July 20, 2014 – Big Dave's Crossword Blog

MPP 026 – Review

Monthly Prize Puzzle – 026

July 2014

A crossword by Radler

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Congratulations to Keith Williams who was the winner of this month’s prize puzzle who wins a copy of Tim Moorey’s book.  Keith correctly deciphered the instructions set for the solver.  Eight of the across clues omitted a letter from the wordplay which, when added, gave the definition.  For these eight clues, the wordplay also gave a word in its own right linked to 16a.  Having found the solutions, the eight missing letters could be rearranged to give another example of a 16a.

The answer to 16a was flower.  Each of the eight clues produced the name of a river (flower) which, with the additional letters added gave the solution words.  Those eight letters could be rearranged to give the answer MARIGOLD (a botanical rather than a cryptic flower).

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