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ST 2757

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2757

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 17th August 2014

It didn’t take me long to solve this Sunday puzzle but, as usual, much fun was had while doing so.

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1a           Making another appearance in theatre? (7,7)
PLASTIC SURGERY – A cryptic definition of a face-changing operation.

9a           Serial broadcast before or after one from part of Middle East (7)
ISRAELI –   An anagram (broadcast) of SERIAL plus an I (one) – you can choose whether you want to put this I before or after the rearranged letters.

10a         Host mangled and consumed by lion in African enclave (7)
LESOTHO –   An anagram (mangled) of HOST consumed by or inserted into LEO the lion.

11a         Gold braid, initially part of royal regalia (3)
ORB –   OR (the heraldic term for gold) and B (braid initially).

12a         Bad behaviour in stag party, in part (11)
MALEFACTION –   MALE (stag) and FACTION (party) – a FACTION being part of a larger group or party.

14a         Note altered by doctor put in grave situation (6)
ENTOMB –   An anagram (altered) of NOTE followed by an MB (Bachelor of Medicine, doctor).

15a         Go from nine to five, say, as covered by official order (8)
DECREASE –   Five being a smaller number than nine –   AS (from the clue) inserted into DECREE (official order).

17a         Locate said bishop’s office to get views on holiday (8)
SIGHTSEE –   A homophone (said) of SITE (locate) followed by SEE (a bishop’s office).

19a         European beer knocked back in feast (6)
REGALE –   A reversal (knocked back) of E (European) and LAGER (beer).

22a         Giving off glow and awful fouler smell (11)
FLUORESCENT –   An anagram (awful) of FOULER followed by a SCENT (smell).

23a         Something for elevenses? It’s not quite eleven (3)
TEA –   Not quite a TEAM of eleven players.

24a         Characters reassembled in an ending for film outside Indian city (7)
ANAGRAM –   A word I’ve had to type nine times (if you include the solution) in this review – AN (from the clue) AGRA (Indian city) and M (the ending of film).

26a         Adult opponents holding hands in circle (5-2)
GROWN-UP   Insert W and N (West and North being opponents holding hands of cards in a game of bridge) into a GROUP (circle).

27a         After one season, uninspired play (3,7,4)
THE WINTERS TALE –   THE WINTER (one season) and STALE (uninspired).


1d           Disorder in pros far worse — they can’t fight any more (9,2,3)
PRISONERS OF WAR is an anagram (disorder) of IN PROS FAR WORSE.

2d           Hold up article, in turn, as circus performer (7)
ACROBAT   –   ROB (hold up) and A (indefinite article) inserted into ACT (turn).

3d           Its mercurial rise may indicate need for care (11)
THERMOMETER –   A very nice cryptic definition.

4d           Hot food repeatedly found, from what we hear, in cold country (6)
CHILLI –   CHILLI (hot food) sounds like (from what we hear) CHILLY (cold) and CHILE (country).

5d           Life put in disarray, with daughter being given raise (8)
UPLIFTED –   An anagram (in disarray) of LIFE PUT followed by the abbreviation for Daughter.

6d           CO, for example, leads in generating appropriate strategy (3)
GAS –   The leads of Generating Appropriate Strategy tell us that CO (carbon monoxide) is an example of a gas.

7d           What lies behind pupil swallowing second drink (7)
RETSINA –   Insert S (swallowing Second) into RETINA (which lies at the back of the eye).

8d           Reckon English king liberal — that disproves hypothesis (14)
COUNTEREXAMPLE –   COUNT (reckon) E (English) REX (king) and AMPLE (liberal).

13d         Company run right notices changes and amendments (11)
CORRECTIONS –   CO (company) R (run) R (right) and an anagram (changes) of NOTICES.

16d         Fellers from west of England having hewn elms in error (8)
WELSHMEN –   An anagram (in error) of HEWN ELMS.

18d         Journey top-class — secure fare from Hungary (7)
GOULASH – GO (journey) U (upper, top class) and LASH (secure).

20d         Part of crustacean or insect upset queen (7)
ANTENNA –   ANT (insect) followed by a reversal (upset in a down clue) of Queen ANNE.

21d         Inadequate? Some agree, but not all (6)
MEAGRE –   It wouldn’t be a Virgilius crossword without a hidden word – it is found in soME AGREe.

25d         Argument in bank? Heard otherwise (3)
ROW –   Depending on how you say it (heard otherwise) this three letter word can mean an argument or a bank of seats.

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  1. Thanks for the super review, Crypticsue. I was stuck on two. As I was late finishing this puzzle, I didn’t comment at the time. I particularly liked 10a, 26a, 3d and 16d. Thanks to Virgilius for all the pleasure his Sunday crosswords give.

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