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DT 27546

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27546

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 19th July 2014

A pretty straightforward puzzle with some good surface readings. I enjoyed this one.

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1a           Messy sort runs when brush is around (6)
SCRUFF – A SCUFF or brush placed around R for Runs from the cricketing notation/abbreviation.

4a           A detective force in charge is sharp (6)
ACIDIC – A charade of A from the clue then CID (detective force) and then IC – the abb. of In Charge.

8a           Wood that can make wind instrument and timber (8)
HORNBEAM – A HORN from the woodwind section then a BEAM of wood/timber.

10a         A sign of ignorance like this clue! (6)
ACROSS – If you don’t know then you put A CROSS. An easy starter clue.

11a         Run away fast taking short cut (4)
FLEE – FLEE(t) or fast having been cut short

12a         I called cop out for minor offence (10)
PECADILLO – I haven’t seen this in a crossword for a while. Make an anagram (out) of I CALLED COP.

13a         Hosting internet, gain trolls (12)
ENTERTAINING – An anagram (indicated by trolls) of INTERNET GAIN in a very apposite clue.

16a         Frustrated diarist could be deserting job (7,5)
BRIDGET JONES – Another anagram , this time indicated by ‘could be’ of DESERTING JOB. A good surface reading made this quite a tricky clue until the checking letters turned up.

20a         There’s something soothing about crooner for a dance (10)
LOCOMOTION – A nice soothing LOTION around the outside (about) Perry COMO – the legendary crooner.

21a         Organised work session with loud complaint (4)
BEEF – A BEE is any organised work session, particularly in America – think quilting bee or spelling bee. Then add F for loud (the abb. of Forte in musical notation).

22a         Gangster ducks source of bad luck (6)
HOODOO – A HOOD (gangster) followed by two O’s or ducks (again from the cricketing notation).

23a         Help to turn race, getting stream of invective (8)
DIATRIBE – The reversal (to turn) of AID followed by a TRIBE or race of people.

24a         Wading birds like others, twitching tail (6)
EGRETS – E.G. for like (for example) then RETS which s REST (others) with the last two letters getting twitched.

25a         Person in charge of columns drove back without it (6)
EDITOR – The reversal (back) of RODE/drove e.g. a Tractor or carriage around the putside of IT from the clue.


1d           Lowering small engine cover (8)
SCOWLING – S for Small and then COWLING or the hood of an engine.

2d           Cooker is new being in fashion (5)
RANGE – N for New inside RAGE, the thing that is in fashion is ‘all the rage’.

3d           Shabby cinema to furnish around spring (7)
FLEAPIT – To FIT (furnish) around the outside of LEAP or spring/jump.

5d           Man attending Indian’s first served this (7)
CHAPATI – The man is the CHAP. Then add AT for ‘attending’ and finally the first letter in I(ndian’s). A good semi all-in-one.

6d           Knightly adventure going wrong in strange upset (7-2)
DERRING-DO – A bit chestnutty but place ERRING (doing wrong) inside a reversal (upset) of ODD or strange.

7d           Man left in social group (6)
CASTLE – The man here is a man on a chess board also known as a rook. Place L for Left inside a CASTE for a social group in e.g. India.

9d           Somehow mind big rock singer copying others (11)
MOCKINGBIRD – An anagram (somehow) of MIND BIG ROCK.

14d         Upcoming fashion designer wearing something hot and elaborate (9)
EMBROIDER – First find DIOR (the fashion designer). The reverse her (upcoming) and place inside (wearing) a hot EMBER.

15d         Commemorate sapper apparently (8)
REMEMBER – A Sapper (such as my Dad) is member of the Royal Engineers (abb. to RE). He would then be an RE MEMBER (apparently)

17d         Clear up press in print (4,3)
IRON OUT – A charade of IRON (press e.g. a shirt) and OUT – in print or available in news.

18d         Mug putting armoured vehicle on a little road (7)
TANKARD – A TANK for an armoured vehicle then A from the clue and RD – the abb. (short) for a Road.

19d         Surly detective taking over (6)
MOROSE – The fictional detective MORSE including (taking) O for Over (Cricket!!).

21d         Speculate about the Queen’s headgear (5)
BERET – Place ER (Elizabeth Regina) inside BET or speculate.

Thanks to the setter – I will see you all in a couple of weeks.


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  1. Enjoyable crossword – needed internet help with 6 down. Just one comment on the above for anyone who is stuck on it – peccadillo has two C’s, or it doesn’t fit. I made the same mistake initially.

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