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ST 2727

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2727

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All!. I didn’t find this too tricky this week but what I did enjoy (apart from the apposite surface readings) was the plethora of hidden words just when we have had a relative lay off. I’m usually the last to spot them and enjoyed the finds.

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1a           Evil male set straight (6)
MALIGN – M for Male followed by ALIGN/straight(en).

4a           Unsystematic piece needed to complete memo, as we hear? (6)
RANDOM – A homophone (we hear) of RANDUM  – the bit needed to complete memo into MEMORANDUM.

8a           Indication of challenge that may be punishing for runner (8)
GAUNTLET – Two definitions here – A GAUNTLET is thrown down in issuing a challenge to a duella for example and also the punishment where the captive must run between two rows of people who are striking him.

10a         Cross river, then getting over the hill? (6)
RAGING – The abbreviation R for river followed by AGING (getting old).

11a         Acknowledgment of being hit endlessly — that hurts! (4)
OUCH – Remove both ends (endlessly) of (T)OUCH(É) which is the traditional call in fencing to indicate a strike has been made to the opponent.

12a         One who needs stars for casting (10)
ASTROLOGER – A cryptic definition of the type of quack who requires stars from the firmament of space to cast divinations of the future.

13a         Organised in units, go crazy (12)
DEPARTMENTAL – A charade of DEPART (go) and MENTAL (crazy)

16a         Capes put on after concert by right people (12)
PROMONTORIES – Place (put) ON from the clue after PROM (concert) and then add TORIES (those people on the right of politics)

20a         Treated as ally in brief realignment, then stopped (10)
BEFRIENDED – An anagram (realignment) of BRIEF followed by ENDED for stopped.

21a         Performed a sort of pop music for listeners, enthralled (4)
RAPT – A homophone (for listeners) of RAPPED being a type of popular music (ish).

22a         Performer repeatedly included in chart I start is terrific (6)
ARTIST – This actor/singer is found twice (repeatedly) in chart I st  art is terrific

23a         Namely mixed drink, starting with right kind of wine (8)
RIESLING – Namely can mean that is or I.E. – add sling (a mixed drink) and start with R for Right.

24a         Cover article amongst material for paper (6)
CANOPY – The article is the indefinite article AN found inside (amongst) COPY – the detail of the report filed by journalists.

25a         Relation concealing drug in floor (6)
STOREY – A STORY (tale/relation) which is hiding E (Ecstacy – the drug of choice for all crossword setters).


1d           Calculated amount of old drink certainly consumed (8)
MEASURED – SURE (certainly) inside (consumed by) MEAD – a lovely old drink made from honey and apples and stuff.

2d           Some meal uncharged? It never is (5)
LUNCH – There is no such thing as a free lunch (it is never uncharged) and the answer lies hidden in (some of) the second and third words of the clue.

3d           Bold impudence supported by soldier, possibly (7)
GALLANT – GALL (impudence) on top of (supported by in a down clue) a soldier ANT.

5d           Charles de Gaulle, for instance, as seen in fair portrait (7)
AIRPORT – A nice easy clue with Charles de Gaulle AIRPORT (Paris) hidden inside the last two words of the clue.

6d           From which setter may be identified? (3,6)
DOG COLLAR – The setter in this instance being the canine type not the crossword compiler sort!.

7d           Removed silver, say, over time — how a lot of money’s made (6)
MINTED – MINED (removed, for example, silver from the ground) around the outside of T for Time.

9d           Awfully thrilled to set about European champion (5-6)
TITLE-HOLDER – An awful anagram of THRILLED TO placed around (set about) E for European.

14d         Like any of us, cut by current attack on reputation (9)
ASPERSION – I is the S.I. symbol for amperes (current). Place it inside AS PERSON (like any of us).

15d         Any power that’s possessed the means to fight (8)
WEAPONRY – A lovely anagram indicator (that’s possessed e.g. by a demon/dervish) of ANY POWER.

17d         Stone’s remixed old record for dance (3-4)
ONE-STEP – An anagram (remixed) of STONE’S followed by EP, the abbreviation for Extended Player which is an old record format.

18d         Time I put in that is optimally arranged (7)
TIDIEST – Start with T for Time and then place I inside ID EST (The Latin word leading to the abbreviation I.E (that is/namely) .

19d         Like feet? Yes and no (6)
METRIC – Big Dave said it best on the day: “Like a line of poetry with a specified number of feet (yes) and like a system that does not use feet (no)”

21d         Drawing aid from head of state (5)
RULER – A simple double definition to finish. An aid to drawing a straight line and also a reigning monarch


Thanks to Virgilius for the puzzle. I enjoyed spotting the hidden words in this puzzle – I think he likes doing the ‘all or nothing’ approach!. I’ll see you tomorrow for the review of last Saturday’s prize puzzle.



4 comments on “ST 2727

  1. Hi, All,

    This is the first time I have commented.
    I really enjoy using the hints on the site to help improve my solving ability, as the answer are always hidden. But today they are there for all to see, so I’ll leave the site for now and solve using my own instinct. Good practice I suppose.
    I will return…

  2. When I did this puzzle, I wasn’t at all sure of the word play for 14d. It was the letter ‘i’ which gave me problems. I kept thinking of ‘ion’ and trying to fit that in just didn’t work. I didn’t know that ‘I’ is the S.I. symbol for ‘amperes’. The rest of my answers were fine, save for 11a, where I arrived at ‘ouch’ from ‘touched’. I knew it wasn’t right at the time and Big Dave had a lovely cartoon for it in his hints! So really no excuse at all for this.
    I much appreciate the clarification, Gnomethang.

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