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NTSPP – 203

NTSPP – 203

2013 Farewells by Radler

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NTSPP - 203

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle by Prolixic follows.


1 Mixed metaphors (3,6)
{TOM SHARPE} – One of this year’s departed authors.  An anagram (mixed) of METAPHORES.

6 See 17

10 Crawl, hikes and mostly ramble (4,7)
{ALAN WHICKER} – One of this year’s departed journalists.  An anagram (ramble) of CRAWL HIKE AN (the mostly indicating the removal of the final letters of hikes and and).

11 See 17

12 Fellow framed by made-up facts, nothing’s included or discarded (4-3)
{CAST-OFF} – Put the abbreviation for Fellow inside (framed by) an anagram of FACTS and include an O (nothing).

14 To remove guilt from rest, Saint enters church (7)
{CLEANSE} – Put another word for rest (as in put against) and the one letter abbreviation for saint inside an abbreviation for church.

15 Milk supplier‘s chipped jug (3)
{EWE} – Remove the final letter (chipped) from a word for a jug.

16 Month performing part on stage (5)
{APRON} – The abbreviation for the fourth month followed by a word meaning performing.

17 /6/11: Poor woman beaten for love (4,7)
{SLIM WHITMAN} – One of this year’s departed country and western singers.  A word for poor followed by the WOMAN from the clue with a word meaning beaten replacing the O (love).

20 Cheers accepted by Senor Canicula perhaps (4)
{STAR} – A two letter word meaning cheers or thank you goes inside (accepted by) the abbreviation for Senor.

22 See 32

24 An unpleasant noise, being around noon (3)
{DIN} – Reverse (around) a two letter word for your personality or being and add the abbreviation for noon.

26 Female guards (7)
{EUNUCHS} – A mild cryptic definition of the persons who guard a harem.

28 /9: Flush difficult to accomplish, start off with pipes (7,6)
{RICHARD BRIERS} – This year’s departed actor.  A word meaning flush or well-heeled is followed by a word meaning difficult to accomplish with the first letter removed (start off) and a words for pipes used by smokers.

29 Endless row about nothing (3)
{NIL} – Remove the final letter (endless) from a word meaning row or queue and reverse (about) the remaining letters.

30 One taken as a joke by announcers covering Premier football team (4,7)
{MICK MCMANUS} – This year’s departed wrestler.  The name of a person used in the phrase “Your taking the ****) to indicate someone is joking followed by the abbreviation (in the plural) for masters of ceremonies (announcers) around (covering) one of the football teams in the premier division.

33 Melbourne megastar recalling detailed range (4)
{EDNA} – Remove the final letter (de-tailed) from a range of mountains in South America and reverse (recalling) the remaining letters.

34 Grilled revolutionary unlawfully entering wasteland from the East (9)
{TRELLISED} – Reverse (revolutionary) a word meaning unlawfully or in an evil way and put this inside (entering) a word for a wasteland that have been reversed (from the East).


1 Primarily the top diva (8)
{THATCHER} – This year’s departed politician.  The first letter (primarily) of the followed by word for headgear (top) and a well-know singer (diva).

2 Proof of masculinity involving a measure of wealth (5,4)
{MEANS TEST} – Put an A inside a phrase (3, 4) which could be a proof or examination for a male.

3 Man having women’s shape (3)
{HEW} – The pronoun for a man followed by the abbreviation for women.

4 Revised French assertion: they’re thick and wet! (11)
{RAINFORESTS} – An anagram (revised) of FR (French) ASSERTION.

5 Scream to add to noise (3)
{EEK} – A homophone (noise) of EKE (to add to).

7 An unpleasant smell precedes one of us (5)
{HUMAN} – A three letter word for an unpleasant smell followed by the AN from the clue.

8 Bore put in barrel left for dead (6)
{TUNNEL} – A word meaning put in a barrel with the final letter (D for dead) being replaced by L (for left).

9 See 28

13 Eggs for the most part resembling eggs (3)
{OVA} – Remove the final letter (for the most part) of a word that describes the shape of eggs.

14 Specific gravity reveals little mass (11)
{CENTIGRAMME} – The abbreviation for this little measure of mass is cg which is revealed as the central letters in specific gravity.

18 Home help held up scrubbing surface from colours made by American’s permanent markers (5,4)
{INDIA INKS} – A word meaning at home is followed by a word meaning held reversed (held up) and a word for colours with the first letter removed (scrubbing surface).

19 What’s as good as a wink? Journalist put coat on (8)
{ANODISED} – A phrase (1, 3, 2) which is the answer to the question what’s as good as a wink followed by the abbreviation an editor (journalist).

21 Invitation to compete in flower arrangement (6)
{RACEME} – Spit 4,2 the answer means an invitation to compete.  The answer is a technical term for the arrangement of flowers on the stalk of a plant or as Chambers puts it “An inflorescence in which stalked flowers are borne in acropetal succession on a main stalk or lateral branches” – so now you understand fully!

23 In losing head, making involuntary articulation (3)
{HIC} –  A word meaning in, hip or cool loses its first letter (losing head).

