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Toughie 1148

Toughie No 1148 by Dada

Hints and tips by Bufo

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Another disappointingly easy puzzle from Dada. It was only a slight hold-up in the NE corner that prevented me awarding it * for difficulty

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8a    Town’s free to build national park (3,6)
{NEW FOREST} An anagram (to build) of TOWN’S FREE

10a    Pub is the wrong way — what to enter? (5)
{REHAB} A reversal of a pub goes round ‘what!’. The answer is what you might enter if you had been drinking far too much in the pub

11a    Exciting broad getting warmer in bed (8,7)
{ELECTRIC BLANKET} Exciting + broad (applying generally or covering all cases) = something that keeps you warm in bed

12a    Holiday destination serving meat wrapped in sheep’s tongue? (7)
{BAHAMAS} Meat from a pig goes inside noises that sheep make

13a    Remove more cut edges (7)
{EXTRACT} More + the first and last letters (edges) of CuT

15a    Pressure is far off around commercial district for Australian holidaymakers (7,8)
{SURFERS’ PARADISE} An anagram (off) of PRESSURE IS FAR round a commercial gives an area of the Gold Coast in Queensland

19a    River bug, most affected (7)
{CAMPEST} The river that flows through one of our university towns + a bug

22a    Defensive line sees dog jumping from aeroplane? (7)
{PARAPET} When split (4,3) it might describe a dog (or a cat) jumping from an aeroplane

24a    Fast food a smashing thing in military accommodation (7-8)
{QUARTER-POUNDERS} Hamburgers sold by McDonald’s = a smashing thing inside military accommodation

26a    Hand out each book (5)
{ALLOT} ‘Each’ + a part of the Bible

27a    Break two points in embankments by explosion, primarily (9)
{ELEVENSES} A morning break for tea and biscuits = E (first letter of explosion) + two points of the compass inside ’embankments,


1d    A little frustration certainly in the past (4)
{ONCE} Hidden in frustratiON CErtainly

2d    Titania’s desire in bed (6)
{BOTTOM} 2 meanings: the mechanical in A Midsummer Night’s Dream that Titania falls in love with / a bed (base)

3d    Information one employs for great minds (8)
{GENIUSES} Information + I (one) + ’employs’

4d    Horses / far from bats? (6)
{STABLE} 2 meanings: a set of horses kept together / far from bats (mentally sound)

5d    Macerate awfully posh food (5,3)
{CREAM TEA} An anagram (awfully) of MACERATE

6d    Item of footwearone of six usually for a sportsman and his horse? (6)
{CHUKKA} 2 meanings: A type of ankle-length boot / a period of play (usually one of six) in polo

7d    The last word in disappointment for an angler? (4)
{OBIT} This last word is written after someone has died. The disappointment for the angler is that nothing (O) nibbled at the bait

9d    If a British obsession, it’s talked about (7)
{WHETHER} A homophone of what the British are said to always talk about

12d    Degree thus vital (5)
{BASIC} A first degree + thus (Latin)

14d    Aim of babies to grab back of door handle (5)
{TREAT} That part of its mother’s anatomy that a baby attaches itself to goes round R (last letter of door)

16d    Gummy old politician, name associated with art (8)
{EDENTATE} A term describing animals with no teeth = a prime minister of the 1950s + the name of an art gallery

17d    Funny shape, old plant (8)
{ASPHODEL} An anagram (funny) of SHAPE OLD = a plant of the lily family

18d    Influence the demon queen? (7)
{IMPRESS} the answer means ‘to influence’. Take a word for a queen and change the first letter. The first three letters now spell out a demon and so you could consider the whole word as a fanciful term for a demon queen

20d    Contemptibly small and spotty (6)
{MEASLY} 2 meanings: contemptibly small / infected with a certain disease and so covered with spots

21d    One often getting stuffed, a failure (6)
{TURKEY} 2 meanings: one often getting stuffed (though each one of these only ever gets stuffed once) / a play, film, etc. that is a complete failure

23d    One calling for a double (6)
{RINGER} 2 meanings yet again: One calling (on the telephone) / a double (as in dead ******)

24d    Dock crucial, by the sound of it (4)
{QUAY} A homophone of ‘crucial’

25d    Average brat, and getting expelled (2-2)
{SO-SO} Remove (expel) AND from a brat (2-3-2)

I’m still awaiting a real toughie Toughie from Dada

14 comments on “Toughie 1148

  1. Probably the easiest “toughie” I’ve come across in a long while, thanks anyway to Dada and to Bufo for an entertaining review.

  2. Whilst agreeing that this puzzle definitely suffered from the Bufo Effect, 1* difficulty for me, ANO and I thought it much more fun (4*) than previous Dada Toughies – definitely more like we would expect from the setter with one of his other setting hats on.

    Thanks to Dada and Bufo.

  3. A game of two halves. Sped through the top half and ground to a halt afterwards. Was stymied by 15a. Never having heard of the place.
    A quibble: shouldn’t the correct ending of 3d be “ii”?
    The word play of 18d is poor and as for 14d….!
    A disappointing end to the morning which started so well.

    1. The Latin plural of 3d would end in ii, but then the Latin word means “spirit”, not “clever person”, so I think we have to allow the normal English plural ending (as, indeed, the BRB does).

  4. A most pleasant puzzle to solve. Many thanks to Dada, and to Bufo for the write-up.

  5. As mentioned by others a very gentle puzzle but many laugh’s along the way, favourites were 6d and 22a thanks to Dada and to Bufo for the comments.

  6. I got through it unaided eventually but found it a bit stiffer than other contributors above. It’s probably a matter of wavelengths, in that Dada and l are not on the same one today. More like 3* for me.

  7. For me, just the right degree of difficulty and I appreciated the humour. I do dislike crosswords that don’t give a smile here and there

  8. Great fun. All the laughs but without the struggles of the last couple of days. Just what is needed on a Thursday when both golf and Bridge have to be fitted into the schedule. Retired life can be so hectic. Biggest laugh came with 22a but lots of other chuckles too.
    Thanks Dada and Bufo.

  9. Dada, thanks for a lot of fun. Not hard but so what? Entertainment was what it was.Great stuff

  10. This gave me something to do when the golf on tv was rained off. I thought 18d a bit iffy – otherwise OK. But I’d rather watch the golf!

  11. Lots of chuckles from me too. Was as usual held up by a four letter clue, 7d until the penny dropped with an almighty thump. Thanks to Bufo and Dada

  12. Found this very enjoyable and a welcome relief after yesterday’s beast of a puzzle. Some really good clues, 10a. and 12a being my fav.’s. Thanks to Dada and Bufo.

  13. I got eight of them but spelled one incorrectly. Duty won in the end. If The Toughie appeared on ipad I would start with it instead of the back pager

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