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ST 2713

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2713

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Another great Sunday crossword, with a very well hidden word, and more than its fair share of anagrams too!

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1a           One may be full of beans, after short time behind bars (3,3)
TIN CAN –   T (short or abbreviated Time) IN CAN (behind bars, in prison).

4a           Dime novel used in major movie, resulting in widespread complaint (8)
EPIDEMIC –   An anagram (novel) of DIME inserted in an EPIC (major movie).

10a         Times appearing after minimal change in paper’s content (5)
PAGES –   P (the minimal change of 1 penny) plus AGES (times).

11a         Shock treatment I received in Harley St, in error (9)
HAIRSTYLE –   Insert I from the clue into an anagram (in error) of HARLEY STREET.

12a         Newcomer‘s dog put in pound? Just the opposite (7)
SETTLER –   Do the opposite of what the first part of the clue says and put the L (pound) into the SETTER (dog).

13a         Doctor made into expert in scholarly environment (7)
ACADEME –   An anagram (doctor) of MADE is inserted into ACE (expert).

14a         Typical    MP,    for instance (14)
REPRESENTATIVE –    (a)  typical (b) a person who represents others – MP

17a         Instruction for players that indicates where coach is heading (5,9)
STAGE DIRECTION –  Instructions for a theatrical cast could indicate the way a stagecoach is going.

21a         Old-fashioned chair reproduced after a century (7)
ARCHAIC –   A (from the clue) C (century) and an anagram (reproduced) of CHAIR.

23a         Cautious piano tuner perturbed about key (7)
PRUDENT –   P (piano, the abbreviation used to mean to play music softly) followed by an anagram (perturbed) of TUNER into which is inserted the musical key of D.

24a         In a strange sense, conflict produces enlightenment (9)
AWARENESS –   A (from the clue) WAR (conflict) and an anagram (strange) of SENSE.

25a         Either part of hardback writer’s pronouncement (5)
STERNE –   The author Lawrence Sterne’s surname sounds like STERN which can mean either ‘hard’ or ‘back’.

26a         It’s about male manners, being short on humility (8)
IMMODEST –  Insert into ITS, M (male) and MODES (manners).

27a         Ill-fated sailor‘s change of course (6)
CRUSOE –   An anagram (change) of COURSE.


1d           A person who’s trying, in attempt to make woven fabric (8)
TAPESTRY –   Insert A PEST (someone who’s very trying) into TRY (attempt).

2d           Ruined things with drug in club (9)
NIGHTSPOT –   An anagram (ruined) of THINGS followed by  the drug POT.

3d           A bishop only accepts very limited pardon for sins (7)
ABSOLVE –   A (from the clue) B (bishop) SOLE (only) with V (very limited or abbreviated) inserted.

5d           Someone helping others halt ship on trip at sea (14)
PHILANTHROPIST –   An anagram (at sea) of HALT SHIP ON TRIP AT.

6d           Like Antarctica, say, cold (7)
DISTANT –   Distant can mean both remote (like Antarctica) or cold, reserved, aloof.

7d           Set up part in movie by American, possibly (5)
MAYBE –   Last week I commented that there wasn’t a single hidden word.   This week we have possibly the best hidden word ever – even with the three checking letters, it took me till the end to spot that MAYBE is hidden (part) and reversed (set up in a down clue) in moviE BY AMerican.

8d           Were sailors coarse in speech? (6)
CREWED –   A homophone (in speech) of CRUDE.

9d           Cowards holding French city finally released author (7,7)
CHARLES DICKENS –   Insert into CHICKENS (cowards)   the French city of ARLES and the last letter (finally) of releaseD.

15d         Totally innocent about love, so unable to speak (9)
VOICELESS –    Insert O (love) into VICELESS (totally innocent).

16d         An insect metamorphosed, for example (8)
INSTANCE is an anagram (metamorphosed) of AN INSECT.

18d         Progressive leader in Indian state? (2-5)
GO-AHEAD –    Split 3, 4 and you would have the  head of the Indian state of Goa.

19d         Craft seen in conjurer’s first trick taking one in, right? (7)
CRUISER –  C (conjurer’s ‘first’) I (one) inserted into RUSE (trick) and R (right).

20d         I’m upset about a political act in African country (6)
MALAWI  –   A reversal (upset) of IM with A LAW (a political act) inserted.

22d         Appeal of Daily Mail’s leader (5)
CHARM –    CHAR (daily cleaner) and M (the leader of Mail).   I wonder if Ed Miliband solved this crossword and what he thought of this clue :)