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ST 2754

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2754

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 27th July 2014

Morning All!. This was a fairly straightforward solve for me but a few stragglers placed it into the 3 star solving window.

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7a           Clear course to steer, going by river in France (8)
CONSOMME – A clear soup course, of course!. Place CON (steer) in front of the River SOMME (which is in France!!)

9a           What worker needs to make — and quick (6)
LIVING – Two definitions, the living wage and quick also means alive/living (be quick or be dead).

10a         Run in country producing damage to ankle, say (6)
SPRAIN – Nice and straightforward – place R for Run inside SPAIN.

11a         Protest about running Hillary, ultimately? Republicans oppose it (8)
MONARCHY – Start with a MARCH or protest, insert ON for running/working (as opposed to OFF) and then add the final/ultimate letter Y from Hillary.

12a         They help prepare courses in which scores of pros do badly (4,10)
FOOD PROCESSORS – A great surface reading that sounds like the answer should be greenkepers. In fact the courses are food courses as in 1A and the answer is an anagram (badly) of SCORES OF PROS DO

15a         Nearly dark, but not quite (4)
NIGH – Another easy starter clue. All but the last letter (not quite) of NIGH(t) for dark.

17a         Dutiful parent initially promises to meet financial obligations (5)
PIOUS – The initial letter in P(aren’t) followed by the usual promises to pay, IOUS.

19a         College official penning article in study (4)
DEAN – Place the indefinite article A inside a DEN or study.

20a         Charge over diamonds is arbitrary (14)
INDISCRIMINATE – To INCRIMINATE or charge around the outside (over) D for Diamonds and IS.

23a         Animal is represented in large piece of canvas (8)
MAINSAIL – An anagram (represented) of ANIMAL IS.

25a         Bad actor permitted in title role (6)
HAMLET – A charade of HAM (a bad actor) and LET (permitted). Great surface reading!

27a         Conservative person defeated by a smaller margin (6)
CLOSER – C for Conservative then a LOSER (the person defeated).

28a         Amend odd law on transfer, electronically (8)
DOWNLOAD – Another anagram (indicated by amend), this time of ODD LAW ON.


1d           Company leading hostile takeover (4)
COUP – A charade of CO, the abb. of company and then UP – leading (in points say).

2d           I endlessly abuse Democrat — that’s key in Florida (6)
ISLAND – I from the clue then all but the last letter (endlessly) of SLAN(g) or abuse and finally D for Democrat.

3d           Berliner perhaps finally ignoring an origin of complaint (4)
GERM – A person from Berlin is a Berliner and also a GERMAN. Remove/ignore the final AN

4d           Sources of timber and tools for carpenters (6)
PLANES – Two definitions – The PLANE trees are sources of timber and planes are the shaving tool used by carpenters.

5d           Nothing mature about part of speech that’s too outspoken (8)
OVERBOLD – O for Nothing/Zero and OLD (mature) around (or about) a VERB (part of speech).

6d           Some sportsmen, thus, I astonished as fan (10)
ENTHUSIAST – A hidden word, indicated by ‘some’ inside sportsmEN THUS I ASTonished.

8d           Rampant misbehaving is what might get trespasser caught (7)
MANTRAP – An anagram (misbehaving) of RAMPANT.

13d         One drink taken in by mouth at first (10)
ORIGINALLY – Place I GIN (one drink) inside ORALLY or ‘by mouth’.

14d         Those who don’t need preaching to in section of church (5)
CHOIR – A cryptic definition. To preach to the choir is to advocate a course of action to those already in favour.

16d         Mafia boss in robbery is pleasure-seeking type (8)
Place the DON (mafia boss) inside a HEIST or robbery.

18d         In one way or another, escort around ‘ouse (7)
SOMEHOW – SHOW/escort around the outside of an ‘OME or ‘ouse without the Aitch.

21d         Flight in last airship (6)
STAIRS – Another hidden word IN the last two words of the clue.

22d         I.e., bishop, for example, turned up on cathedral site (6)
NAMELY – A bishop is a MAN on a chessboard. Reverse that (turned up) and place on top of ELY – a cathedral site.

24d         Older female and younger male on fourth of July (4)
LADY – Nice and straightforward. A LAD (younger male) on the fourth letter of JulY.

26d         Most upset after English test (4)
EXAM – MAX is an abb. for Maximum (most). Reverse this (upset) and place after E for English.

Thanks to Virgilius for the entertainment. I’ll see you all next Thursday for more of the same.






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  1. It is always a pleasure to be able to go through a Virgilius puzzle for a second time. I enjoyed this one a good deal.

    On checking my paper copy, I am really pleased to find that, for once, I have all the parsing correct and have identified the definitions correctly, too!

    I always find these full reviews invaluable. Incidentally, I noticed a couple of very small things in this one, Gnomethang. Shouldn’t the definition for 28a be ‘transfer electronically’? And the answer is missing from 16d.

    Much appreciation and thanks to both Virgilius and Gnomethang.

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