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Toughie 1140

Toughie No 1140 by Kcit

Hints and Tips by Bufo

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

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6a           Roughly where fight fans gather? (5,5)
{ROUND ABOUT} This term for roughly (approximately) can be split (5,1,4) to tell you where fight fans gather

8a           Reduced inclination to consume a vegetable (4)
{BEAN} ‘Inclination’ with the last letter removed goes round (consumes) A

9a           Hinder South American city’s appearance in advert (9)
{POSTERIOR} Hinder (at the back) = the most common South American city in Crosswordland inside an advert

11a        Bounder hogging river ferry (2-2)
{RO-RO} A bounder (animal that bounds) goes round (hugs) R (river)

12a        Adverse comments changed, with gallery opting out (3)
{MUD} Take a 7-letter word meaning ‘changed’ and remove the 4-letter name of an art gallery

13a        Elite US lawyer accepting very good soft drink (5,4)
{CREAM SODA} an elite + an abbreviation denoting a US lawyer round ‘very good’

16a        Produce I uprooted, turning over soil (4)
{TURF} Reverse produce after removing (uprooting) the letter I

17a        Show leaf to insect (7)
{PAGEANT} A show = a leaf (of a book) + an insect

18a        Busy bar in time becoming a refuge (7)
{HARBOUR} An anagram (busy) of BAR inside a unit of time

20a        Cross article on King’s Head’s opening (4)
{ANKH} A form of the indefinite article + the initial letters of King’s Head

21a        Network of bars no longer broadcast hit parade (9)
{APARTHEID} An anagram (broadcast) of HIT PARADE

23a        Legislation depriving treaty of power (3)
{ACT} Remove P (power) from a treaty

24a        Cut block back, not up (4)
{ABED} A reversal of ‘to block’ with the last letter removed

25a        In a climax to competition I win game without life (9)
{INANIMATE} IN + A + the last letter of competitioN + I + win (chess) game

29a        Light green at first then blue (4)
{GLOW} The first letter of Green + blue (depressed)

30a        Who’d be hopeless types circling Lido ineptly? (10)
{GONDOLIERS} Hopeless types (persons who are dead or ruined beyond recovery) round an anagram (ineptly) of LIDO. The whole clue provides the definition


1d           Course to such a degree at University (4)
{SOUP} A course (of a meal) = ‘to such a degree’ + ‘at University’

2d           Common sense has lifted no burden (4)
{ONUS} Common sense with the letters NO reversed

3d           Bet loses initial money received (4)
{TAKE} Remove the first letter from ‘bet’ to get an amount of money (such as that obtained from admission charges)

4d           Observe ass in upland (7)
{MONITOR} An ass (fool) inside a wide expanse of uncultivated upland

5d           Entertainment venue just reduced to dust (10)
{FAIRGROUND} Just (equitable) + ‘reduced to dust’

7d           Call another time, missing one time to see querulous woman (9)
{TERMAGANT} ‘To call (name)’ + ‘another time’ with the letter I (one) removed + T (time)

8d           Time on board, making provision for in-flight catering? (4,5)
{BIRD TABLE} Time (prison sentence) + a board

10d        Gang disposing of money in brewer’s product (3)
{TEA} Remove M (money) from a gang

13d        Hermit perhaps unable to disperse vision in sky (4,6)
{CRAB NEBULA} A creature that has a hermit variety + an anagram (to disperse) of UNABLE

14d        Cosmetic certainly kept during rising distress (3,6)
{EYE SHADOW} ‘Certainly’ and ‘kept’ inside a reversal of ‘distress’

15d        Shock — nasty giant’s inclined to consume Jack? (3-6)
{MAN-EATING} A shock of hair + an anagram (nasty) of GIANT

19d        Italian dish including spinach in a way (7)
{LASAGNE} Spinach in Indian cuisine goes inside a way (thoroughfare)

22d        Males try to attract attention (3)
{HEM} A male pronoun + an abbreviation for ‘male’

26d        Honoured figure, one following party line? Just the opposite (4)
{IDOL} A party and L (line) following I (one)

27d        One’s turned around — a big shot sent skyward (4)
{AXIS} A reversal (sent skyward) of A high-scoring shot in cricket

28d        Get close, with head right down (4)
{EARN} Take a word meaning ‘close’ and move the first letter to the end

A typical Kcit puzzle

12 comments on “Toughie 1140

  1. SE corner and a couple of others a complete mystery to me. I don’t think I’m yet on the toughie wavelength.
    Thanks to Bufo for sorting out them out for me.

  2. If this is a typical Kcit crossword then I like them. It was quite tricky enough for me.
    I had more trouble with the three and four letter answers than the longer ones.
    I particularly liked 8 and 19d.
    With thanks to Kcit and Bufo.

  3. The number of short word answers tended to hold us up somewhat as they always seem to, and a couple took quite a while to tease out the wordplay. 12a is an example where the association of Tate Modern and “modified” for “changed”, both misdirected us until the penny dropped. We thought it was a lot of fun and really enjoyed it. 8d amused us most.
    Thanks Bufo and Kcit.

  4. I don’t recollect doing one of this setter’s puzzles before, but he/she and l clearly operate on different wavelengths. I got there in the end (bar 16a which still eludes me) but had to draw on a couple of Bufo’s hints to break into the SE corner. I thought 8d was clever, so accord it favourite status. Overall, a bit closer to 3* for me in terms of difficulty.

  5. Thanks to Kcit and to Bufo for the review and hints. I just couldn’t get on the setter’s wavelength, only managed 10 answers. Enjoyed getting a few from the hints, but had to look up 14. Couldn’t get anywhere near them, even with the hints. Way beyond my abilities.

  6. I found this much more difficult than most but got there in the end. Like others I found the short answers the more tricky ones. Thanks to Kcit and Bufo.

  7. Glad to see I am not alone I Always struggle with Kcit ‘s 3 and 4 letter solutions which he seems to consistently use .
    Other than that no grumbles and agree with the majority re 8d
    Cheers Bufo and Kcit

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