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MPP – 018 (Review)

Monthly Prize Puzzle No 18 (November 2013) by Hieroglyph

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A Review by Prolixic

Congratulations to pommers who was the lucky name drawn out of the hat for this month’s prize puzzle.  He correctly identified that of the themed across answers, Fermanagh was the correct intended answer as being the only one of the counties in Northern Ireland, the others all being counties in the Republic of Ireland.

An honourable mention must also go to Helen who not only identified the correct answer but also spotted another potential odd one out.  Tipperary is now two counties, North and South Tipperary and is the only one to be sub-divided.

For this month’s prize puzzle, the across answers had a common theme and were not given specific definition.


7 Apply hose to car (9)
WATERFORD – Water (apply hose to) followed by FORD (car).

8 As opposed to veg (cold) (5)
MEATH – The opposite of veg (as in meat and veg) and the opposite of cold.

9 One who leaves extra by a railway (9)
TIPPERARY – Tipper (one who leaves extra) followed by the A from the clue and an abbreviation for railway.

10 Singular 51 precedes good over (5)
SLIGO – The abbreviation for singular followed by 51 in Roman numerals and the abbreviations for good and over.

12 Like haggis? (6)
OFFALY – Haggis is made from offal so like a haggis would be offaly!

13 Second horse starts to have another nightmare (8)
MONAGHAN – A two letter word for second followed by a type of horse and the initial letters (starts to) of Have Another Nightmare.

14 Almost destroy Dan? (7)
KILDARE – A word meaning destroy with the final letter removed (almost) followed by the famous space pilot Dan.

17 Finished with girl (7)
DONEGAL – A word meaning finished followed by a three letter word for a girl.

20 Everett’s type, inherently (8)
KILKENNY – A word meaning type goes inside (inherently) Kenny, the first name of the late DJ and comedian Kenny Everett.

22 Look out from Scottish location (6)
GALWAY – Take LO (look) out of GALLOWAY (Scottish location).

24 John takes in museum (5)
CAVAN – The initials of the Victoria & Albert Museum go inside another word for toilet or John.

25 Businesswoman on the phone (9)
FERMANAGH – A homophone (on the phone) of FIRM ANNA (business / woman).

26 Some fall out here? (5)
LOUTH – A hidden word (some) in FALL OUT HERE.

27 Order: “Waste them!” (9)
WESTMEATH – An anagram (order) of WASTE THEM.


1 Sailor provided key duty (6)
TARIFF – A three letter word for a sailor followed by a word meaning provided and one of the musical notes (key).

2 Secretly plotted – like fish eggs? (4-4)
DEEP LAID – A cryptic definition – some fish will lay their eggs in the sea (deep).

3 A French fry scoffing American causes fight (6)
AFFRAY – The A from the clue, an abbreviation for French (according to Chambers, F is France and Fr is French) and the FRY from the clue going around (scoffing) an abbreviation for American.

4 Old craft sees European heading south in German city with Hieroglyph (7)
TRIREME – Take the German town of TRIER and move the E (European) down (heading south) and follow this with a two letter word indicating the setter (Hieroglyph).

5 Blackbird’s discomfort caused by flight (3,3)
JET LAG – A three letter word for black followed by a three letter word for bird (as in a convict).

6 Spots corrupt magistrate abandoning resistance, heartlessly (8)
STIGMATA– Take the first and last letters (heartlessly) of ResistancE out of the word MAGISTRATE and make an anagram (corrupt) of the remaining letters.

11 Free party by university quarter (4)
UNDO – A two letter for a party goes after (by) the abbreviation for University and one of the points of the compass (quarter).

15 Exotic Maori tit or parrot (8)
IMITATOR – An anagram (exotic) of MAORI TIT.

16 Hold forth about nationalist informer (4)
RANT – A word for an informer goes around (about) the abbreviation for Nationalist.

18 Closely connected nurse and novice get tattooed (8)
ENLINKED – The abbreviation for an Enrolled Nurse is followed by the abbreviation for a learner (novice) and a word meaning tattooed.

19 What a compositor did, finally: play in jazz septet? (7)
TYPESET – The final letter of plaY goes inside an anagram (jazz) of SEPTET.

21 Snakes could be at risk? (6)
KRAITS – An anagram (could be) of AT RISK.

22 It can be fertilised and grown, to begin with: a measure (6)
GAMETE – The first letter (to begin with) of Grown, the A from the clue and a word meaning to measure.

23 Sang about team-leader’s anxieties (6)
ANGSTS – An anagram (about) of SANG followed by the first letter (leader) of team and the S from the ‘s at the end of leader’s.

With many thanks to Hieroglyph for this month’s enjoyable challenge.

4 comments on “MPP – 018 (Review)

  1. Congratulations Pommers. Found this one really tough to start as had to work on down clues only without any checking letters. When I had enough of these to be able to guess the first couple of acrosses, work out the theme and get a list from Google, it all fell apart neatly. All good fun.
    Thanks again Hieroglyph and Prolixic for the review.

  2. Congratulations to Pommers from me too.
    Like KiwiColin I found this very hard to start. In fact, I almost gave up altogether. On my third attempt, I managed a few down clues, but then, reading through the acrosses, got 10a. Then the penny dropped and I completed the whole puzzle — with the help of Google. is the first time I have ever been able to complete a MPP. That is reward in itself.
    This was a super fun puzzle, and really rather clever. Enjoyment definitely *****. Well done, Hieroglyph and many thanks. And many thanks to Prolixic, too, for your lovely clear review.

  3. Many thanks for your comments, to Prolixic for the review, and congratulations Pommers! And hats off to Helen, who is entirely correct from a local government point of view, which hadn’t occurred to me (although, if the Local Government Bill 2013 passes, Tipperary will revert to one county from 2014). Hope to be back on these pages before long

  4. I did try – for hours. This one was about a million miles beyond me. I only got about ten answers and only one of those was an across one.
    Congratulations to pommers – maybe he doesn’t know he’s won if he’s still in UK with dodgy internet.
    With thanks to Hieroglyph and Prolixic.

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