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DT 27501

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27501

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Scchua is unavailable today, but will be in this slot tomorrow. I thought this was one of Jay’s easier puzzles – how about you?

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought. You can also add your assessment by selecting from one to five stars at the bottom of the post.


1a    Spirits prior to Conservative account limited by definition (5,5)
{SHORT STORY} – some measures of spirits like whisky followed by a four-letter word for a Conservative

6a    Taken advantage of by American and heartlessly evicted (4)
{USED} – the abbreviation for American followed by E[victed]D without its inner letters (heartlessly)

9a    Looking embarrassed — expensive-sounding for a stag? (3,4)
{RED DEER} – an adjective meaning looking embarrassed followed by what sounds like an adjective meaning expensive

10a    Large policemen accepting  (7)
{COPIOUS} – a four-letter word for policemen around the usual promise to pay (note of indebtedness)

12a    Famous monument of Rome — dirt cheap (ruined) (3,2,8)
{ARC DE TRIOMPHE} – an anagram (ruined) of ROME DIRT CHEAP

14a    Got up before court date to get material for carpenter (8)
{ROSEWOOD} – a verb meaning got up (in the morning, perhaps) followed by a verb meaning to court a lady and D(ate)

15a    Hole caused by credit taking in charge (6)
{CRATER} – CR(edit) around (taking in) a charge or fee

17a    Frogman with time to entertain (6)
{DIVERT} – a frogman followed by T(ime)

19a    Not very good — book covered in beer after amorous advance (8)
{PASSABLE} – B(ook) inside some beer preceded by an amorous advance

21a    Alliance taking company line prior to Labour speech (13)
{COLLABORATION} – CO(mpany) followed by L(ine), LAB(our) and a speech

24a    One key diver recalled a danger at sea (7)
{ICEBERG} – I (one) and a musical key followed by the reversal (recalled) of a diving bird

25a    Irritated angler secures quiet hook (7)
{GRAPNEL} – an anagram (Irritated) of ANGLER around *secures” the musical notation for quiet

26a    Lad sent back hospital grub (4)
{NOSH} – the reversal (sent back) of a lad or male offspring followed by H(ospital)

27a    Habitual attire even when running (10)
{INVETERATE} – an anagram (running) of ATTIRE EVEN


1d    There’s no good in rapid rise, certainly in the USA (4)
{SURE} – a rapid rise without (no) G(ood)

2d    Gold trades can be trying experiences (7)
{ORDEALS} – the heraldic term for gold followed by some trades

3d    New RAF charter transformed combat in the field (6,7)
{TRENCH WARFARE} – an anagram (transformed) of NEW RAF CHARTER

4d    Excited, went to bed with love for one (6,2)
{TURNED ON} – start with a phrasal verb meaning went to bed and insert O (love) instead of I (one)

5d    Rights protecting expert runner (5)
{RACER} – R(ight) and R(ight) around (protecting) an expert

7d    Top moves in close field event (4,3)
{SHOT PUT} – an anagram (moves) of TOP inside a verb meaning to close, as in to close a door

8d    Take hope from a resident shuffling around hospital (10)
{DISHEARTEN} – an anagram (shuffling) of A RESIDENT around H(ospital)

11d    Delay disciplining a prisoner with tact (13)
{PROCRASTINATE} – this verb meaning to delay or put off until tomorrow is an anagram () of A PRISONER with TACT

13d    Pressure on way of talking about engineers making forecast (10)
{PREDICTION} – P(ressure) and a way of talking around the Royal Engineers

16d    Rant making one earn a hug, possibly? (8)
{HARANGUE} – an anagram (possibly) of EARN A HUG

18d    Geographical features of very narrow streets (7)
{VALLEYS} – V(ery) followed by some narrow streets or passages

20d    Extreme letters supporting ban on working for instant prosperity (7)
{BONANZA} – the last and first (extreme) letters of the alphabet preceded by an anagram (working) of BAN ON

22d    The heart, for example, of a music producer (5)
{ORGAN} – two definitions

23d    I haven’t got one — have you? (4)
{CLUE} – what’s missing here? – or is it?

