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Toughie 1094

Toughie No 1094 by Warbler

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

A fun start to the Toughie week from my favourite lady setter on the Daily Telegraph.

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1a    Originally NY was not the endless area of ramshackle housing (10)
{SHANTYTOWN} – an anagram (originally) of NY WAS NOT and TH(E) without the final letter (endless)

6a    Note: a loud female can be vulgar (4)
{NAFF} – N(ote) followed by the A from the clue, the musical notation for loud and F(emale)

9a    Vetoes deliveries by jet (10)
{BLACKBALLS} – some deliveries in cricket preceded by the colour of jet

10a    Pastry dish made from cut beef (4)
{FLAN} – most of (cut) a side of beef

12a    Respites essential to recurrent dispute lessening (3-3)
{LET-UPS} – hidden (essential to) and reversed (recurrent) inside the clue

13a    Centre of exotic opal ground in volcano in SA (8)
{COTOPAXI} – an anagram (ground) of the centre of eXOTIC OPAl

15a    Bows? What nonsense! (12)
{FIDDLESTICKS} – these could be the bows used to play violins

18a    Medical practitioner‘s sudden increase in new money acceptable (12)
{NEUROSURGEON} – a sudden increase inside N(ew), some money the UK fortuitously avoided and a two-letter word meaning acceptable

21a    Anger returns in mad hasty display of wild emotion (8)
{HYSTERIA} – a three-letter word meaning anger is reversed (returns) inside an anagram (mad) of HASTY

22a    Frenchman‘s brother going to posh school (6)
{BRETON} – BR(other) followed by a posh school

24a    Shape of ground? (4)
{OVAL} – the shape of a well-known cricket ground

25a    He leads most of group with energy to me in this instance (4-6)
{PACE-SETTER} – most of a group of animals, or cub scouts, followed by E(nergy) and another name for a crossword compiler (me, Warbler, in this instance)

26a    Look small-minded in conversation (4)
{MIEN} – sounds like (in conversation) an adjective meaning small-minded

27a    Nuclear site‘s diesel spilled around westward slope (10)
{SELLAFIELD} – an anagram (spilled) of DIESEL around the reversal (westward in an across clue) of a slope


1d    It is omitted from printed translation. It’s discriminating (6)
{SUBTLE} – drop (omitted) IT from the printed translation that appears at the bottom of a foreign-language film

2d    Looks for acreage above Western Isles (6)
{AWAITS} – A(creage) followed by (above in a down clue) W(estern) and some isles

3d    Capture steer in park that’s buckled fencing over (4,8)
{TAKE PRISONER} – an anagram (buckled) of STEER IN PARK around (fencing) O(ver)

4d    Drop in temperature — some corn’s subdued (4)
{TEAR} – T(emperature) with some corn subdued (brought under in a down clue )

5d    Being upset, know-all, left out, urges: ‘Tread warily‘ (4,2,4)
{WALK ON EGGS} – an anagram (Being upset) of KNOW-AL(L) without one of the L(eft)s followed by a verb meaning urges

7d    Amorous relationship loses depth in marriage (8)
{ALLIANCE} – start with an amorous relationship and then drop (loses) the initial D(epth)

8d    Sport outfit embracing European style initially. It is most trendy (8)
{FUNKIEST} – a three-letter word meaning sport and an outfit of clothes (maybe for sport) around (embracing) the initial letters of European Style – if you put a different answer in here and couldn’t understand the wordplay, now you know why!

11d    Personal development‘s part of my ideal, looking back. Expand it! (2-2-8)
{DO IT YOURSELF} – find a three-letter abbreviation hidden (part of) and reversed (looking back) inside the clue (mY IDeal) and then expand it

14d    Pronounce a record player’s music regularly acted out of sync (10)
{ADJUDICATE} – the A from the clue followed by someone who plays records at a disco and an anagram (out of sync) of UI (the even / regular letters of mUsIc) with ACTED

16d    Island with gold male insect (4-4)
{INCH-WORM} – a small island followed by W(ith), the heraldic term for gold and M(ale)

17d    A continental fish in bottomless sea gets shelter (8)
{SUNSHADE} – the French (continental} indefinite article and a type of fish inside SE(A) without its final letter (bottomless in a down clue)

19d    Sculpture standing right out (6)
{STATUE} – a word meaning standing or importance without the R(ight)

20d    Flying drones made hoarse noise (6)
{SNORED} – an anagram (flying) of DRONES

23d    Money‘s genuine (4)
{REAL} – two definitions

The Telegraph have finally broken their silence:

3rd December 2013 Update

Our sincere apologies that the Puzzles site continues to remain unavailable.  Our technical department is working very hard to restore normal service.

