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ST 2725

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2725

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ****

To borrow from  Rabbit Dave’s comment on the day of publication:  “Another perfect Sunday crossword”.


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1a           Tory leader once including Labour leader in toast (6)
HEALTH –  The ‘leader’ of Labour inserted into the surname of a past leader of the Conservative Party, Edward HEATH.

4a           Lots of water surrounding European vessels (8)
GALLEONS –   Gallons (lots of water) surrounding an E (European).

10a         French artist who represented his subject thoughtfully (5)
RODIN –   A cryptic definition of the French sculptor who created The Thinker.

11a         Meeting Parisian in bar (9)
ENCOUNTER –   EN (the French [as used  in Paris] word for in) followed by a COUNTER (bar).

12a         Cold at clubs, perhaps? Woman can wear this (7)
CATSUIT –   C (cold) AT (from the clue) and SUIT (clubs being one of the suits of cards in a pack).

13a         People holding it so stupidly in water a bit (7)
MOISTEN –  Insert (holding) an anagram (stupidly) of IT SO into MEN (people).

14a         Endless attacks on board in no-win situation (9,5)
PERPETUAL CHECK –    a situation in chess in which one player’s king is continually attacked by the other player who may thereby claim a draw.

17a         Oddly, it’s a royal I want, such as Victoria (7,7)
RAILWAY STATION –   An anagram (oddly) of ITS A ROYAL I WANT –  Victoria Station being an example.

21a         Unable to relax in the lead, with little room for manoeuvre (7)
UPTIGHT –   UP (in the lead) and TIGHT (with little room for manoeuvre).

23a         Clergyman dropping second one in church (7)
MINSTER –   An ‘old favourite’   – Dropping  the second I from MINISTER  (clergyman) leaves us with an abbey church or priory.

24a         Difficulty for reader, indeed, in English school (3,6)
EYE STRAIN –  Insert YES (indeed) between E (English) and TRAIN (school).

25a         Citizen of kingdom among foreigners we deported (5)
SWEDE –   A citizen of the kingdom of Sweden is hidden in foreignerS WE DEported.

26a         Powerful female, nastiest when upset (8)
TITANESS –  An anagram (when upset) of NASTIEST.

27a         A Conservative getting together with left, it’s clear (6)
ACQUIT –   A (from the clue) C (Conservative) and QUIT (left).


1d           Key work included by author that’s printed out (4,4)
HARD COPY –   Insert the musical key of C and OP (work) into HARDY (the author Thomas Hardy).

2d           Song about it duo ruined in concert halls (9)
AUDITORIA –   Insert an anagram (ruined) of IT DUO into ARIA (song).

3d           Uncovered area on top in fashionable style? Certainly (7)
TONSURE –   TON (fashionable style) plus SURE (certainly).

5d           A cold kind of praise about quiet exploit (14)
ACCOMPLISHMENT –  A (from the clue) C (cold) and COMPLIMENT (kind praise) into which is inserted SH ([be]quiet).

6d           In part of Ireland, is uncouth and aggressive (7)
LOUTISH –   Insert IS (from the clue) into LOUTH (an Irish county).

7d           Suitable music for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? (5)
OCTET –  Music written for a group of eight people.

8d           Sons run off, and do so quickly (6)
SPRINT –   S (the abbreviation for sons (this abbreviation can refer to son(s)  singular, or in this case, plural ) and PRINT (run off).

9d           They allow one to pay for fare on train (10,4)
RESTAURANT CARS –   Fare here, of course, referring to food consumed on trains, rather than the cost of the ticket.

15d         Liqueur that could make a neurotic drunk (9)
COINTREAU –   An anagram (drunk) of A NEUROTIC.

16d         Extremely mad king that is beset by dread (8)
ANGRIEST –  Insert R (Rex, King) and IE (that is) into ANGST (dread).

18d         Make less burdensome and so make fairer (7)
LIGHTEN –   Double definition.

19d         Cinemas, strangely, not showing Total Recall? (7)
AMNESIC –   An anagram (strangely) of CINEMAS.  Nice use of capitals in the definition!

20d         Prince as rugby forward (6)
RUPERT –  RU (rugby) and PERT (forward, cheeky).

22d         Communicate in a way that’s short, time after time (5)
TWEET –   Start with T (time) and follow with (after)  WEE (tiny, short) and another T (time).

Thanks to Virgilius for the usual fine start to Sunday morning.   The one that made me smile the most was 7d.

I’ll be back in the morning with a review of last Saturday’s Prize Puzzle.

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