25 /27: Upset woman alone in rebels’ houses (6,5)
{BERNIE NOLAN} – This year’s departed singer.  The answer is brilliantly hidden (houses) and reversed (upset) in WOMAN ALONE IN REBELS.  A strong contender for the best hidden word clue of the year.

27 See 25

31 Function barred place to sleep (3)
{COT} – A double definition for the abbreviation for co-tangent (function) and a place with bars where babies sleep.

32 /22: Bottled by Schhh, Tim’s lemonade knocked back (3,5)
{MEL SMITH} – This year’s departed comedian.  The answer is hidden (bottled) and reversed (knocked back) in SCHHH TIMS LEMONADE.

Answers to bonus quiz

1. Stuff done filming a soprano in concert (5,10)
{JAMES GANDOLFINI} >>> A three letter word meaning stuff or pack something in is followed by an anagram (in concert) of DONE FILMING A S (the S being the abbreviation for Soprano).  This actor appeared in the Sopranos.

2. Work out to get trim in weeks (4,7)
{MIKE WINTERS} – One of a comedy double act is an anagram (work out) of TRIM IN WEEKS.

3. Eh up! A major part of Alf Stokes’ Northern culture (4,5)
{PAUL SHANE} – An anagram (culture) of EH UP A AL (major part of Alf) S (abbreviation for Stokes) N (Northern).

4. Note by support, warden’s first to be admitted (4,7)
{BILL PERTWEE} – A word for a note or paper money is followed by the Latin for by and a form of golfing support.  Put the first letter of warden inside (admitted).  This actor played the warden in Dad’s Army.

5. Absurd claim he won, getting shot on target (7,6)
{MICHAEL WINNER} – An anagram (absurd) of CLAIM HE followed by the abbreviation for won and an area of an archery target.  This film director also appeared in insurance ads.

6. Cuddle leading to love caught own heart in Venezuela (4,6)
{HUGO CHAVEZ} – A three letter word meaning cuddle followed by an O (love), a C (caught), a three letter word meaning own or possess and a Z (heart or middle letter in Venezuela).  This person was a Venezuelan politician.

7. New York bandleader impressed know-all (5,4)
{KENNY BALL} – The abbreviation for New York and a B (bandleader) go inside KEN ALL (know-all).  This person was a well-known band leader.

8. Thing ultimately and perversely not very wild (3,7)
{REG PRESLEY} – An anagram (wild)  of G (thing ultimately) PERVERSELY without the V (not very).

9. Compose a musical piece, helping to soothe an eye (6,6)
{SEAMUS HEANEY} – The answer is hidden inside (piece) COMPOSE A MUSICAL and also hidden in (helping to) SOOTHE AN EYE.

10. Dead greedy Jack? (5,5)
{DAVID FROST} – The abbreviation for dead followed by a word meaning greedy or very keen on and a type of weather personified by Jack *****.

11. Disc Jockey sitting in cab, avoids exercising (5,6)
{DAVID JACOBS} – The abbreviation for disk jockey goes inside an anagram (exercising) of CAB AVOIDS.  This person was a famous Radio 2 DJ.

12. Trace by tracking sound and audio channel terminals (3,5)
{RAY DOLBY} A word meaning and the by from the clue god about the final letters (terminals) of sound, audio channel.  This person was responsible for a well known form of stereo sound reproduction.

13. Knew boxing and not bowling (3,6)
{KEN NORTON} – An obsolete word meaning knew (only used commonly in the present tense in Scotland) goes around (boxing) a word meaning and not.  This is followed by a word meaning bowling.  This person was an American heavyweight boxer.

14. Ace trails after acceleration during desperate drive in Jersey (5,2,7)
{MARIA DE VILLOTA} – The abbreviation for ace goes at the end of (trails after) an anagram (desperate) of DRIVE with the abbreviation for acceleration inside (during) itself inside another word (MAILLOT) for a jersey.  This person was a racing driver.

15. Cat drawn by crime writer (5,6)
{FELIX DEXTER} – The name of a cartoon cat (drawn) followed by the surname of a crime writer best known for the Inspector Morse novels.

16. Roni Rosenthal substituted after wasting time (4,8)
{NOEL HARRISON} – An anagram (substituted) of RONI ROSENTHAL without the T (wasting time).

17. Shot clipped Jan Vertonghen, scoring first of goals (4,7)
{JOHN TAVENER} – An anagram of JA (the first two letters (clipped) of Jan) VERTONGHEN without the G (scoring first of goals).

18. Canny art, Henry Moore’s balls sculpted (7,4)
{ANTHONY CARO} An anagram (sculpted) of CANNY ART H (Henry) OO (Moore’s balls).

19. Menacing appearance by violent extremes on the wild side (3,4)
{LOU REED} – A four letter word for menacing appearance followed by an anagram (violent) of EDE (the final letter or extremes of on thE wilD side.

