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Toughie 1224

Toughie No 1224 by Kcit

Hints and tips by Bufo

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

This took me rather longer than Kcit’s puzzles usually do though I’m not sure why.

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1a    Shamed and criticised after article (7)
{ABASHED} ‘Criticised’ follows the indefinite article

5a    Single rule should restrict nonsense, theoretically (2,5)
{ON PAPER} ‘Single’ and R (rule) go round (restrict) ‘nonsense’

9a    What we think of as collision will involve one unduly pushy (9)
{BUMPTIOUS} A phrase (4,2,2) equivalent to ‘What we think of as collision’ goes round (involves) I (one)

10a    It involves many a card sharp, while bringing in nothing (5)
{TAROT} ‘Sharp (acid)’ round O (nothing)

11a    US soldier leaving less attractive US restaurant (5)
{DINER} Remove GI (US soldier) from a word meaning ‘less attractive’

12a    Who’ll show some energy in wild orgy? (9)
{PARTYGOER} ‘Some’ + E (energy) in an anagram (wild) of ORGY. The whole clue provides the definition

13a    Woods in an awful part of Wales (9)
{SNOWDONIA} An anagram (awful) of WOODS IN AN gives a mountainous area of North Wales

16a    Change of heart in what bishop may do, leading to paradise (5)
{BLISS} Take a verb that is something that a bishop may do and change the middle letter

17a    Treatment for addiction leads to extreme tension during party times (5)
{DETOX} The first letters of Extreme Tension inside a party and the mathematical symbol for ‘times’

18a    Captain initially confused, neglecting ship, to hazard ignoring ship’s list (9)
{CATALOGUE} The first letter of Captain + a phrase meaning ‘confused’ (2,1,5) with SS (ship removed) + ‘to hazard’ with SS (ship) removed

20a    Old magistrate‘s opposing views seriously upset lawyer, initially (9)
{PROCONSUL} A Roman magistrate = two opposing views (for and against) + the first letters of Seriously Upset Lawyer

23a    Overseas resident‘s vote included in record, after reflection (5)
{EXPAT} X (vote) in a reversal of a recording

25a    Significant order taken by a good hotel in Northern Irish town (5)
{OMAGH} The significant order is one recognising distinguished service that is limited to 24 living recipients. It is followed by A + G (good) + H (hotel)

26a    Range shown in measure of current dilute fluid (9)
{AMPLITUDE} A unit of electric current + an anagram (fluid) of DILUTE

27a    Wandering round Centre for Archery, where you’ll see butts (7)
{ASHTRAY} ‘Wandering’ goes round H (the middle letter of ArcHery) to give a receptacle for cigarette butts

28a    Assumed University rep will ignore University and take awkward steps (7)
{SHAMBLE} ‘Assumed (or false)’ + a sportsperson who represents a university with the letter U (University) removed


1d    Early strains ordered to be planted in Australia (7)
{AUBADES} Morning love songs (i.e. early strains) = ‘ordered’ inside a 3-letter abbreviated form of Australia

2d    Sales promoter confusing and taking in mother (2-3)
{AD-MAN} An anagram (confusing) of AND round mother

3d    Edges of the door cracked, beset by spell against religious standards (9)
{HETERODOX} The first and last letters of ThE and an anagram (cracked) of DOOR inside a magic spell

4d    Daughter broke up? Show sadness (5)
{DROOP} D (Daughter) + a reversal of ‘broke (penniless)’

5d    Noticing old book with Jeeves, say (9)
{OBSERVANT} O (old) + B (book) + Jeeves’s position

6d    Cracked / receptacle for liquid? (5)
{POTTY} 2 meanings: cracked (crazy)/a receptacle for liquid excreted by young children

7d    Excusing fellow getting hooked by edge of nail (9)
{PARDONING} A fellow in a university goes inside something that has been cut off (e.g from a fingernail)

8d    Responses concerning kids assimilating only one-third of basic knowledge (7)
{RETORTS} ‘Concerning’ + kids (children) round R (i.e. one of the three Rs)

14d    Love to remain at hospital, receiving ultimate in care from medic (9)
{OSTEOPATH} O (love) + ‘to remain’ + AT + H (hospital) round E (last letter of carE)

15d    Required Queen to carry various cases when entering US city (9)
{NECESSARY} Our Queen around an anagram (various) of CASES all inside a US city

16d    Stage performer in Globe elevated an expression of passion (9)
{BALLERINA} A globe + a reversal of AN and ‘passion’

17d    Ambassador relinquishing last award (7)
{DIPLOMA} Remove the last letter from an ambassador

19d    Holding unconventional opinions, discharged from Engineers? About time (7)
{EXTREME} An **-**** would be a former member of a corps of the British Army that has responsibility for the maintenance, servicing and inspection of electrical and mechanical pieces of equipment. This goes round T (time)

21d    Different parent blowing top (5)
{OTHER} Remove the first letter from a female parent

22d    Runs banks, ousting leader (5)
{LOPES} Runs with a long stride = banks (inclines) with the first letter removed

24d    What sounds like excellent work on the pipes (5)
{PLUMB} A homophone of ‘excellent’ = to work with water pipes

It was sufficiently challenging to maintain interest to the end

11 comments on “Toughie 1224

  1. I found this to be an enjoyable and not overly taxing toughie with no really outstanding clues yet nothing to dislike either. Thanks to Kcit and to Bufo.

  2. Enjoyed this one and finished it quicker than the back page puzzle.

    Re15d: Surely it’s the anagram of CASES inside the Queen inside the American city.

    thanks to Kcit and Bufo

  3. Very enjoyable , indeed. I never heard of 1d but fortunately I had 3″ letter checks” availible to fill between the 4 checkers.Impossible to pick out a favourite although 24d made me smile. Thanks Kcit and Bufo for explaining the clues I just guessed, which to be honest was a lot of them.

  4. I tackled this before the cryptic and really liked it, not because I was able to complete without hints but because it was fun and raised a few smiles along the way. 1D was a new word but easily found from the clueing. I really liked 18A, 6D and 7D, but getting a personal mention in 23A makes it my favorite. Many thanks to Kcit and to Bufo for the review.

  5. A nice slow slog in which I found every step enjoyable. I think it is a credit to the setter that different people have quite different favourites: mine are 12a, 17a, 20a, 26a, 6d. I also had not seen 1d before.

    Thank you Kcit and Bufo

  6. Nice puzzle and a steady solve. Particularly liked 12a, 20a and 2d.
    12a is a good “all in one”clue but it also works really well if you read “Who’ll show” as the definition.

    Many thanks to Kcit and to Bufo

  7. Thanks Bufo as you say maintained interest to the end which is the objective ,personal favourite 20a which was my last in (just thick)
    Thanks Kcit as well

  8. I did enjoy this one and I completed a fair chunk of it, albeit with a little electronic help. Personal favourite 18a, when I finally got it. 1d a new word for me too. NE defeated me. Thanks to Kcit and Bufo

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