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DT 27564

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27564

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 9th August 2014

Morning All! This didnt take long to solve, just into two star territory for me, but I really enjoyed it.

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1a           Knocked back excess fare (7)
OVERRATE – A cryptic definition relying on the use of fare for food.

9a           Remove article from newspaper perhaps. That’s enough! (3,2,3)
CUT IT OUT – The cryptic definition is first – Use scissors to remove a paper article, the main definition is second – stop it!.

10a         Take a chance, about to take a chance with beef (7)
BRISKET – A very pleasing construction. One chance – RISK inside another – BET. About here means around (the outside).

11a         Painter, one of note? (8)
WHISTLER – Another cryptic definition. Whistler the artist might make a tune from the lips.

12a         Space dust? (6)
VACUUM – Another good cryptic definition and definition. To VACUUM is to clean/dust and outer space is mainly VACUUM (although this is not strictly true hence the question mark).

13a         As a nun, banished for not working? (3,2,5)
OUT OF ORDER – A nun lives in an order. Hence if she were banished she would be OUT OF ORDER.

15a         Share 50 per cent of religious studies (4)
DIVI – An informal word for a share (of the spoils) is half of DIVI(nity) or religious studies.

16a         Often trip over bottom line (3,6)
NET PROFIT – An anagram (over) of OFTEN TRIP.

21a         Blushing, having nothing to perform again (4)
REDO – If you are blushing you are RED. Add O for Nothing.

22a         Loud music — regular boyfriend’s not to be moved (4-6)
ROCK STEADY – A charade of ROCK music (usually loud) and your STEADY, a synonym (although slightly dated) for a boyfriend.

24a         Excellent unfinished elaborate material (6)
FABRIC – FAB for excellent then all but the last letter (unfinished) of RIC(h) for elaborate/detailed.

25a         Malinger in resort in early development (8)
GERMINAL – An anagram (in resort) of MALINGER.

27a         With 99 more, it would bring a German up to the mark (7)
PFENNIG – A simple cryptic definition of the cent equivalent in old German currency – one hundredth of a Mark.

28a         In principle guys will provide accommodation (8)
TENEMENT – A principle is a TENET. Place MEN (guys inside (indicated by IN)

29a         Hold on extremely carefully first, going for a ride (7)
CYCLING – Place the outside/extreme letters of C(arefull)Y before CLING or hold on.


2d           Word for word, brave novel by little man (8)
VERBATIM – An anagram (new) of BRAVE then add TIM, a contractin of Timothy or a little man(‘s name)

3d           Short headstrong Russian leader and svengali (8)
RASPUTIN – RASH is headstrong remove the last letter (it is short) and then add PUTIN – the current Russian leader.

4d           Device for regulating heat and varied hot matters (10)
THERMOSTAT – An anagram , indicated by varied, of HOT MATTERS.

5d           Transport taking hour in wild country (4)
BUSH – Place H for hour after a BUS (transport).

6d           Lift provided when company reveals disaster (6)
FIASCO – A reversal of IF (provided) followed by AS (when) and CO for Company – FI AS CO

7d           Dog’s died in crash (7)
COLLIDE – Place D, the abbreviation for Died from a family tree, inside a COLLIE dog.

8d           Porridge and young fish cook rapidly in pan (4-3)
STIR-FRY – A charade of STIR (porridge, time in prison) and FRY, a young fish.

11d         Display of flower power coming down? (9)
WATERALL – A good definition of a source of hydroelectric power.

14d         Just as likely to happen literally in centre of Dallas (5-5)
FIFTY-FIFTY – The central letters od DALLAS are L and L – the Roman numeral for FIFTY.

17d         Criminal brutal in court (8)
TRIBUNAL – An anagram (criminal) of BRUTAL IN.

18d         Drug habit, but not about to get supplement (8)
ADDITION – A drug habit is an ADDICTION. Remoe the C (one abb. of ‘about’.

19d         Father and I needing passage for ship (7)
FRIGATE – The abb. FR for father (the religious one) then I from the clue and finally GATE or passage.

20d         Achieving one’s goal? (7)
SCORING – A pretty straight cryptic definition!

23d         Brand of gas Tim exploded (6)
STIGMA – An exploded anagram of GAS TIM.

26d         Woman that is leaving the BBC (4)
AUNT – The BBC is known affectionately as ‘Auntie Beeb’ or just ‘Auntie’. Remove IE (The Latin abb. for Id Est or ‘that is’) from the end.

Thanks to the setter for an enjoyable if short puzzle. I’ll be back next Friday for more.


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  1. Many thanks Gnomethang, I found this to be one of the easier weekenders but nevertheless I quite enjoyed it, thanks to the setter and of course to your good self for the excellent review.

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