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ST 2712

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2712

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Slightly trickier this time and without a single hidden word (whatever next!) but still the usual fine start to a Sunday morning’s solving.

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7a           Warm kind of fire that’s a contradiction in terms? (8)
FRIENDLY –   Accidentally firing upon one’s allies rather than the enemy is definitely not friendly and so a contradiction in terms.

9a           Make a recovery without drug, in fact (6)
REALLY –   Insert E (the drug Ecstasy) into RALLY (make a recovery).

10a         Carefully planned operation catching ringleader for part of racket (6)
STRING –   Insert the ‘leader’ of ring into a STING or carefully planned operation.

11a         Close family wrapping son in fur (8)
SEALSKIN –  SEAL (close) S (son) and KIN (close family).

12a         Good ensemble in dance performance, mainly in royal residence (8,6)
BALMORAL CASTLE –   Take nearly all of BALLET (dance performance mainly)  and insert MORAL (good) and CAST (ensemble).

15a         Like Northern people as part of race, you might say (4)
LAPP –   Someone from Lapland sounds (you might say) like a single circuit of a racetrack.

17a         One century after another — that’ll make you feel better (5)
TONIC –     I (one) C (100 in Roman numerals),  ie one century,  follows (after another)  TON (hundred, century)

19a         Love to talk back? That’s fine (4)
OKAY –  O (love) followed by a reversal (back) of YAK (persistent foolish talk).

20a         Put right about wrong I, perhaps, interpreted incorrectly (14)
MISAPPREHENDED –    Insert an anagram (wrong) of  I PERHAPS into MENDED (put right).

23a         Bloomer as second doctor comes in immediately before operation (8)
SNOWDROP –   S (second) NOW (immediately) into which is inserted (comes in)  DR (doctor), and then finished off with OP (operation).

25a         Confused situation produced by strike on base (6)
BEDLAM –   BED (base) and LAM (strike, beat).

27a         Instrument that’s dropped in red wine (6)
CLARET  –   IN is dropped from a musical instrument, the CLARINET.

28a         Maiden spoke and spoke, in barely audible way (8)
MUTTERED –   M (maiden) UTTERED (spoke)


1d           Guitar piece that makes one experience anxiety (4)
FRET –   Part of a guitar or a verb meaning to experience anxiety or worry.

2d           Boundaries set up by male — that’s unfair to females (6)
SEXISM –   A reversal (up in a down clue) of SIXES (scored when the ball goes over the boundary in a game of cricket) followed by M (male).

3d           One positive response, or more than one (4)
AYES –   A  YES (one positive response)  merge to make  AYES  (more than one response in the affirmative)

4d           In time, informer making things wrong in work (6)
ERRATA –   Insert a RAT (informer) into ERA (a period of time).

5d           Loud singer including sequence of songs in high voice (8)
FALSETTO –   F(loud) and ALTO  (singer) with a SET (sequence of songs) inserted.

6d           Unlike readers, the writer will perform repeatedly (10)
ILLITERATE –  Unable to read (and write)  if split 3, 7 would mean that the writer was saying I’ll iterate, or I will say it again

8d           Movement in no hurry to follow left-winger (3-4)
DOG-TROT –  A gentle trot – DOG (follow) and TROT (Trotskyite, left-winger).

13d         Preparing to fight with friend outside, in scary fashion (10)
ALARMINGLY –    Insert ARMING (preparing to fight) into ALLY (friend).

14d         Unsociable type‘s side-splitting joke? (5)
LONER –   Insert ONE ( joke – ‘have you heard the ONE about?’) between the sides L(eft) and R (right).

16d         Weapon the old man has for response to challenge (8)
PASSWORD –   PAS (Pa’s – the old man has) SWORD (weapon) –  one might be challenged to provide a password to pass or enter a military camp.

18d         Company custom to maintain an intimate in-house relationship (7)
COHABIT –   To live together as husband and wife –  CO (company) and HABIT (custom).

21d         Balance I established within political group (6)
PARITY –   I inserted into (established within) PARTY (political group).

22d         New and unusual editor signed agreement (6)
NODDED  –  N (new) ODD (unusual) ED (editor).

24d         Report about mass or ceremony (4)
POMP –  POP (report hear meaning an explosive noise) with M (mass) inserted.

26d         A border that’s said to require attention (4)
AHEM –   Split 1, 3, this interjection used to draw attention to oneself would be A HEM (a border).

Gnomey’s ‘week off’ next week so  I’ll be back then with reviews of a Sunday and a Saturday puzzle.

2 comments on “ST 2712

  1. This was a splendid Virgillius crossword. I have been looking forward to this full review to see how I fared. I couldn’t work out the wordplay for 20a because I missed ‘mended’ , which left me with an anagram of ‘I perhaps’ and I guessed the rest. (Not good!) This was my only clanger, I’m happy to say.
    Much appreciated, Virgiliius and Crypticsue. :smile: :smile:

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