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Toughie 1100

Toughie No 1100 by Shamus

Hints and tips by Bufo

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***/****Enjoyment ***/****

Another steady solve of a puzzle that was neither too easy nor too hard. There were 2 or 3 words I hadn’t heard of but none of them caused a problem.

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1a    Work out in column, say, exercising butt also (8)
{SUBTOTAL} Possibly to do something in a column on a spreadsheet = an anagram (exercising) of BUTT ALSO

5a    Put an end to / drink (6)
{SCOTCH} 2 meanings: put an end to/drink (whisky)

10a    It’s helpful to see job revealing blatant overcharging (8,7)
{DAYLIGHT ROBBERY} What helps you see (but not at night) + job (criminal enterprise)

11a    Film about, say, Paisley student in establishment? (7)
{ETONIAN} A 1982 film = ‘about’ + the first name of the Ulster politician Mr Paisley = a student probably from the establishment

12a    Government money in the US gets restricted support? That’s not true (4,3)
{PORK PIE} US Government money used on projects undertaken because of their appeal to the electorate rather than their meeting a real need + a support with the last letter removed = rhyming slang for an untruth

13a    Woman wasted years? That’s quite possible (1,4,3)
{I DARE SAY} A woman’s name + an anagram (wasted) of YEARS

15a    Scrabble includes this gripping tense championship (5)
{TITLE} One of the Scrabble pieces with a letter on goes round T (tense)

18a    A danger leaving back of house in showery period? (5)
{APRIL} Remove E (last letter of house) from A danger to give the showery month

20a    Follower violating hard tenet largely (8)
{ADHERENT} An anagram (violating) of HARD TENE (tenet with the last letter removed)

23a    Call promises to pay suspect (7)
{DUBIOUS} ‘To call (confer a name on)’ + ‘promises to pay’

25a    Revolutionary free to go round part of church in gloom (7)
{DESPAIR} A reversal (revolutionary) of ‘to free’ round a recess in a church

26a    Sing with care around actor? One shows little concentration (11,4)
{GRASSHOPPER MIND} ‘To sing (be an informer)’ + ‘to care’ round the surname of Dennis (an American actor)

27a    Nationalist state, one that’s unbalanced (6)
{NUTTER} N (Nationalist) + ‘to state’

28a    Team sped off in rush (8)
{STAMPEDE} An anagram (off) of TEAM SPED


1d    African country rejecting a new place for lions? That’s unexpected (6)
{SUDDEN} The name of an African country with A N (new) removed + a lair of lions

2d    Gracious Motown singer, a phenomenal youngster? (3,6)
{BOY WONDER} Gracious! + the surname of a Motown singer = a phenomenal youngster (possibly Robin)

3d    Actor in musical touring island (7)
{OLIVIER} The surname of a famous actor (1907-1989) = a Lionel Bart musical round I (island)

4d    Some mash enhancing pasty (5)
{ASHEN} Hidden in mASH ENhancing

6d    Indication of something missing when taking in a second-rate film (7)
{CABARET} A proofreading mark to show where to insert something omitted gees round A + second-rate to give a 1972 musical film

7d    Silly person lifting prize-money without hesitation? About right (5)
{TWERP} Remove ER (hesitation) from a slang word for prize money. Put what’s left round R (right)

8d    Rick’s content to be with first woman in French play (3,5)
{HAY FEVER} What’s found in a rick in a field + the first woman in the Bible inside FR (French) = a Noel Coward play

9d    Journey terribly disheartened companion making set of panels (8)
{TRIPTYCH} A journey + the first and last letters of TerriblY + a Companion of Honour

14d    Instant record showing game’s highly fashionable (8)
{SNAPSHOT} A simple card game + ‘S + ‘fashionable’

16d    Note time taken by son being cautious (9)
{TENTATIVE} The seventh note of the scale + T (time) inside son (inhabitant)

17d    Character beginning to inspect reverse of, say, grey jacket (8)
{CARDIGAN} A character (eccentric person) + I (first letter of inspect) + a reversal of a horse (which could well be a grey)

19d    Gander‘s promiscuous, grabbing duck’s tail and goose’s (4-3)
{LOOK-SEE} A gander (glance) = ‘promiscuous’ round K (last letter of duck) + E (last letter of goose)

21d    Carpet covering area above odd platform (7)
{ROSTRUM} A (area) is removed (covering) from ‘to carpet (reprimand)’. What’s left is followed by ‘odd’

22d    There’s a bit in such that concerns woman in union, we hear (6)
{BRIDLE} The bit goes in a horse’s mouth. The answer is a homophone of a word meaning ‘concerning a woman who’s getting married’

24d    Crow showing feathers close to nest (5)
{BOAST} ‘To crow’ = feathers the neck by women + T (last letter of nest)

25d    Storehouse? It could be found with dash round place in Strasbourg (5)
{DEPOT} What’s used in Morse code along with a dash goes round the abbreviation for the European Parliament (place in Strasbourg)

I’ve only one more blog to do before Christmas. Doesn’t time fly?

6 comments on “Toughie 1100

  1. Another lovely Toughie which, yet again, I almost finished. One day I really will be able to finish them completely (and regularly).
    I needed the hint to explain why my 7d was right – didn’t know the slang for prize money. I also didn’t know the meaning of the first word of 12a.
    My favourite was 19d.
    With thanks to Shamus and bufo.

  2. An absolutely trademark Shamus puzzle we thought. Such a contrast in style from the RayT that we had just finished. Last two to get parsed were 16d and 17d where it took us a while to twig ‘card’ for ‘character’ and ‘native’ for ‘son’ respectively. Interesting that the playwright for 8d was the answer to the Quickie pun, which must just be a coincidence. Not a quick solve for us and we did enjoy the process.
    Thanks Shamus and Bufo.

  3. Not sure about 21d. I can’t see how “carpet covering area” means “remove A from carpet”. Is it possible that Shamus is using an archaic form of “carpet” [see Chambers] to cover the area above “odd’ [in which case the clue should have read “Old carpet etc…

    OK – ignore all the above – clearly it means “cover up the A in “carpet”
    Otherwise a steady solve – altho’ it took a while to get into.

    Thanks to Setter and Bufo.

  4. I thought this was a true toughie, very difficult but eminently do-able, many thanks to Shamus and to Bufo for the review.

  5. Another great puzzle from Shamus. Couldn’t parse 12a. (had never heard of ‘Pork Barrel Spending’) or 17d, but got them from the definition – so thanks to Bufo for some much needed commentary.

  6. I’m also in the 12a not able to parse club but other than that very enjoyable and agree with Bufo ratings. Thanks to Shamus as well

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