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Toughie 1201

Toughie No 1201 by Osmosis

Ne quís mirétur quí sim; paúcis éloquár

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BD Rating – Difficulty ****Enjoyment **

I found this to be a bit of a slog, especially the North West East corner. The answers are obvious when you know them, but a lot of them had to be prised out one by one, a bit like pulling teeth.

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1a & 10a    Perhaps jumper acquires hairs, caused when preparing part of meal (11,5)
{HORSERADISH SAUCE} – an animal that jumps over fences followed by an anagram (when preparing) of HAIRS CAUSED

10a    See 1 Across

11a    Give papers to idiot who’s content seeing coarse material (9)
{SACKCLOTH} – a verb meaning to give papers to or dismiss followed by an idiot and the middle letter (content) of [w]H[o]

12a    US writer‘s earlier expression of joy enriches passage (4,5)
{ALEX HALEY} – a two-letter word meaning earlier or former and a two-letter expression of joy inside (enriches) a passage or, for the Northerners among you, a ginnel or snicket

13a    Language throughout Nabokov somewhat contrary (5)
{BANTU} – hidden (somewhat) and reversed (contrary) inside the clue

14a    Musician likely to vacate joint, having missed opening (6)
{LYRIST} – L[ilel]Y without its inner letters (to vacate) and a joint without (having missed) its initial letter (opening)

16a    Supporter, given magnitude of the cup, keeps supporting City (8)
{BRADFORD} – the usual supporter (support garment) followed by a magnitude of the cup associated with said garment around (keeps) a three-letter word meaning supporting

18a    Musical chap that’s played on board (8)
{CHESSMAN} – a Sir Tim Rice musical followed by a chap

20a    Key work by Magritte withdrawn (6)
{OPENER} – the usual two-letter musical work followed by the reversal (withdrawn) of Magritte’s first name

23a    Loosen pressure to enter marriage as ring’s avoided (5)
{UNPIN} – P(ressure) inside (to enter) a marriage without (avoided) the O (ring)

24a    Artist is in dismay, given valuation (9)
{APPRAISAL} – the usual artist and IS inside a verb meaning to dismay

26a    Most of liqueur consumed in big vehicle by a star (9)
{SUPERNOVA} – most of an aniseed-flavoured liqueur inside a type of four-wheel-drive vehicle and followed by the A from the clue

27a & 28a    Dead-weight restrains eager and active explorer? (5,11)
{DAVID LIVINGSTONE} – D(ead) and a measurement of weight around (restrains) adjectives meaning eager and active

28a    See 27 Across


2d    Nifty wolf cub seen intermittently (2,3)
{OF USE} – the even letters (seen intermittently) of two words in the clue

3d    Actor half-ignored coming from butcher’s gets agitated (7)
{SEETHES} – drop the second half () of a word meaning an actor and precede it (coming from) a word meaning a butcher’s hook (look)

4d    Seaman, slightly less sick, enters year in retreat with optimism (6)
{ROSILY} – one of the usual two-letter abbreviations for a seaman or sailor and most of (slightly less) a word meaning sick inside the reversal (in retreat) of Y(ea)R

5d    Where does one export clip first in YouTube? Difficult when entry denied (8)
{DOCKYARD} – a verb meaning to clip followed by the initial letter of (first in) Y[ouTube] and an adjective meaning difficulty without (denied) its initial letter (entry)

6d    Dicky types here thus, on computer unit, alongside journalist (7)
{SICKBED} – this place where you might people (types) who are dicky or unwell is a charade of the three-letter Latin word for thus, a unit of computer memory and the usual journalist

7d    With a season unfinished, announced physical test (7,6)
{ASSAULT COURSE} – sounds like (announced) A followed by a verb meaning to season food and an adjective meaning unfinished

8d    Having date, individual repeatedly checks time in urban area (8)
{DOWNTOWN} – D(ate) followed by the three-letter pronoun meaning individual twice (repeatedly) separated by (checks) T(ime)

9d    Must youngster, consumed by beer, broadcast some of joint? (8,5)
{SHOULDER BLADE} – a verb meaning must or be obliged followed by a youngster inside (consumed by) an anagram (broadcast) of BEER

15d    One produces notes, ready to collect drugs with extremists in docu-soap (4,4)
{REED PIPE} – an adjective meaning ready around a couple of the usual single-letter drugs and the outer letters of (extremists in) D[ocu-soa]P

17d    The writer is about to describe diner perhaps addicted to food at trattoria? (8)
{MACARONI} – a phrase meaning “the writer is” (1,2) reversed (about) around the the part of a train of which a diner is an example and a two-letter word meaning addicted to

19d    Unoccupied schoolmate passed over two verses (7)
{SENARII} – S[choolmat]E without its inner letters (unoccupied) followed by the reversal (over in a down clue) of a verb meaning passed or proceeded and the Roman numerals for two gives some verses each consisting of six iambs – see the subheading for an example!

21d    Raised gratuity, receiving twofold approval (7)
{PLAUDIT} –a gratuity around an adjective meaning twofold all reversed (raised)

22d    Disaster after latest of cheques bounced (6)
{SPRANG} – a disaster for a motorist after the final letter (latest) of [cheque]S

25d    Number of sisters in Sussex heading for school uniform? (5)
{SEVEN} – the initial letter (heading) of S[chool] followed by an adjective meaning uniform

Tilsit hopes to be able to return next week.

14 comments on “Toughie 1201

  1. I quite enjoyed this one, favourites were 7d 16a and 20a thanks to Osmosis and to Big Dave for the comments.

  2. It took me a while, and a bit of online help for 3D even with the checking letters, but I got there in the end. I had the answer to 16A in my head but I was slow to parse, and then it became my favorite clue, along with 20A (for no other reason than he’s an artist I admire). 8D was the last one in. Many thanks to Osmosis and to BD for the review.

  3. A very bad Toughie Week for me! Giovanni, Beam and Osmosis beat me all ends up!

    I love Warbler!

    1. Unfortunately, I didn’t solve any in the North-West Corner today!

      As Galicians say: ¡Besteira!

        1. Unfortunately, I didn’t solve any in the North-East Corner today either!

          As they say in Andalucia – ¿Qué?

  4. I enjoyed this very much and didn’t find it as hard going as some, mmanythanks to Osmosis and BD.

  5. Needed google help with 19d as it was new to us, but had worked most of it out from the wordplay. Thought that it had the appropriate difficulty for a Friday. Quite a few of the answers we got by guessing possibilities from the definition and then sorting out the complexities of the wordplay. 16a amused us. An enjoyable challenge.
    Thanks Osmosis and BD.

  6. I have mine cut out and sent , so 3 weeks behind as I have said before , Sad eh ?
    There is mistake on 26A in 1188 !!

    1. Have you considered subscribing to the on-line version? Re 1188, 26A, I commented on the relevant thread.

  7. Thanks BD ,bizarrely the NW corner the most stubborn for me ,personal favourite 7d .
    Thanks also to Osmosis as I too really enjoyed the challenge .

  8. I found this a bit of a slog when I tackled it last night. I am not keen on indications for little bits making a clue seem very wordy and overpadded.

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