Rather a lot of anagrams in the down clues, which will suit some solvers.

The Quick crossword pun: (teas} + {hide} = {Teesside}

48 comments on “DT 27501

  1. A read and write for me but nevertheless enjoyable. Perhaps too many anagrams (whole or in part) but */***. Had to check the dictionary for 25a. Thanks to setter and BD.

  2. **|*** today not to difficult ,but none the less enjoyable,nice long anagrams liked12ac 21ac no help needed thanks to setter and as alway,s Big.Dave,also needed dictionary for 25ac

    1. You like long anagrams? Try this one which I have just come across tidying up old papers

      “In one of the Bard’s best thought of tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten” (Anag)



        1. I thought so. Obviously not for a crossword but amazing nevertheless! Perhaps too obvious by giving the enumeration

      1. I am a weakish speller so I wouldn’t have solved it without the enumeration and Kath’s comment.

        (The old anagrams are the best!)

  3. Oh don’t tell me it was easy LOL – I had it done in ** ******* with no help at all which must be a record for me!I was so pleased with myself!!

    1. Well done, but please remember that we prefer not to publish solving times as it can be very discouraging, particularly for newer solvers.

  4. I made a cock up by putting ghost in stead of short, it seemed to fit ok but hey
    Ho never mind thats why I couldn’t get 1 D.Many thanks to the setter & BD for the review. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_wacko.gif

    1. i didn’t think of ghost story, but it is a commendable alternative – particularly as the definition “account limited by definition” is a bit woolly.

      1. I got ghost story too, I checked the comments to see if anyone else had made the same error, glad it wasn’t only me. Drove myself mad trying to get 1d starting with a g.

    2. What a brilliant alternative answer – I really glad that it didn’t occur to me.

    3. I never remember the British term for that kind of drink (though it turns up often enough) and had ghost story also. It was my first one in. I had to rethink when 1D proved impossible and I finally sorted it out.

    4. I put that in but it didn’t make a lot of sense, then looked at 1d. Only 2 letters needed editing tho.

      Filling in1a followed by 1d is a pretty rare event for me……….

    5. Me too Graham which left me struggling with 1d until I saw the error of my ways.

  5. I agree it was one of Jay’s more straightforward crosswords – 2* difficulty and 4* for enjoyment.
    I was briefly held up by several in the bottom right corner – can’t see why now although I hadn’t heard of 25a.
    My last answer was 23d.
    There were certainly quite a few anagrams but I like them.
    I misinterpreted 8d – thought it was meaning to take hope from as in feeling encouraged rather than the opposite.
    I liked 19 and 21a and 3d.
    With thanks to Jay and BD.

    BD – not being picky but I think there’s a slight blip in the hint for 10a.

    1. Kath I was looking for “hope” rather than “take hope from” as well. I feel sure it was an intended misdirection and it worked!

  6. Almost a read and write for me today – very unlike Jay. Favourite today must me 24A – very clever use of the bird.

  7. Can’t really go beyond */** today; like KATH thought 8d was a word meaning take hope rather than the opposite as the clue can be read two ways ie the anagram is formed FROM a resident shuffling around H , sorry to be picky but that’s the name of the game. Anyway enjoyable, if brief, start to the day-bring back Tom Mix !

  8. Apart from the hold-up on 1D, as noted above, I found this straightforward. 23D earned a tick on my printout. Thanks to Jay and BD.

  9. Thanks to Jay and to Big Dave for the review and hints. I would agree with BD, quite an easy puzzle from Jay, no major hold ups. Favourite was 1a, last in was 25a. Was 2*/3* for me. Must have been on the right wavelength from the start. I wish I could step up to the Toughies, but I always seem to struggle with them.