20. Member inserted the wrong way, TV station’s Tarrant’s heading after unusual porn (5,9)
{NIGEL DAVENPORT} – Reverse LEG IN (member inserted the wrong way) and follow with by a cable / satellite TV station, an anagram (unusual) of PORN and the first letter (heading) of Tarrant.

21. Tips supplied by online journalist concerning editor of hourly live news broadcast (4,4)
{JOHN COLE} – An anagram (broadcast) of OJCEOHLN (the first letters – tips supplied by – of online journalist concerning editor of hourly live news).

22. Diamonds and gold’s unlimited benefits (5,7)
{DORIS LESSING} – The abbreviation for diamonds followed by a two letter word for gold and an expansion of the ‘s to IS and a word meaning benefits with the first and last letters removed (unlimited).

23. Shaft to match David’s weapon (3, 7)
{RAY GOSLING} – A three letter word for shaft of light followed by a word meaning match, as in that shirt does not ** with that tie) and the weapon used by David against Goliath.

24. Morse’s assistant and writer’s covering line (5,7)
{LEWIS COLLINS} – The name of Morse’s assistant followed by the first name of the author of Inspector Morse go around (covering) the abbreviation for line.

25. What’s taken on board after sailor led about by African leader? (6,7)
{NELSON MANDELA} The generic name for a chess piece (what’s taken on board) goes after the name of a famous sailor.  This is followed by a reversal (about) of the led in the clue and an A (African leader).

26. By George, a hundred and thirteen finally held by English soldiers (5,5)
{GRACE JONES} – The royal cipher for King George goes before the A in the clue, the Roman numeral for a hundred and the final letter of thirteen.  Inside this (held by) goes the abbreviation for English and the American term for soldiers usually preceded by GI.  Not the Jamaican singer and model, but the oldest UK woman who died aged 113.  She was the last remaining Briton born in the 19th century.

27. Perhaps Lauren and Chris? (5,7)
{RALPH TARRANT} – The first name of the fashion designer Lauren and the surname of the TV quiz master who hosts Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  UK’s oldest man died aged 110

28. King Edward’s ball excessively fondled by Paddy and marginally Lawrence (5,6)
{PETER O’TOOLE} The Royal cipher for King Edward an O (ball) and a word meaning excessively go inside (fondled by) a word for a paddy or tantrum and the first and last letters (marginally) of Lawrence.

29. Arrange to join a fan, putting end to suspicion and gaining Rebecca’s heart (4,8)
{JOAN FONTAINE} – An anagram (arrange) of TO JOIN A FAN followed by the final letter (end to) suspicion and the middle letter (heart) of Rebecca.

30. Signor being criminal (6,5)
{RONNIE BIGGS} – An anagram (criminal) of  SIGNOR BEING.

31. I’d made vocal balls – a large number (5,7)
{DAVID COLEMAN} – An anagram (balls) of ID MADE VOCAL followed by an N (large number)

32. Churchman: jog, re-order… Ah! Makes anagram with Lord Archer clue (4,6)
{JOHN GRAHAM} – An anagram of CHURCHMAN JOG RE-ORDER AH is also an anagram of this crossword setter and LORD ARCHER CLUE.  Lovely reference to end this compendium of obits.

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  1. Thanks to Radler for a superb puzzle. By the end of the year I can never remember who died this year and who died earlier so this was a useful reminder.
    I think that a rogue T may have crept into the 33a clue.

  2. Wow, thank you Radler, taken me all day in many sittings and quite a bit of investigoogling. Thank you too Prolixic. 32d is brilliant, Poetical scene has surprisingly chaste lord archer vegetating, (3,3,8,12)

      1. Thanks Gazza,

        How do I have a picture of a dog as my avatar instead of the cartoon? Is it just super-users who can do this?

  3. I thought this puzzle was brilliant! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif(Didn’t do the Bonus Quiz as printed off a .pdf of the puzzle.) It has taken me ages (including ponderings in the middle of the night!).http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/smiley-phew.gif I managed far better than I ever imagined possible.http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_smile.gif Albeit, I had to refresh my memory and do a bit of searching for names.http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_mail.gif I thought the relevance of the clues to the famous persons was exceptionally cleverly done. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yes.gif
    I found your hints excellent, Prolixic.http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif I needed them for 34a, and also for 19d where I thought I had the answer but have never heard of that word. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/icon_confused.gif (There is such a thing as a dictionary?http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/icon_redface.gif) I also needed explanations for the other scientifically orientated clues, 14d and 31d.http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_unsure.gif Although I arrived at the correct answers, my parsing was not 100% accurate as far as 17/6/11a, 24a, 1d, 5d, 8d, and 23d were concerned. There was just one answer I could not get — 21d. Have heard of it now!!!http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/icon_biggrin.gif (By the way, I think there’s a typo in the hint for 1a — there’s an ‘e’ too many?)
    Thank you very much, Radler, for a most fascinating crossword. And thank you very much, Prolixic, for an exceedingly good elucidation.

    P.S. As nobody else has used any emoticons, I have made up for the deficit! An expression of enjoyment of this puzzle!

  4. Thank you for your comments and Prolixic for his excellent hints and illustrations.

    I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2014

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