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Toughie 1112

Toughie No 1112 by Excalibur

A Grumpy New Year to One and All

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I lost interest in this puzzle half-way through and would have given up on it had I not had a blog to write. It took me far to long to do and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I must be turning into a grumpy old man.

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5a    Drink after drive back from bank (6)
{MARGIN} A reversal of ‘to drive hard down’ + an alcoholic drink gives a bank (edge or border).

8a    Fragrant spray I am to put in new car (8)
{AROMATIC} An anagram (spray) of I AM TO inside an anagram (new) of CAR

9a    Also say it’s housing a number of slaves (7)
{ADDICTS} ‘Also say’ + ITS round the Roman numeral for 100

10a    Unsung? Contrarily, it’s set to music (5)
{NOTED} 2 meanings: the opposite of ‘unsung’/set to music

11a    Quite happy to shelter in Europe? (9)
{CONTINENT} ‘Quite happy’ goes round IN

13a    Foreseen before: artist making comeback (8)
{PRESAGED} ‘Before’ + the surname of a French artist especially identified with the subject of dance

14a    What makes gold-digger loving? (6)
{TENDER} I think this relies on two meanings of the answer: a formal offer of a sum of money/loving

17a    Very young catch thrown back (3)
{TEN} A reversal of ‘to catch’

19a    Write — or crib (3)
{PEN} 2 meanings: to write/an enclosure for animals??

20a    Very fearful, can’t ant put off bird? (6)
{CRAVEN} CANT with ANT removed + a bird seen at the Tower of London

23a    Girl beside one almost getting killed? (4,4)
{NEAR MISS} A girl beside one would be a **** ****

26a    First mother’s reading perhaps with young one from the nursery (9)
{EVERGREEN} The first mother (in Genesis) + R (reading is one of the three Rs) + young = a tree or shrub that might be bought from a nursery

28a    Bare, with grass beginning to come in — one needs to dig (5)
{NUDGE} Bare goes round G (first letter of grass) = to dig (poke)

29a    Lost hour going through debris receptacle (7)
{ASHTRAY} ‘Lost’ goes round H (hour) to give a receptacle for dog-ends, etc.

30a    Moor to put booster in engine (4,4)
{MAKE FAST} This term for ‘to moor’ is also what you’d do to a car if you put a booster in its engine

31a    Gracious about jumble sale but not at all generous (6)
{MEASLY} ‘Gracious!’ round an anagram (jumble) of SALE


1d    The rest of our pets? (6)
{CATNAP} A cryptic definition for a brief sleep (rest) named after a pet animal

2d    Type of jeans suitable for visit to shebeen? (7)
{BOOTLEG} This word for a type of jeans also means ‘produced illicitly (like liquor in a shebeen)’

3d    Devastated by having contributed to egg mountain? (4,5)
{LAID WASTE} ‘Produced an egg’ + superfluous material such as might form a mountain (a large excess)

4d    Cruel ‘Shame on you, losing a race!’ (6)
{FIERCE} ‘Shame on you!’ + RACE with the letter A omitted

5d    About time to intervene in brood (8)
{MEDITATE} ‘To intervene in a dispute) goes round T (time) to give ‘to brood’

6d    Check over government rule (5)
{REIGN} Check round G (government)

7d    The boyfriend and no mistake! (8)
{INTENDED} 2 meanings: a fiancé (boyfriend)/planned (not by mistake)

12d    Rum for p-party brought back (3)
{ODD} A reversal of p-party

15d    Transports to make appearances (9)
{ENTRANCES} 2 meanings: transports (fills with rapture)/appearances

16d    Including about five cases treated for deep depression (8)
{CREVASSE} ‘About’ and V (five) inside an anagram (treated) of CASES = a deep depression (in a glacier)

18d    Request ingress to have meal therein (8)
{ENTREATY} ‘To have meal’ inside an ingress

21d    Reportedly came out on top in both halves (3)
{ONE} A homophone of ‘came out on top’ = ½ + ½

22d    One keeps talking of current case (7)
{WINDBAG} A current (of air) + a case

24d    Objective? Are out to ingratiate (6)
{ENDEAR} An objective + an anagram (out) of ARE

25d    Not a word about police activity in this case (6)
{SHEATH} ‘Not a word!’ goes round a period of intensive search by the police after a crime has taken place

27d    Homophonically, corresponds with ‘ceremonies‘ (5)
{RITES} A homophone of ‘corresponds with’

Writing the blog wasn’t much fun either

9 comments on “Toughie 1112

  1. A couple of tricky ones in what was generally a gentle solve, favourites were 9a and 23a thanks to Excalibur and to Bufo for the comments.

  2. A not too tough toughie but pleasant and enjoyable. Many thanks to Excalibur and to Bufo.

  3. A great week for Toughies. Micawber, Elkamere and now the delightful Excalibur. A really enjoyable solve, as always, and just the right degree of difficulty.

  4. I ground to a complete halt with the last few, as I nearly always do with Toughies. This year I aim to be able to finish them most days – except Fridays of course.
    I liked 30 and 31a and 2 and 22d.
    Thanks to Excalibur and bufo.

  5. As far as Toughies go, this was reasonably straightforward and an enjoyable solve. Hope Bufo feels better tomorrow.

  6. A couple in the NW corner, 2d and 10a were the last two to be confirmed. Generally found the wordplay quite challenging but a pleasant solve nevertheless.
    Thanks Excalibur and Bufo.

  7. Not too tricky and no hints needed, but it also took me far too long. I must be getting past it

  8. As soon as I printed this off, I knew the answer to 1d, so I had to try this! I found it quite difficult to get into Excalibur’s word play, and this puzzle took me a while. I completed all but six clues, and left it on the back burner for a while to see if the penny would drop. It hasn’t, so I am most grateful to Bufo for explaining my missing answers. My fave has to be 1d, but I also liked 3d very much. I also found this an enjoyable challenge.
    Many thanks to both Excalibur and Bufo.

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