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Toughie 1063

Toughie No 1063 by Elkamere

Bruce Wobblebottom Drops In

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This is not one of Elkamere’s more difficult puzzles but I did enjoy it. I do applaud the fact that he is one of the (few?) setters to follow the Telegraph guidelines of having no more than six anagrams per crossword.

Let us know how you got on and what you thought of it.

Across Clues

1a  Disclaimer which is must-see for ordering? (5,2,3)
{TERMS OF USE} – an anagram (ordering) of MUST-SEE FOR.

6a  Fog causes problem crossing lake from far side (4)
{BLUR} – a problem (as experienced by Hamlet) contains (crossing) L(ake) then it’s all reversed (from far side).

10a  Hymn appropriate around beginning of service (5)
{PSALM} – in the wordplay appropriate is a verb. It goes around the first letter of S(ervice).

11a  Sensible record covering very famous one (9)
{REALISTIC} – the abbreviation for record contains (covering) how a top-ranked celebrity may be described (1-4) and I (one).

12a  Try to eat complete onion (7)
{SHALLOT} – a try or attempt containing (to eat) a synonym for complete.

13a  Far from home, I am to fill up, mostly outside empty garage (7)
{REFUGEE} – a verb to fill up without its final letter (mostly) goes round the outer (empty) letters of garage.

14a  Chap’s having hysterics on killing (12)
{MANSLAUGHTER} – a male person plus the ‘S is followed by hysterics.

18a  Plastic electrode — it’s for those picking up rubbish? (3,9)
{LIE DETECTORS} – an anagram (plastic) of ELECTRODE IT’S.

21a  Flower border acceptable in detailed design (7)
{PRIMULA} – a border or outer edge and the letter used to mean acceptable or appropriate go inside a design without its final letter (detailed).

23a  Punk band‘s hit singles (7)
{RAMONES} – a charade of a verb to hit or slam into and singles.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

24a  I will be featured in a poll for wobbly butt of the month (5,4)
{APRIL FOOL} – an anagram (wobbly) of A POLL FOR with I inserted. The mind boggles.

25a  New look given to a foreign currency (5)
{NAIRA} – string together N(ew), a look or appearance and A to get the currency of Nigeria.

26a  One rotten  bank (4)
{HEEL} – double definition, bank here being a verb meaning to list.

27a  Australian guards keep it in Worcestershire? (5,5)
{BROWN SAUCE} – an Australian (not Sheila but her male equivalent) goes round (guards) a verb to keep or possess and the abbreviation for ‘it’ or oomph.

Down Clues

1d  Pool worker starts to take you paddling in swimming trunks (6)
{TYPIST} – the starting letters of six consecutive words in the clue. Do such pools still exist?

2d  Old actor, on once more, doesn’t need one (6)
{REAGAN} – the star of Bedtime for Bonzo (amongst other classics) comes from joining together a preposition meaning on or concerning and an adverb meaning once more without its I (one).

3d  Given new menus you all sit together (14)
{SIMULTANEOUSLY} – an anagram (new) of MENUS YOU ALL SIT.

4d  Gift that’s about to fill up trailer? (9)
{FORETASTE} – a gift or special strength contains the reversal (up) of a verb to fill or satisfy.

5d  Stage in flight where one’s in the lead (5)
{STAIR} – insert I (one) in the lead or main actor in a production.

7d  Sue? Mark? It turned into romance (8)
{LITIGATE} – reverse (turned) a verb to mark or identify and IT inside a romance or fairy tale.

8d  Setting temperature in garden is an applied science (8)
{ROCKETRY} – insert T(emperature) in a type of garden for growing plants.

9d  Evidence of harm dubious if string used to bind me (14)
{DISFIGUREMENTS} – an anagram (dubious) of IF STRING USED containing (to bind) ME.

15d  Nice feeling, possibly great, about initially feeling sad (9)
{AFTERGLOW} – an anagram (possibly) of GREAT contains the initial letter of F(eeling). After that we need an adjective meaning sad or depressed.

16d  Not thinking properly / swallowing tablet? (8)
{SLAPDASH} – another word for the solidus in the clue contains the 3-letter abbreviation for a  hand-held device to aid productivity (though it’s not quite the same thing as a tablet, which may be the reason for the question mark).

17d  Tree spreads if gardener cuts odd bits (8)
{PEDIGREE} – this tree is a diagram depicting relationships. It comes from the odd letters of three words in the clue.

19d  Boarding trains, it usually is not moved (2,4)
{IN SITU} – hidden (boarding) in the clue.

20d  Avoid the online scene? (6)
{ESCAPE} – cryptically, as (1-5), this could be an online scene or view.

22d  An increasingly conversational relationship (5)
{AMOUR} – this romantic relationship sounds like (conversational) ‘an increasingly’ (1,4).

I enjoyed 27a and 7d but my clue of the day has to be 24a. Which ones did it for you?

21 comments on “Toughie 1063

  1. I enjoyed this one today; not too tricky, but great fun. 2*/4* for me. Wobbly butt….. :)
    Thanks to Elkamere, and to Gazza for the notes.

  2. Smashing puzzle ,not the most devious but very amusing .
    Last in 25a .
    27a just pipped 24a for favourite for me ,
    Thanks Gazza and Elkamere

  3. Brilliant stuff as always.
    Easier than some of his but my favourite setter.
    Thanks for review.

  4. Thanks to Elkamere for an enjoyable and not too painstaking toughie and to Gazza for the review.

  5. Hard work for me, but I did finish without hints. Held up for a while trying to make ‘flippant’ fit for 16D. Liked 23A, 16D, 20D and, of course, 24A. Many thanks to Elkamere for the workout and to Gazza for the review.

  6. Not overly difficult but very enjoyable, favourites for me were 15d 16d and 27a thanks to Elkamere and to Gazza for the review.

  7. Very enjoyable and on the gentle side for Elkamere. 24a an obvious favourite. THanks to the man himself and gazza for the review.

  8. Usually when an Elkamere toughie falls on the same day as a work event, I find him really difficult and have to sit in the back row of the event muttering over the clues. Not today as possibly the fluffiest Elkamere ever quickly fell into place leaving me time to do Paul in the Graun too before I had to start looking like I was interested in work!

    Thanks to Elkamere and Gazza for the fun.

  9. As the back page cryptic was a * today, had time for the toughie which i really enjoyed.16d was the last in and i only got it with all the supporting letters in place, thanks Gazza for the solidus explanation as this was new to me , assumed lap was the tablet, Like Expat Chris, my alternative solution was flippant until i had the H from26a!

  10. Not fiendishly difficult but huge fun. Just the way we like our crosswords. One of us even knew the Punk group, surprisingly. 17d held us up longer than it should have, ‘couldn’t see the wood for the trees’, perhaps.
    Thanks Elkamere and Gazza.

  11. Thought this was really good. Thanks to Gazza for some excellent parsing and to Elkamere.

  12. Yep – a good un, with all the Elkamere trademarks. 24a is a silly but good clue, I love em! Also loved 1d which demonstrates a corny clueing device superbly.
    Thanks to Elkamere and to Gazza for the analysis. But surely Gazza, the star of “Bedtime for Bonzo” is Bonzo!

  13. Toughie finished two days in a row, so I’m happy with that. This was ***/**** for me, and thanks Gazza for explaining some of the wordplay.

    Let’s have more punk bands and less clerics in crosswords generally please!

  14. I never knew that the setters were supposed to follow guidelines.

    Where can we find the Telegraph guidelines?

    1. I’ve never seen them and I don’t know that they’re published but BD has referred to them in the past – see here.

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