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Prize Puzzle – June 2014

Monthly Prize Puzzle No 25 (June 2014) by Alchemi

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Why not have a go at our latest Monthly Prize Puzzle? The winner will receive their choice of any of the Telegraph Crossword Books published by Hamlyn.

Please note that, due to punitive postal charges, while the competition is open to all, the prize is only available to UK solvers.

A review will follow after the closing date (21st June 2014).

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

I’ve left this post open for comments, but if you don’t want your comment to be deleted then avoid asking for or giving help with the clues.

16 comments on “Prize Puzzle – June 2014

  1. Good fun. A couple of obscure answers but nothing that caused too much delay. Should be able to get lots of entries for this one.
    Thanks Alchemi.

  2. Thought at first that the grid looked a bit “cornery”, you know, 4 seperate crosswords in one grid. However, the four 9 letter down clues which link the corners were all fairly benign and provided enough checkers.

    Overall it was good fun so thanks to Alchemi

  3. This is so much fun. I am really beginning to love Alchemi’s puzzles. Still a few to go, so back to it.

    1. At this rate, you’re going to have to amend your standard statement about themed puzzles to “I don’t like themed puzzles unless they’re by Alchemi”. Your compliments are much appreciated.

      1. I will, won’t I! All finished now. Lovely stuff. I did have to google though to sort out the odd one out.

        1. If anyone can spot the answer to the question without googling (though Wikipedia is probably slightly more convenient), they’re doing very well.

  4. Mr Devious strikes again although I didn’t find this one quite as difficult as some.
    I loved it – thought it was brilliant. Husband’s been in and out of the kitchen all day to find out what I’m laughing at.
    Finally finished it and I think I’ve even got an answer.
    So many good clues – 14, 18 and 22a and I’m still laughing at the thought of an author with fluffy ankles!
    Thanks to Alchemi for the great entertainment.

  5. A very enjoyable puzzle that I finished a couple of days ago, and since then I have been staring at it, on and off, to come up with the answer to the question. I have found something plausible, but not necessarily correct, without googling, but with the use of Chambers Crossword Dictionary during solving, so, entry submitted! Thanks to Alchemi.

  6. Enjoyable grid, Alchemi – some tough stuff in there for me (though that could be a result of a late and beerbesplatted night of football watching) but it kept me coming back for more throughout the day. Nice stuff, cheers.

  7. Great puzzle which I’m sure I completed correctly but any chance of a ‘walk through’ yet?

      1. Thank you – I’ve been looking for this for weeks!!

        No prize for finding the solution page then?

        1. My apologies, I replied to you from the comment page in the blog dashboard and didn’t notice the date of the puzzle.

          There is a link to the review at the bottom of the page on which the puzzle appears, but I set this up in advance and somehow the word “review” was missed from the url of the actual review. This has now been corrected, and Crypticsue’s comment has been amended to point to the new url.

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