January 19, 2014 – Big Dave's Crossword Blog

MPP – 020 (review)

Monthly Prize Puzzle – January 2014

A crossword by Prolixic

Reviewed by crypticsue

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Interesting that one of the simplest questions ever posed in the Monthly Prize Puzzle series, requiring no arcane knowledge, geographical, mathematical or language skills, just the ability to spot that the initial  letter of each clue told you where to look, should prove so tricky for many solvers!    If you didn’t ‘see’ it, I will let you have time to put your shin pads on (as it will hurt when you kick yourself), and reveal all in a grid at the end of the review.

Congratulations to  Kiwi Colin  who wins a copy of The Telegraph Centenary Crossword Collection, an extra special prize which BD will endeavour to get to him.  The book was kindly donated by Phil McNeill, the Telegraph Puzzles Editor, and has been  signed by Phil and six of the Telegraph setters who are featured in the book  (Elgar, Roger Squires/Rufus, Micawber, Peter Chamberlain/Cephas, Notabilis and Don Manley/Giovanni).


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