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DT 27498

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27498

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 24th May 2014

Morning All!. I solved this after a good day at Wentworth watching the golf. There were some lovely clues here but too many charades, I felt. The lack of variation was apparent when blogging in order.

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1a           Trophy’s displayed over Los Angeles Dome (6)
CUPOLA – A charade of a CUP (trophy_, O for Over from the cricket abbreviation (abb.) and then LA for Los Angeles. I’m not sure what displayed is doing here!.

4a           Appropriate type of modern art (8)
ABSTRACT – Two definitions here – the first is less well known meaning literally to ‘take out from’ or steal/appropriate.

10a         French artist delivers shock before time (5)
MANET – A shock of hair or a MANE before T for Time.

11a         Peacekeeping organisation p-put forward without resistance (9)
UNOPPOSED – The UNO are the United Nations Organisation (peacekeeping force). Add a stutter of P-POSED (put forward a question for Example).

12a         Shocked in the style of jolly editor (7)
ALARMED – In the style of (in French) is A LA. A Jolly (Jack Tar) is a sailor or RM (abb. of Royal Marine). Follow that with ED the abb for Editor.

13a         Exit stamp describing desperate effort (2-2-3)
DO-OR-DIE – A charade of a DOOR (exit) and a DIE or a stamp in engineering terms.

14a         Go off with intellectual faculty, organised in groups (14)
DEPARTMENTALLY – A charade of DEPART (go off/leave) and MENTALLY (intellectual).

17a         Dan waited there pathetically doomed not to make progress (4,2,3,5)
DEAD IN THE WATER – An anagram (pathetically) of DAN WAITED THERE.

21a         Thin material in newspaper article is unknown (7)
ORGANZA – IN(side) an ORGAN (a newspaper) and A for article is inserted Z for an unknown variable in mathematics.

23a         Moves like a kangaroo born on Oz (7)
BOUNCES – A lovely clue. B for Born (from the family tree abbreviations) and then OUNCES of which Oz is an abb. Lovely spot there!

24a         Active old reprobate’s indulgent lifestyle on the continent (5,4)
DOLCE VITA – Reprobate is a good anagram indicator used as an adjective so make an anagram of ACTIVE OLD – Sounds like someone is living it up on the Costa Del Sol!

25a         Bishop after protest to get out of army (5)
DEMOB – B for Bishop after a DEMP or protest.

26a         Put forward, could make a mention (8)
NOMINATE – Another nice spot – NOMINATE is an anagram (could make) A MENTION.

27a         One who loves making fuss about king (6)
ADORER – A charade of ADO (fuss/hubbub some say brouhaha) then RE (the abb. of REference and finally R for Rex (Latin for King which is commonly used as an abbreviation).


1d           Special troop with positive attitude collecting old Military Medal (8)
COMMANDO – A CAN DO attitude (positive) including (or collecting) O M M – all abbreviations for their first letters – C (O M M) AN DO.

2d           Under tree, place monkey’s swallowed fruit (9)
PINEAPPLE – Start with the PINE tree. Then put PL ( the abb. for Place) inside (is swallowed by) APE for monkey.

3d           Religious martyr, rigged trial snared me (7)
LATIMER – One of the three Oxford Martyrs of Anglicanism. A rigged anagram of TRIAL including (or snaring) ME.

5d           Hippy perhaps sporting a denim bathrobe (5,2,3,4)
BROAD IN THE BEAM – A great definition (hippy perhaps!). Make an anagram (sporting) of A DENIM BATHROBE – great surface reading again.

6d           Bit of a blow — ten around for dessert (7)
TAPIOCA – Not a fan of the letters IO for the number 10 but here goes: A charade of TAP (A bit of a blow), IO for Ten and then CA for around/about from the abbreviation of Circa in Latin.

7d           Middle Eastern president like Saddam — not half (5)
ASSAD – AS for Like then only half (not half) of SAD(dam).

8d           Spruces up items of clothing worn by princess, affectionately remembered (6)
TIDIES – The affectionately remembered Queen of Hearts is Princess DI(ana). Place her inside TIES or articles of men’s clothing.

9d           Holder of extreme views to provide money for disruption of animal test (14)
FUNDAMENTALIST – To FUND (provide money for) and a disrupted anagram of ANIMAL TEST.

15d         Detective officer initially entering the sea at Nice is poor timekeeper (9)
LATECOMER – A TEC (abb. of detective) and O (abb. of Officer) inside LA MER (the sea as stated by a Frenchperson from Nice)

16d         Part of goal is to thwart lawyers (8)
CROSSBAR – A charade of CROSS (thwart) and BAR (the lawyers).

18d         Dropping long stretch of time in underground cell (7)
DUNGEON – A charade of DUNG (a dropping or piece of poo) and EON – a long time.

19d         Rolled up with Miliband, damaged (7)
WOUNDED – WOUND is for ‘rolled up’. Add ED (Milliband), the current leader of the opposition party in 2014 – I am sure that this clue will not stand the test of time!.

20d         Like poor actor in court study (6)
WOODEN – A charade of WOO (court) and DEN (study).

22d         Supernatural being — endless precious metal produced by ’em (5)
GOLEM – One of the possible spellings of the brainless monster from Jewish Folklore. GOL(d) endlessly followed by (produced by) ‘EM

Thanks to the setter. I’ll see you all the week after next.


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  1. Have enjoyed your super review, Gnomethang. Had a chuckle at your comment on 24a (inter alia). 5d was my fave — I completely agree that it is an excellent anagram.

    On checking my hard copy against your review, am very happy to see that this time I had no problems.

    Thanks and much appreciation to Gnomethang for the inavaluable review and to the setter for this entertaining Saturday puzzle.

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