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DT 27349

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27349

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All! Firstly a massive thank you to Crypticsue who kindly typed up the blog framework for me.  We still don’t have access to the online puzzles and hence cannot use the Word macro to render the blog template as normal. I found this pretty straightforward apart from about 3 clues which were easy but I made heavy weather of. Lots of charades in a row (when I came to review) sort of lowered my enjoyment. That was probably just me though.


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4 Aircraft making journey by road! (8)
TRIPLANE – A nice charade of TRIP (journey) next to or by a LANE or road.

8 Using maximum effort, tenth wicket has been taken (3-3)
ALL-OUT – Don’t start on the Ashes Cricket!. A definition lus cryptic definition – this being when the tenth batsmen’s wicket has been taken and the team is reduced to nothing!

9 Stop to mend the lady’s old penny crock (8)
POTSHERD – Start with an anagram (to mend) of STOP then add HER (the lady’s) and D for the old penny, 1D. (STOP)*HER D is one of those archaic words that still turn up in crosswords. It is a fragment of pottery (crock), sometimes seen as ‘potshard’.

10 Raised voice in argument beside river in Cornwall (8)
FALSETTO – A charade of FAL (the Cornish river) and SET TO or argument.

11 Danger: Bill keeps caged rodent (6)
GERBIL – A hidden word. The first two words keep or hold on to the answer. One might argue that they keep caged a rodent but the point is pretty much moot.

12 Circuit avoided by motorcade upset politician (8)
DEMOCRAT – I’m not sure I like this. We need to remove O for ‘circuit’ from M(o)TORCADE and then make an anagram (upset). I don’t really like the O for circuit business – is it just me?

13 Problem — top teacher’s a revolutionary (8)
HEADACHE – A nice charade of HEAD (the top teacher or Headmaster) and then A CHE (Guevara – the revolutionary)

16 Sloppy sentimentality has space to grow quickly (8)
MUSHROOM – Another charade of MUSH (sloppy sentimentality) and ROOM (space). MUSHROOM here is an intransitive verb.

19 In the open air, take clothes off — that’s better (8)
OUTSTRIP – Meanwhile in Sweden! – A lovely clue in the surface reading. A charade of OUT (in the open air) and STRIP (take ones clothes off). Contender for clue of the month.

21 One churchman or another going round Colorado (6)
DEACON – Place a DEAN (another churchman) around the abbreviation CO for Colorado state. This gives you a churchman.

23 Man casually meeting friend as a rule (8)
NORMALLY – A casual name for NORM(an) and then an ALLY or friend.

24 Migrating bird is in Italian port (8)
BRINDISI – An anagram (migrating) of BIRD IS IN.

25 Cat not in life nine, frisky (6)
FELINE – Remove IN (not IN) from LIFE N(in)E to get the adjective for the genus felix.

26 The lengths a complete swine will go to? (5,3)
WHOLE HOG – A lovely but straightforward cryptic definition.


1 Skilful when holding a knife (7)
CLEAVER – This took me ages! Quite simply CLEVER (skillful) with A inside. Dunno what all my fuss was about!

2 Skip the whisky, it’s child’s play (9)
HOPSCOTCH – Another charade of HOP (skip) and SCOTCH (the whisky from Scotland)

3 Mount rotates, showing no energy for stationary part (6)
STATOR – An reversal (mount) of ROTAT(e)S without or showing no E for Energy.

4 11.59 am greeting? (3,2,3,7)
TOP OF THE MORNING – A pretty straightforward cryptic definition.

5 Essential to redraw triangle (8)
INTEGRAL – An anagram (to redraw) of  TRIANGLE. One of those clue/anagrams that is a bit too well known!

6 Hungarian composer of memorable harmonies (5)
LEHAR – Franz Lehár (30 April 1870 – 24 October 1948) was an Austro-Hungarian composer. He is hidden in (part OF the last two words. The surface reading of the clue makes this quite pleasant!

7 See rich now in resort (7)
NORWICH – Now we all remember that a See (capitalized at the front of the clue) means a Holy See or papal diocese don’t we!. Make an anagram (in resort or re-shuffle) of RICH NOW.

14 Shy relative (4,5)
AUNT SALLY – A superb cryptic definition. The relative that is the doll at which one throws potatoes during a village fete worse than death.

15 Kind of circular that’s run out covering United Nations course (8)
ROUNDISH – For a Down clue place RO (the abbreviation of Run Out in cricket) on top of (covering) the abbreviation of United Nations (UN) and then DISH or course of food.

17 Discover a foreign planet (7)
UNEARTH – A charade of UN – a foreign word for A (the indefinite article) and then EARTH for planet (third rock from the sun).

18 Wild flower’s name included (7)
VIOLENT – Another one that took me some time but was quite simple. Place N for name (included) into a VIOLET (flower).

20 Jack provided fellow’s price list (6)
TARIFF – TAR – one of the usual Crosswordland synonyms for a sailor (SALT JOLLY JACK TAR) followed by IF (provided) and then F for Fellow (as in the acronym Royal Fellow etc.)

22 Old town lake and waterway (5)
CANAL – A final charade of CANA (an old biblical town) and L for Lake.

I’ll see you all next week for another Saturday Special. CS will be with you for the Sunday review on Thursday morning.


5 comments on “DT 27349

  1. Enjoyable and straightforward crossword and a super review, thanks to the setter and Gnomethang.

    1. Well done Gnomey, good review, and to setter for an interesting puzzle.
      Does anybody know why I do not get a review on Sundays (or izsn’t there one)?

      1. Not sure what you mean by that last remark. The reviews of Sunday puzzles turn up 11 days after they appear in the paper (or on the site if it was working) as Gnomey and I aren’ t allowed to put them up before then as that is the closing date for entries to the competition. A review was published yesterday of the puzzle from 24 Nov and the review of the Sunday 1 Dec puzzle will appear next Thursday.

        1. Thanks CS. I didn’t know it was a prize puzzle, as with Saturday. Thanks for the info

  2. I thought this puzzle had some very entertaining clues when I did it, and I think so now.http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/icon_lol.gif What a beautifully lucid review, Gnomethang!http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif Although I had the answers, there were two problems. Guess what! I did forget the ‘Holy See’ allusion in 7d!http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/icon_redface.gif I really didn’t know how to parse 22d. Other than these two, I appear to have got the word play right. I progress…http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_mail.gif

    Many thanks to the setter and Gnomethang.

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