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Bristol Celebrations

Greetings from the assembled troops in Bristol

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Further updates to follow.

If you ever have wondered who Gazza is:


Williamus, Colin & Bufo.


Bufo, Bifield and Andy


And Tom




The cake is scrummy. The BRB has yet to be eaten but it can’t be long:


As Mary asked so nicely – Crypticsue and her toy boy:


Roger, a long time reader of the blog:


A late arrival from Toby (Toro)


Apparently Sue and Gnomethang think that this shows them
In a better light:


Our host:


And finally the assembled bloggers:

Bufo, Gnomethang, Crypticsue, Prolixic, Big Dave and Gazza


And there is a crossword on the table that may see the light of day outside Bristol!

38 comments on “Bristol Celebrations

  1. Brilliant Sue – you’re very clever but then we all knew that anyway. Are the crosswords on the top edible?
    Please some more photos, Prolixic – we promise to be really good if you put some more pictures here.

  2. Thanks for photos – more please! Bribery and corruption seems to be working and we’re all being really good, so far . . .

  3. Will the ipad be eaten as well? What’s happened to sue & gnomeys pics they’ve disappeared? I have a hunger for some cake!!!!

  4. Thanks so much for these pix, Prolixic! Looks as if you’re all having a super day. May there be very many more Happy Birthdays for Big Dave and this fab blog. That cake looks sumptuous, Crypticsue.

  5. I hope you all kept gazza away from the telly…the Welsh game was a disaster at least it was for us

  6. Thank you Prolixic, it was good to meet you with all the others. I certainly enjoyed myself.

  7. Why did the pictures dry up???? Was enjoying them…cheers prolixic
    Goodnight all safe journeys home

  8. I was enjoying the pictures too – Mary asked “Why did they dry up?” I think the answer might be because the picture takers didn’t!
    Like Mary, I hope that you all had a safe journey home.

  9. Glad everybody had a good time, nice to put some more faces to names.

    What an amazing cake, if that’s what CS’ cakes are like I’m going to make every effort to be sent to the naughty corner.

  10. Yay, am always worried I get given the camera for the assembled bloggers shot, but it seems to have worked again :)

      1. Bless you. And a bigger result is I seemed to have been missed from all photographs, bar one which appeared today on the blog, but at least I am not identifiable :)

  11. I look like I’ve just got out of bed while everyone else looks so normal. Must be a trick of the light. Cake was superb, by the way …

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