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Toughie 1182

Toughie No 1182 by Kcit


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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

You can no longer expect an easy ride with a Kcit puzzle. This one was very enjoyable and at the upper level of the difficulty we have come to expect on a Tuesday.

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1a/5a    US money entirely invested in disrupting security system (7,7)
{CENTRAL LOCKING} – some US money followed by a three-letter word meaning entirely inside a verb meaning disrupting

5a    See 1 Across

9a    Most appropriate work: I’m employed in corporation (7)
{OPTIMUM} – a musical work followed by I’M inside a corporation or belly

10a    One blocks sun hat (7)
{STOPPER} – S(un) followed by a type of hat

11a    The main thing keeping you stuck in the current situation? (3,6)
{SEA ANCHOR} – a cryptic definition of an object dragged in the water behind a boat in order to keep its bows pointing into the waves

12a    Bath Abbey’s opening featured in Sunday article (5)
{SAUNA} – the initial letter (opening) of Abbey inside SUN(day) and the indefinite article

13a    Be very averse to study after start of degree (5)
{DREAD} – a verb meaning to study preceded by the initial letter (start) of Degree

15a    Reprimanded dodgy pub subjected to police attention? (9)
{UPBRAIDED} – an anagram (dodgy) of PUB followed by a verb meaning subjected to police attention

17a    That woman in tub with graduate — female partner in affair (9)
{BATHSHEBA} – the female pronoun inside a tub and a graduate gives the biblical woman who had an affair with, and later married, King David

19a    Closed opera house twice cancelling the French opera (5)
{TOSCA} – the two-letter usual suspect for closed followed by an opera house in Milan from which the French definite article has been removed (cancelling) not once but twice

22a    Little sleep, initially nodding off (5)
{TRACE} – start with a sleep or daze and drop (off) the initial letter of Nodding

23a    Recent fiddle ending in change in paperwork? (9)
{NEWSTRADE} – an adjective meaning recent followed by a very expensive fiddle or violin and the final letter (ending) of changE

25a    Good argument divides pub regarding misplaced nail (7)
{INGROWN} – G(ood) and an argument inside (divides) a pub

26a    Composer annoyed with contralto dropping out in Italy (7)
{ROSSINI} – start with an adjective meaning annoyed, drop the C(ontralto) and add IN and the IVR code for Italy

27a/28a    Telegraph mixed up with ‘tasty’ description of psychological treatment (7,7)
{GESTALT THERAPY} – an anagram (mixed up) of TELEGRAPH with TASTY

28a    See 27 Across


1d    Passed and scored fluidly, bagging second (7)
{CROSSED} – an anagram (fluidly) of SCORED around (bagging) S(econd)

2d    What could be e.g. T Henman’s core skill on court? (3,4)
{NET GAME} – an anagram (what could be) of EG T and the inner letters (core) of (H)ENMA(N)

3d    French story  of foreign city (5)
{ROMAN} – two definitions – an originally French word for a novel (story) and an adjective meaning from a foreign city

4d    British expatriate reduced property holding in London area (9)
{LIMEHOUSE} – most of (reduced) a slang word for a British expatriate followed by a property or residence

5d    Increasingly profligate, abandoned by one love, is a failure (5)
{LOSER} – drop (abandoned) one of the Os (love) from an adjective meaning increasingly profligate

6d    Breakfast item is found by son in crumpled carton (9)
{CROISSANT} – IS and S(on) inside an anagram (crumpled) of CARTON

7d    Road up? Use pile driver and put cordon round (7)
{IMPOUND} – reverse (up in a down clue) the country’s main motorway and follow it with a verb meaning to use a pile driver

8d    Cultivated area, with 50 per cent less ground, producing flowers (7)
{GARLAND} – start with a cultivated area around a house, drop the second half (with 50 per cent less) and follow what is left with some ground

14d    Damage to dame’s done — this dame? (9)
{DESDEMONA} – an anagram (damage) of DAME’S DONE gives Othello’s squeeze

16d    Popped round end of street, tucking into uncooked sausage (9)
{BRATWURST} – a verb meaning popped or exploded around the final letter (end) of street itself inside an adjective meaning uncooked

17d    In line to avoid fighting (7)
{BATTING} – this cricketing term meaning “in” is derived by dropping (to avoid) the L(ine) from a verb meaning fighting

18d    Only one of two rents reduced? Irritating stuff (4,3)
{TEAR GAS} – a word meaning a rent or cut followed by most of (reduced) another one

20d    A rug’s taken up when holding in grit (7)
{STAMINA} – the reversal (taken up) of the A from the clue, a rug and the S from ‘S around (holding) IN

21d    A point cropping up in my facility (7)
{AMENITY} – the A from the clue followed by a point, like the one on a fork, reversed (cropping up) inside MY

23d    Group not heartless, embracing individual (5)
{NONET} – N(O)T without its middle letter (heartless) around (embracing) an individual

24d    Cheers soldiers out of condition, in preference (5)
{TASTE} – a two-letter word meaning cheers or thanks followed by a condition without TA (volunteer soldiers)

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14 comments on “Toughie 1182

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed battling with this one, which I found quite tricky in places.
    Many thanks to Kcit, and to BD for the review.

  2. Enjoyed this one, favourites 17d and 19a thanks to Kcit and to Big Dave for the comments.

  3. Wrong envelope today for me. thanks to BD & to Kcit.

    BD – fyi i am finding the response times notably quicker than of late.

  4. At first glance I didn’t expect to get anywhere with this so was pleasantly surprised to be beaten by just 2 clues. Guessed 22a but, as with 17d, the wordplay escaped me. After 19a and 26a I began to suspect an opera theme. Glad I was wrong.

  5. I found this very challenging. Slow-going, but ended up with just 17D and 22A to puzzle over for quite some time. I guessed 17D correctly but could not unravel the wordplay, and even with all the checking letters I couldn’t see 22A. Thanks to Kcit for the workout and to Big Dave for the help and review.

  6. We were racing through this one until we just had 3 left to go. These three took us twice as long as the rest of the puzzle put together. These were 22a, 23a and 24d. Interesting that two of these involve identifying bits that are missing, the type of clue that often trips us up. Tried all sorts of options for fiddle in 24d, such as ‘scam’ and ‘con’ before finding the right one and giving it the favourite tick. We did get to the finishing line eventually and enjoyed the journey.
    Thanks Kcit and BD.

  7. A very clever and satisfying puzzle, for which l needed two of BD’s excellent hints to complete, but l very much enjoyed the struggle. About 4*/4* for me. 16d was my favourite, although there were plenty of other contenders. A couple of quibbles: l’m not sure “newstrade” exists as a word; and if you stream a sea anchor over the stern you’re likely to be pooped by a following wave, so you’d normally do it over the bow.

  8. Initially made a complete headache in the NW, convinced 11a was set anchor. Hoped 23a was an actual word. Many thanks to Kcit and BD

  9. 17d and 22a last two in by a significant margin .Most enjoyable of Kcit puzzles for me thanks to him and BD

  10. yes agree with all comments. Enjoyable tough challenge. 17d I should have got, dont know why I could nt see the “in” bit, which meant I did nt hava a T for 22a and just COULD NT get a word for sleep and thought the n off ´d be at the end, so…blobbed. And 2d I was so close, got the idea right but not the correction combo, should have. “Net game” ??; Well ? I think it it´s abit specific – had NET everything else. So SHOULD have had 100% but a bit dozy on 3
    I know I amwriting this down to no one , but what the heck

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