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Prospective Sloggers & Betters (York 2014)

Prospective Sloggers & Betters

York – Saturday, Oct 25th …

… (optional Friday evening and Sunday lunch, 1,2 or 3 nights).

A message from John Henderson (aka Elgar, Nimrod, Enigmatist etc)

Greetings from Eboracum, our new home.

Jane and I have been urged to organise a crossword get-together here, so consider this a rallying call! The suggested date is Saturday, October 25th, so we just need to know for now whether this will be suitable for most.

Venues and B&B details will follow, depending on the volume of positive response.

We’re working on the assumption that it was a pretty good turn-out for some bloke’s birthday in Sheffield on the corresponding weekend last year. Quite a few have indicated to us by word of mouth that they would like to attend, and there have been some responses on Fifteen Squared today.

Could you let me/us know whether this is a good day (it’s half-term BTW)?

We’ll try and get deals for Fri/Sat, Sat/Sun and Fri/Sat/Sun if all approved.

John H. (aka Nimrod, Enigmatist etc)

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