    1. Have a go at today’s Toughie – I’m not very good at them either but, so far at least, I’m not doing too badly.

      1. Thanks, I already did so before I read your comment. I actually managed to finish it unaided. A big boost for my Toughie confidence. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

  10. I’ve always wanted to refer to a puzzle as having been a “write-in” and then eureka – le
    voila! Obviously all the anagrams made life easier but I did enjoy it nevertheless and only slight hold-up was 25a (new to me) and 23d until the penny dropped – doh! Thanks Jay for an easy ride which precluded need for BD help for which thanks anyway. */***. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

  11. Worked for me……..as an anagram lover.

    Had the same issues as others re 8d and, strangely, 7d…I kept wanting to make something of “slip” as it could be said to mean ” close field”. If that was an intended diversion, I admire it.. If not, hurrah to me, except I was wrong and it held me up. I did run through those events in my mind but I forgot that onehttp://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_scratch.gif

    I think the best thing about this one was the wording of the clues- pertinent and elegant – not all setters succeed in making all of them completely meaningful. Thx to him.

  12. Whistled through most of this puzzle, no problem with 25a (sailing Dad!) but slowed down, just a little, with the bottom right corner. **/***

  13. A very enjoyable crossword but certainly a wee bit on the fluffier side for Jay, my thanks to him and to BD for the excellent review. An excellent toughie by Micawber today for those wishing to break into “toughieland” not too easy but extremely amusing.

  14. Another nice puzzle today. Lots of clever clues – really liked 20d. Thanks to Jay and to BD.

  15. My first ever write-in….well, nearly. I managed to put ghost too for 1ac and therefore couldn’t do 1dn – never mind…. Enjoyable today with thanks to Jay and BD for the hints 1.5* / ***

  16. Thank you Jay, I agree with the general view that it was one of your easier ones – but still good fun all the same. Thanks BD for your review and hints. Cold and miserable in the NW. Off to Sorrento on Friday http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_bye.gif

  17. Thanks Jay for a most enjoyable puzzle! 1.5*/4*. 23d was great. Got on very well with the toughie yesterday so will dare have a go now at today’s. Thanks to BD for the hints – not needed but I always like to go through them, just for the fun of it!

  18. Very easy indeed.. Apart from grapnel which I didn’t get. But can we say one grapnel or is it only plural?

  19. A nicely crafted puzzle today which I reckon was a 3/4 I got into a bit of a pickle with 12A – the Rome element re a French monument but got there in the end. 23D was a good smiler. Thanks to Big Dave for the review.

  20. Enjoyable puzzle today and not at all difficult. I think 23d has to be the favourite, how clever was that? Thanks to Jay and BD for review, not needed today.

  21. I would call it very doable instead of easy.Favourite 19a.23d is amusing.Thanks Jay and BD.

  22. A not too difficult puzzle and the only problem was of my own making by having “ghost” instead of “short” in 1a. Thanks to Jay and BD.

  23. Lots of nice anagrams today, very enjoyable.
    Took me ages to get the court date reference in 14a and needed BD to explain 4d.
    Best clue for me was 12a for its misdirection.
    Thx to all concerned.

  24. We enjoyed this one. Lots of anagrams but most of them were well disguised. Thought that 23d was very clever.
    Thanks Jay and BD.

  25. Add my name to the ‘ghost story’ list, but soon realized my mistake and from there on it was steady and enjoyable solve. Thanks to Jay and BD for an excellent blog.

  26. 2*/3* by my reckoning. I too had “ghost story” at 1a, and even considered “Gore” at 1d (on the basis that “gorge” could be said to have some sort of connection to a rapid rise) but l eventually got the right answers to both. No real favourites, and rather too many anagrams for my liking. Still, thanks to Jay, and to BD for the review.

  27. Loved all the anagrams, which made this a straightforward solve. 20d was my favourite. Thanks to Jay and BD, as always 1.5*/4*

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