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DT 27313

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27313

A full review by crypticsue

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A write-it-in-as you read the clues puzzle – just what I needed on Saturday morning ( ;) ) – the straightforwardness didn’t detract from the enjoyment factor.


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1a           Keep book behind piano (8)
PRESERVE –   P  (piano in music notation) and RESERVE (book).

9a           Respect shown by veteran travelling around Orient (8)
VENERATE –   An anagram (travelling) of VETERAN around E (eastern, orient).

10a         Catch sight of agent from Spain? (4)
ESPY –   An old favourite !   E  (the IVR code for Spain) and SPY (agent).

11a         Rex, disorientated mountaineer, gets financial reward (12)
REMUNERATON –    R (Rex) followed by an anagram (disorientated) of MOUNTAINEER.

13a         Monitor timer used by boxer? (8)
WATCHDOG –    A WATCH (timer) [used by a] DOG (the ? indicating that boxer is an example of a dog).

15a         Parking to find accommodation with outstanding evening meal (6)
SUPPER –   Insert (find accommodation with) P (parking) into SUPER (outstanding).

16a         Print section of warranty perhaps (4)
TYPE  can be found hidden in a section of warranTY PErhaps.

17a         American author, Mark    2 (5)
TWAIN –   The American author or an archaic term for two.

18a         Ceremony that’s appropriate to be heard (4)
RITE –   A homophone (to be heard)of RIGHT (appropriate).

20a         Mother’s put by nothing — article or capital (6)
MANILA –   The capital of the Philippines –   MA (mother) NIL (nothing) and A (indefinite article).

21a         One must do this for it to reach addressee (8)
POSTCARD –   Split 4, 4 and the wordplay makes sense.

23a         Bird call observed by Edward, Penny and Romeo (6,6)
RINGED PLOVER –   RING (call)  ED (Edward) P (Penny) and LOVER (Romeo).

26a         Study time causes depression (4)
DENT –   DEN (study) followed by T for time.

27a         A lot of our menu’s rewritten (8)
NUMEROUS –  A rewritten anagram of OUR MENUS.

28a         Shock, finding purser is at sea (8)
SURPRISE –   An anagram (at sea) of PURSER IS.


2d           Woman‘s beads set around heart of gems (8)
ROSEMARY –   Insert the middle two letters (heart) of gEMs into a set of ROSARY beads.

3d           Fast-rising TV company playing loud music, and French being gripped (12)
SKYROCKETING –   As the BRB says ‘rising high and fast’.   SKY (TV company) ROCKING (playing loud music) with ET (the French for and)  inserted  (being gripped).

4d           Wandered aimlessly in capital — that’s taken over a day (6)
ROAMED –   A from the clue is inserted (taken over) into  ROME (capital) and D (day) is added at the end of the result.

5d           Flat race perhaps finished early (4)
EVEN –   Finished early is what tells us to remove the last letter from EVENT (race perhaps).

6d           Nip out before religious instruction with lad sent for detention (2,6)
INPRISON –   An anagram (out) of NIP followed by RI (religious instruction) and SON (lad).

7d           Offered in bar, a kirsch, a Turkish drink (4)
RAKI –    Hidden (offered in)   baR A KIrsch.

8d           Kind of Tory one cares to treat like a small child (3-5)
WET-NURSE –    WET (a derogatory term for a moderate Conservative and NURSE (one [who] cares).

12d         Audio equipment reported race being fixed (4,8)
TAPE RECORDER –   An anagram (being fixed) of REPORTED RACE.

14d         Understand key file (5)
GRASP –   The musical key of G plus RASP (file).

16d         Tropical tree comes from river Indus, mainly (8)
TAMARIND –    The river TAMAR plus IND (the first three letters – mainly) of INDus).

17d         Opening that might let actor down (8)
TRAPDOOR –   A cryptic definition.

19d         End of period in States (8)
TERMINUS –   TERM (period) IN (from the clue) and US (United States).

22d         A very filling bitter taste (6)
SAVOUR –  A (from the clue) and V (very) are inserted into (filling) SOUR (bitter).

24d         Call with directions to come round in the morning (4)
NAME –   Two compass directions  N and E are put round AM, the abbreviation for morning.

25d         Not more confusion — metres to be replaced by litres! (4)
LESS –   Remove the M (metres) from MESS and replace with L (litres).

Gnomey and I enjoyed meeting up with Cephas (and Big Dave)  again in Wapping  on Saturday afternoon.   I wonder if one day we’ll get to meet the Mysteron (whose puzzle will be blogged by me next week).