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Toughie 1132

Toughie No 1132 by Giovanni

It didn’t cause much bother

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

I didn’t find this particularly difficult despite the presence of several unfamiliar answers and the thought needed to work out the wordplay for the last 2 or 3 answers

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4a    Thus paper company has sent out man to provide computer info (4,4)
{SOFT COPY} Thus + a newspaper printed on pink paper + COMPANY with the letters M, A and N removed = material stored on a computer as distinct from data that is printed out

8a    Malevolent god to move in desultory fashion across lake (6)
{MOLOCH} A Semitic god to whom children were sacrificed = ‘to move in a desultory fashion’ round L (lake)

9a    Naughty nudes about to have a meal on the floor? (8)
{UNSEATED} An anagram (naughty) of NUDES goes round ‘to have a meal’

10a    Traveller in conflict around start of year given food (8)
{WAYFARER} A conflict goes round Y (first letter of year) and food

11a    Judge top commander slowing down inside (6)
{CRITIC} The abbreviation for Commander-in-Chief goes round an abbreviated form of a musical term indicating a sudden slowing-down of tempo

12a    Old officer to leave something behind for waiters? (8)
{TIPSTAFF} When split (3,5) this would mean ‘to give a gratuity to the employees’

13a    Fish ordered for Spooner? Get a grip! (4,4)
{TAKE HOLD} Spooner’s version of this would mean ‘fish given orders’

16a    A bloke gets to eat a candle maybe! (8)
{AMANDINE} A + bloke + to eat = a candle which gives off the aroma of almonds

19a    Changes ways whenever one needs to be accommodated (8)
{MODIFIES} Ways (methods) goes round (accommodates) ‘whenever’ and I (one)

21a    Eastern term of respect engraved into nation’s monument (6)
{STATUE} A one-letter Burmese title of respect goes inside a nation

23a    It’s nuts crossing ravine, as one may get a stitch (8)
{MACHINED} Nuts (crazy) goes round a ravine (e.g. on the Isle of Wight)

24a    Small portion at end of meadow has iron fence? It won’t cause much bother (4-4)
{FLEA-BITE} The atomic symbol for iron goes round (fences) a small portion preceded by a meadow to give a slight inconvenience (such as a type of insect might give you)

25a    Maiden’s exclamation of surprise with atmosphere created by fabric (6)
{MOHAIR} M (maiden) + an exclamation of surprise + atmosphere

26a    Harsh voices finally coming against nuclear missile (8)
{STRIDENT} S (the last letter of voices) + the name of a submarine-launched nuclear-powered missile


1d    Star with nothing left trapped in foreign capital (7)
{POLARIS} O (nothing) and L (left) inside the capital of France

2d    One against possible energy source? Shame! (9)
{CONFUSION} Someone who is against something (as opposed to a pro) + a source of nuclear energy

3d    Quiet song conveys a religious code (6)
{SHARIA} ‘Quiet!’ + a song = the body of Islamic religious law

4d    Unpremeditated fun with mother — spot me looking excited (4-2-3-6)
{SPUR-OF-THE-MOMENT} An anagram (excited) of FUN MOTHER SPOT ME

5d    Is child upset having tucked into inauthentic food item? (4,4)
{FISH CAKE} IS and a reversal of CH (child) in ‘inauthentic’

6d    Animal I found lying under garment (5)
{COATI} I follows a garment

7d    Quietly try again to call up rural slave (7)
{PREDIAL} P (quietly) + to try again to call up (on the phone) = a slave working on the land

14d    Henry sitting on stairs in the gloom? (4-5)
{HALF-LIGHT} Henry + a series of steps

15d    Domestic situation? Take steps ahead of finding new team (8)
{FIRESIDE} Before you hire a new team you might have to sack the existing one

17d    Sailor‘s friend, man with backward-looking wife (7)
{MATELOT} A friend + a reversal of the name of a biblical character whose wife looked back

18d    Torment base and wicked (7)
{BEDEVIL} ‘To torment’ = a base + wicked

20d    Make off from city area bathed in mist? (6)
{DECAMP} The postcode for the City of London inside mist

22d    Available in Exmouth, a light meal at the Indian (5)
{THALI} Hidden in ExmouTH A LIght

I’ll see some of you in Bristol. I’m looking forward to a good afternoon


10 comments on “Toughie 1132

  1. Typical Giovanni three or four obscurities but all fairly clued, thanks to him and Bufo for the comments.

  2. Thanks to G & B. Having found Polaris and Trident I thought we were getting a theme, but I couldn’t find any more.

  3. Apart from a couple which slowed me down, I got through this in back-page time. Many thanks to Giovanni, and to Bufo.

  4. 16a and 7d were new words on me; the first isn’t even in my rather inferior dictionary. 5d was my favourite but there were lots of good clues. 9a nicely recalled my equestrian career. Ta to Giovanni, and to Bufo for the review.

  5. When we see that Giovanni is the setter we make sure that BRB is close at hand, and it did need to be called on a couple of times for this one. An elegant precise puzzle that all went together smoothly (that doesn’t mean quickly though). We enjoyed exploring the origins and derivations of the new words.
    Thanks Giovanni and Bufo.

  6. Not much more difficult than the one on the back page today, but just as enjoyable. A welcome diversion for me, since I am confined to barracks due to a knee injury.

  7. A few unknown words for me but all gettable from the wordplay. Good fun. Thanks to Giovanni and to Bufo for his review.

  8. As has been said a typical Giovanni which I have only just got to , perhaps embarrassingly my last in was 1d after 8a and 24a brought a smile .
    Cheers Bufo and Giovanni

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