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ST 2716

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2716

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment *****

Brilliant clues, wonderful surface readings, hidden words, sneaky  stuff staring us in the face …. well, what else do we expect on a Sunday?!

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1a           Complaint following proposal — still you don’t get it! (6,8)
MOTION SICKNESS –   Lovely cryptic definition –   MOTION (proposal) is followed by SICKNESS (complaint).

9a           Mild European imprisoned by famous Communist despot, ultimately (7)
LENIENT –    ‘Imprison’ E (European) in LENIN (famous Communist) and finish with the ‘ultimate’ letter of despot.

10a         Worker gets specific day in charge (7)
MANDATE –    MAN (worker) and DATE (a specific day).

11a         Orderly waiters heard signal to act (3)
CUE –   A homophone of a QUEUE of people waiting in an orderly fashion.

12a         Farewell, in a manner of speaking, after very short drink (11)
VALEDICTION –   V (very short) ALE (drink) and DICTION (manner of speaking).

14a         Run after a tyre burst in main road (6)
ARTERY  –   R (run) is placed after A (from the clue) and then followed by an anagram (burst) of TYRE.

15a         Spike securing small flier for writer (8)
LAWRENCE –  Insert the  small ‘flier’ a WREN into LACE,  a verb meaning to make a drink stronger by adding spirits or other alcohol (spike).

17a         Disturbed over sins, of which the Bible has many (8)
VERSIONS –  An anagram (disturbed) of OVERSINS.

19a         It contains accounts from sides straddling border (6)
LEDGER –   Insert an EDGE (border) between L and R (the abbreviations for left and right sides).

22a         No point including girl’s name, in spite of that (11)
NONETHELESS –   NO (from the clue)   and NESS (point of land)  with ETHEL (girl’s name) inserted.

23a         Part of field in cricket match set back (3)
LEG –   Brilliantly simple – a reversal  (back) of GEL (set).

24a         Angry call about the players, initially, in this event (4,3)
SHOT PUT   Insert the initial letters of The and Players into a  SHOUT (angry call).

26a         List operations going the wrong way, easily seen in theatre (7)
SPOTLIT   –   A reversal (going the wrong way) of TILT (list or lean) and OPS (operations).

27a         Form in which a person’s convictions are manifest (8,6)
CRIMINAL RECORD –    I can’t do better than borrow BD’s hint.  “Two definitions, the second one expanding cryptically on the first”.


1d           Such a vile man, I’m involved in this? (4,10)
MALE CHAUVINISM –   An anagram (involved) of SUCH A VILE MAN IM.

2d           Divergent line of thought, singularly touching (7)
TANGENT –    An incidental off-topic thought or a line which touches a curve in only one place.

3d           Partial judgment, with court supporting old writer and composer (4,7)
OPEN VERDICT –   O (old) PEN (writer)  VERDI (composer) CT (court).

4d           Colonise area taken from Pacific port (6)
SETTLE –   Remove the A (area) from the port of SEATTLE.

5d           Crazed demoniac who wants to slay people? (8)
COMEDIAN –    ‘Slay’ here is an informal term meaning to amuse very much.   I do like the idea of a COMEDIAN being  a crazed demoniac  – although here crazed is what tell us to rearrange DEMONIAC.

6d           Sister, in turn, ignoring the odds (3)
NUN –  Do as the clue says and ignore the odd letters of iN tUrN.

7d           Finishes off in state — is one in Victoria, perhaps? (7)
STATION –    This time we remove the ‘finishes’ of STATe   Is and ONe.

8d           In error, get date wrong? Questioned again (14)
REINTERROGATED –    Wrong is such a simple anagram indicator – rearrange IN ERROR GET DATE.

13d         Set piece’s musical quality in foundational part (11)
CORNERSTONE –   One definition of set piece is a carefully planned and executed piece of team work such as a CORNER or free kick in a game of football.  Add an S (piece’s) and follow with  TONE (musical quality).

16d         Like winner of cup, left after dinner, holding book (8)
UNBEATEN –   Insert B (book) into UNEATEN (left after dinner).

18d         Ill-feeling concealed by veteran courageously (7)
RANCOUR –   I was starting to worry that we weren’t going to get a hidden word this week but it is cunningly concealed by  veteRAN  COURageously.

20d         Great scientist, person frequently imprisoned — upset one Pope (7)
GALILEO –    A reversal (upset)  of LAG (a person frequently imprisoned) I (one) and LEO (the name of several  Popes).

21d         Scoundrel‘s wife, supporter of school board (6)
WEASEL –   W (wife) and EASEL (supporter of a  board used at school to support a blackboard or piece of artwork).

25d         Foreign breed over in Melbourne, say (3)
POM –   The abbreviated way of referring to a Pomeranian (a foreign breed of dog)  is also a term used by Australians – not just those in Melbourne – to refer to an immigrant from the British Isles.

Thanks once again to Virgilius – my Sundays wouldn’t be the same without you.

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  1. As usual I can’t really remember the crossword since it’s eleven days since I did it – and I can’t find it either.
    Having read CS’s review bits of it are coming back to me. The main thing that I remember is getting terribly tangled up with 22a. I had the ‘no’ from the clue then, and this is where I went wrong, I thought the next ‘n’ was the point and then there was ‘Ethel’ which left me with a few spare letters floating around at the end. Oh dear!
    I know I enjoyed this one very much – I always do!
    My favourite was 1d with 5 and 25d being close runners-up. Or is it runner-ups – never sure!
    With thanks to Virgilius and CS.

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