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Crossword Ends In Violence (5)

Crossword Ends in Violence (5)

James Cary

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Those of you who have read the Introduction to this site wil know that I started providing hints as ad hoc comments on the “Crossword Ends in Violence” site, run by James Cary, which, at the time, was doing a blog for the Daily Telegraph cryptic crossword.   After I started my own blog for The Toughie I received an email from James asking if I would take over the awesome responsibility of doing the regular cryptic as well.  The rest is history!  Well, James’s book has been revamped and reissued as an e-book and is now available from Amazon (see below) and is an ideal read for anyone who enjoys crosswords.


It’s 1944. D-day is imminent and top-secret code-words OVERLORD and NEPTUNE have appeared in a national newspaper, the latest in a series of words suspiciously connected to the top-secret landing the Allies are preparing.

A national emergency, everything points to crossword compiler, teacher Carl Bookman. Even more incriminating is the fact that he is of German origin, with a brother working on breaking German codes at Bletchley Park.

Sixty years later, crossword compiler John Fellowes is tirelessly continuing the work that his grandfather Carl started at the Bookman Bureau. Times are bleak as computers are challenging crossword setters’ livelihoods and the bureau faces closure.

When John discovers his grandfather may have been a Nazi spy, he is devastated and sets out to clear his name. With the help of Amanda, the bored but enterprising accountant from downstairs and his colleagues Turner, a deeply embittered chess grandmaster and Overend, a hyper-intelligent bridge player, he attempts to find out the truth behind the crosswords.

Crosswords Ends in Violence (5) is a quintessentially British comedy thriller, set in two eras and on both fronts of WW2, bursting with codes, Nazis, crosswords, chess masterminds, Churchill himself, and much, much more…

The Author

James Cary is an acclaimed comedy writer for BBC TV and Radio – his latest TV series is Bluestone 42 (BBC3). He has written episodes of My Family (BBC1) and Miranda (BBC2). His numerous Radio 4 credits include Hut 33, Think the Unthinkable and Another Case of Milton Jones. Unsurprisingly, he is a crossword nut himself.


  • Price: £4.11 (including VAT)
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Publisher: PIQWIQ (21 Jun 2014)
  • ASIN: B00KSO3SC0