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ST 2722

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2722

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Afternoon All!. As per Big Dave’s recent post the closing date for the 15th December Sunday Prize Puzzle has been moved forward to Yesterday so the review is appearing today. This was a pretty straightforward puzzle but had some wonderfully diverting surface readings.

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought.  You can also add your assessment by selecting from one to five stars at the bottom of the post.


1 Everything I had put on page is colourless (6)
PALLID – ALL and then I’D (everything and a contraction of I HAD) after P for Page

4 Performances in ring mostly about dominant power (6)
CIRCUS – Almost all of CIRC(a) – the Latin for about – then the US or United States (dominant power)

8 First-class spinner plays in Asia, including Test cricket initially (3-5)
TOP-NOTCH – A spinning TOP then the initial letters of Test and Cricket inside the NOH plays (the prural being the same as the singular.

10 Obstruct from behind, erroneously (6)
HINDER – Hidden in (from) beHIND – ERroneously.

11 Double act that’s totally lifeless (4)
DODO – Repeat DO (act) to get the proverbially dead bird.

12 One’s in an utterly crazy position no supporter would adopt (10)
NEUTRALITY – Place I for One inside an anagram (crazy) of AN UTTERLY.

13 Flexible in the mind, providing what’s missing (12)
SUPPLEMENTAL – A charade of SUPPLE (flexible) and MENTAL (in the mind).

16 Statute reversed by rulers with minimal time that could enable steps to be taken (7,5)
WALKING STICK – A charade of the reversal of LAW (statute reversed) then KINGS (rulers) and a TICKS or minimal amount of time.

20 Small square advertisement covered bedroom item (4-6)
FOUR-POSTER – FOUR is one of the smaller square numbers (2×2). Follow that with a POSTER (advertisement).

21 What can be seen that is inside car (4)
VIEW – Place I.E. The abbreviation for Id Est (Latin for that is) inside VW – the abbreviation for a Volkswagen motor car.

22 People in charge turned area into place for pictures (6)
CINEMA – Reverse MEN and I C (the abbreviation for In Charge) before adding A for Area.

23 Turning away whistle-blower, being an employer (8)
REFUSING – The short form of REF(eree), or whistle-blower then USING (being an employer).

24 Dwell on aspect (6)
RESIDE – Nice and concise and misleading!. RE (On or reference) and SIDE (aspect).

25 Daughter called back, making peremptory request (6)
DEMAND – A reversal of D(aughter) and NAMED (called/titled).


1 Old line included by villain, under pressure, in opening speech (8)
PROLOGUE – Place O for Old and L for Line inside ROAGUE (villain) and place all that underneath (in a down clue) P for Pressure.

2 Some excellent openers scored slowly (5)
LENTO – The musical scoring that is. It is hidden in (some of) excelLENT Openers. A lovely cricketing clue with nothing to do with cricket!

3 Passionate kind of verbal difference (7)
INTENSE – Split this as (2,5) which cryptically refers to how conjugations of verbs can differ.

5 Receive, in a way, popular monarch, surrounded by success (7)
INHERIT – IN for popular and then place E.R. (Elizabeth Regina, monarch) inside HIT or success.

6 Dance till wrecked, dim but romantic? (9)
CANDLELIT – A wrecked anagram of DANCE TILL.

7 They get blanket coverage in pieces of paper (6)
SHEETS – This foxed me on the re-solve. But it is just a cunning double definition.

9 Person who cares for property, e.g. backbencher? (5-6)
HOUSE-SITTER – The cryptic definition is a politician who sits in the House of Commons.

14 Lacking ability and dreadfully slow, per se (9)
POWERLESS – Another anagram (dreadfully) of SLOW PER SE.

15 Two points in long passage put on TV (8)
SCREENED – Not too hard to get the answers from the checking letters but I don’t suppose many people knew that a SCREED is a long oral or written passage. Place E(ast) and N(orth), two points of the compass, inside.

17 Mistakenly paroled, predator that’s invariably spotted? (7)
LEOPARD – An anagram (mistakenly) of PAROLED.

18 Animal from Africa, from its centre, held up in error (7)
GIRAFFE – Take the centre letters of AfRIca, reverse them (held up) and place them inside a GAFFE or error.

19 Manager installing single piece of office equipment (6)
COPIER – Place I (a single) inside COPER – one who manages.

21 Match garment with front part of another (5)
VESTA – A match or Lucifer in Crosswordland. Take a VEST and add the A from the start of Another.

Many thanks to Virgilius for his entertainment throughout the year. I’d like to wish Brian Greer and yourselves a Merry and Peaceful Christmas. I’ll see you all in a few days.


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  1. Hi gnomey

    **/**** from me as well with 2d favourite – the splendid surface reminded me of Mr Boycott

    I like reading the reviews of the Sunday puzzle because, by the time they’re posted, I’ve usually forgotten most of it so it’s a great reminder of how good it all was! This is no exception.

    Seasons greetings to both you and Brian

  2. Hi Gnomey, I echo Pommers sentiments, hope you have a great time. Thanks To Brian / Virgilius obviously whose wavelength I think I am beginning to find, about time too ;) :)

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