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ST 2743

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2743

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 11th May 2014

Morning All!. Some lovely clues in this puzzle which I found to be a steady solve with no real problems apart from justifying the unknown axe!.

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1a           Like beer provided by clubs, a little rough (6)
CHOPPY – Real Ale is sometimes described as HOPPY. Place that after (is provided by) C for Clubs from the bridge card game notation.

4a           Does some groundwork for suit (6)
SPADES – Two definitions – digs or SPADES (does some ground work) and the card suit.

8a           Country in our hands after reform (8)
HONDURAS – An anagram (after reform_ of OUR HANDS.

10a         Business leader I betray, one of four beginning on board (6)
BISHOP – The leading letter of B(usiness) then I SHOP/betray.

11a         Movement in which you’ll find people with convictions (4)
STIR – Another double definition. The movement of fluid with a spoon and the colloquial term for jail (Wherein people with criminal convictions are held).

12a         Old mathematician improperly made riches (10)
ARCHIMEDES – An improper anagram of MADE RICHES.

13a         Factionalism making old weapons trendy (12)
PARTISANSHIP – I had forgotten that a PARTISAN is an old double-headed axe used as a weapon. Follow that plural with HIP for trendy.

16a         Encouraging to hold copies back as parsimonious behaviour (12)
CHEESEPARING – A lovely word!. Place the reversal of APES (copies back) into CHEERING (encouraging).

20a         Part of exam, oddly, I get right — not a real threat (5,5)
PAPER TIGER – Part of an exam section is a PAPER. Then make an anagram (oddly) of I GET and follow that with R for Right.

21a         Negative response about competing against dark blue (4)
NAVY – A NAY or vote against (appropriately today!) around/about V for Versus or competing against.

22a         Previously support European (6)
BEFORE – A charade of BE FOR (support) and the E, the abb. of European (as in European elections!)

23a         Weak ruler’s rationale (8)
THINKING – A charade of THIN (weak) and KING (ruler). The apostrophe ‘s is expanded to IS to mean <this wordplay> IS or means <this word>.

24a         Socialist’s beginning, on many occasions, to be moderate (6)
SOFTEN – S, the abb. of Socialist and then OFTEN (on many occasions).

25a         Line penned by author with difficulty (6)
HARDLY – L for Line placed inside (or penned by) Thomas HARDY the author.


1d           Altered raincoat from area in Europe (8)
CROATIAN – An anagram (altered) of RAINCOAT.

2d           It could be the usual architectural style (5)
ORDER – Two definitions again – ‘the USUAL’ order in one’s local style (Carlsberg) and a term denoting a Greek architectural style.

3d           Conceivably tape rhapsody, in part (7)
PERHAPS – Hidden in (in part) of taPE RHAPSody.

5d           Left in bar, is hard to get out (7)
PUBLISH – Place L for Left iside a PUB (or bar) then add IS from the clue and H for Hard (the abbreviation coming from pencil classifications as in HB).

6d           Kind of paint that’s bad for kennels (9)
DISTEMPER – A definition and cryptic definition, the latter being a disease found in dogs hence bad for kennels.

7d           Demonstrator in rain not sounding the same (6)
SHOWER – Lovely! An anti-homophone!. Someone who shows is written the same as a splash of rain but is pronounced differently. If only I could remember what this type of word is called technically!)

9d           Prophetic vision assistant’s seen on location, we hear (6,5)
SECOND SIGHT – A SECOND (an assistant in a duella) followed by SIGHT (a homophone, indicated by ‘we hear’, of site/location.

14d         Marked as present and reprimanded (6,3)
TICKED OFF – Two definitions again – the first meaning ticked off in a register at school for example.

15d         Not following uniform style, oddly? (8)
UNEVENLY – The first definition is not being even, the second meaning that an odd number is un-even.

17d         Taken out of context, remedy is drastic (7)
EXTREME – The hallmark of a good hidden word is that you miss it the second time you look at the clue!. Take some letters out of contEXT REMedy.

18d         Skill in place for orchestra with a set of musical compositions (7)
PARTITA – I dragged this word from somewhere in the back of my head. Place ART (skill) inside the PIT (where the orchestra sits in a theatre) and follow that with the A from the clue.

19d         Gentle touch making worries subside, initially (6)
CARESS – CARES (worries) and the initial letter of S(ubside).

21d         Churchman or academic upset about king that’s defenceless (5)
NAKED – reverse (upset in a down clue) a DEAN (churchman or University academic) around/about K for King from chess notation.

Thanks to Mr Greer for the edifying puzzle – I’ll see you all tomorrow for a review of last Saturday’s prize cryptic.


3 comments on “ST 2743

  1. Super puzzle and a super review! Much appreciation to Virgilius and Gnomethang.

    As always, I have found going through the full review very helpful. I didn’t know that ‘hoppy’ is another word for Real Ale. (I guessed the answer from relating ‘hops’ to beer.) I missed the double definition in 4a. At the time of solving this puzzle, I used one of Big Dave’s hints to explain ‘partisan’. Haven’t come across this double-headed axe. It sounds lethal! These apart, I fared all right. 18d always makes me think of J S Bach!

    1. Hi and thanks Catnap – just to clarify, ‘Hoppy’ is an adjective that can be applied to the taste (i.e. tastes of hops = hoppy) – its not a word FOR Real Ale

      1. Thank you very much for the clarification, Gnomethang. I haven’t come across the usage. (‘Hoppy’ usually makes me think of rabbits!)

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