about to lose? (10)
HESITATING – HE for male then STATING (announcing) around (or about) I for one.

11d         Subject to possible revision, feed friend (13)
PROVISIONALLY – A charade of PROVISION (feed as a transitive verb) then an ALLY or friend.

13d         Annoyed fishermen about a critical juncture (10)
CROSSROADS – Place CROSS (annoyed) and RODS (fishermen/anglers) about (or around) A from the clue.

16d         Head off a lot of deaths? It’s supposedly the best medicine (8)
LAUGHTER – Remove the first letter (head off) (s)LAUGHTER for what is proverbially the best medicine.

18d         A line in heavy wind that stabilises ship (7)
BALLAST – Place A form the clue and L for Line inside a BLAST or heavy gust of wind.

20d         Improperly deliver cards making married ladies perturbed (7)
MISDEAL – M for Married and then an anagram (perturbed) of LADIES. Oo-er, missus!

21d         Flowery piece found in part of Bible (6)
STAMEN – Rather cryptic but the reproductive part of a flower is found in both the New and Old (Te)STAMEN(t) or part of the Bible.

23d         Food team-mate has demolished in first or second half (4)
MEAT – An anagram (having been demolished) of either the first or second bit of TEAM-MATE.

Thanks to Mr Greer for the puzzle. I’ll see you whenever Crypticsue reminds me! ;-)



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  1. Thank you so much, Gnomethang. It’s always most useful to go through the full review. I picked up a couple of mistakes I had made, notably not observing the question mark in 22a and so marking it as a double definition. I did have to look up 3d in the dictionary as it’s a word I hadn’t come across. Re 2d. I think we’ve come across this ‘slip of paper’ in an earlier puzzle, but can’t remember whether it was one of Mr Greer’s or not…

    My appreciation to Virgilius and to Gnomethang for a super Sunday puzzle and review respectively.

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