We have identified and fixed the issue causing last week’s disruption, but have now uncovered a further problem affecting correct functionality of the site for some users.  Please check back in a few days for an update.

So now we are no wiser than before!

21 comments on “Toughie 1094

  1. I actually got through most of this quite quickly and then slowed to a crawl over the last few. Needed Google for 13A and, being an expat, for 27A. 11D wa last in and I had the correct answer because of the checking letters, but still don’t understand the clue, even with the hint. Liked 1D, 8D. 10A and 25A particularly. Many thanks to Warbler, and to BD for the review and hints.

    1. Hidden inside “mY IDeal” is a reversed three letter abbreviation DIY which you need to expand to its full meaning for the answer.

  2. Good stuff today not overly difficult but most enjoyable, favourite was 11d thanks to Warbler and to Big Dave for the comments.

  3. A fairly gentle start to the toughies, but a most pleasant puzzle to solve. Thanks to Warbler, and to BD.

  4. I think Warbler’s puzzles may be getting tougher. [Or i’m getting dimmer] This is the second where I ground to a halt in the lower half after a good start. Then I realised W=with in 16d and got a second wind.
    Loved 11d [last in] and 17d.

    Thanks to Warbler and BD

  5. I enjoyed this but didn’t quite finish it.
    I got 8d wrong – no wonder I didn’t understand my answer – the moral here is if you can’t explain your answer it’s almost certainly wrong, a bit like ‘duffle’ was last week.
    With thanks to Warbler and BD.

    1. Kath, au contraire, I couldn’t explain the DIY one … but my answer was correct. Thanks to BD for the explanation!

      ( 11d – Is there a technical term for a clue that one would never be able to parse in nnn years?)

      P.s. What was the alternative (wrong) answer to 8d?

      Thanks to Warbler for lightening up a miserable day!

      1. Brian has a technical term for something he can’t parse – Horrid

        FANCIEST was the alternative that fitted the checking letters for 8 down.

        1. ‘Fanciest’ was one of the most ‘horrid’ answers I’ve ever had but it did fit the definition – well, sort of.

      2. OK – I give in – perhaps I should just say that if you can’t explain your answer it could be wrong and you should think again and keep it in mind, especially if it affects something else like the alternative spelling of ‘duffel’ did last week.

  6. Thanks Warbler and BD .A handful of clues took quite a while but very entertaining .
    Favourite by quite a distance 11d .

  7. A most enjoyable puzzle. Thanks to BD, (especially for the parsing of 17d.’SUNSHADE’), and to Warbler.

  8. Warbler never fails to give us a puzzle that keeps us smiling and so it was with this one. Last to parse was 17d where we were wondering when United Nations had moved to Europe….Doooh. Good fun.
    Thanks Warbler and BD.

  9. 8d , now i’m confused of Peterborough. I’m trying to parse the alternative and cannot. As ever a huge thank you to Warbler, great fun, and BD too. PS I will remember that darned fish in 17d :)

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed this! It took me a while to complete. My last six answers in took as long me as long as the rest of the puzzle! But, I managed to finish without hints and without error. others, I had the answer for 11d but had no idea how to parse it. What a brilliant clue! Big Dave, your excellent elucidations are much appreciated. I liked many of the clues, including 5d and 9a, and my fave was 15a.
    Many thanks, Warbler and many thanks, Big Dave.

  11. Finally got round to this one today while listening to the football. Spurs made heavy weather of it, as did I, until the penny dropped on 4d. Loved 18a and 11d. Thanks BD, you are a reassuring presence

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