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Toughie 1061

Toughie No 1061 by Osmosis

Lost for words

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This puzzle is not too difficult, but a fair bit harder than yesterday’s.

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1a    Wine store attracts departing intellectual (6)
{BOFFIN} – a case with compartments in which to store bottled wine around a word meaning departing

4a    Fellow in dark follows regulars to go up Western peak? (8)
{GUNFIGHT} – F(ellow) inside when it’s dark preceded by the odd letters (regulars) of Go Up

10a    It’s almost certain weaving spider gets blown away (9)
{SURPRISED} – most of a word meaning certain followed by an anagram (weaving) of SPIDER

11a    Maturity displayed by the writer’s figure of speech (5)
{IMAGE} – a three-letter word meaning maturity preceded by “the writer is” in the first person

12a    Domestic help perhaps showing success — on time, however contrary (4-3)
{TWIN-TUB} – younger solvers may not remember this type of top-loading washing machine – a success preceded by T(ime) and followed by the reversal (contrary) of a word meaning however

13a    Man in temper, creating song and dance (7)
{RAGTIME} – a man’s name inside a temper

14a    Make an effort to see specialist, when lacking power (5)
{EXERT} – start with an specialist and drop (lacking) the P(ower)

15a    Bookish Tyrone peripherally replaces book in room full of books (8)
{LITERARY} – start with a room full of books and insert the outer letters (peripherally) of TyronE in place of the B(ook)

18a    Measuring device regularly wanders, disrupting fashion designer (8)
{QUADRANT} – the even letters (regularly) of wAnDeRs inside (disrupting) the surname of a famous fashion designer

20a    Better performing type of poultry (5)
{CAPON} – a verb meaning to better followed by a two-letter word meaning performing

23a    Kitchenware needed first for green pepper (7)
{GRIDDLE} – the initial letter (first) of Green followed by a verb meaning to pepper with shot from a shotgun

25a    Conductors returned at front, inspecting rail tickets before junction (7)
{MAESTRI} – the initial letters (at front) of Inspecting Rail Tickets followed by a junction or joint, all reversed (returned)

26a    European agreed on port as accompaniment to paella? (5)
{RIOJA} – the German for agreed/yes preceded by a port in Brazil

27a    Firm surprised by debts? (9)
{TENACIOUS} – this one is a bit devious – look in the grid for “surprised” and then replace it with a reference to the clue number (3,2) and add the usual debts

28a    Nick, avoiding British aircraft, reaches sports event (8)
{CANOEING} – a nick or prison is followed by a US aircraft manufacturer without (avoiding) the initial letter B(ritish)

29a    When retired, Mercedes review partly read (6)
{VERSED} – hidden (partly) and reversed (when retired) inside the clue


1d    Potty, having gambled with odds in shop being hidden (8)
{BESOTTED} – a verb meaning having gambled around (being hidden) the odd letters of ShOp

2d    Rich cream that’s held back for dinner, fellow used up (7)
{FERTILE} – start with a word meaning the cream or the best, insert (held) the final letter (back) of dinneR, follow it with F(ellow) and then reverse the lot (used up in a down clue)

3d    Irish female rock ‘n’ roller hot under the collar (9)
{IRRITATED} – IR(ish) followed by an educated girl and a fifties rock ‘n’ roller

5d    Given anaesthetic, perhaps Georgia reportedly conveyed restraint (14)
{UNDERSTATEMENT} – an adjective perhaps meaning having been given anaesthetic followed by what Georgia is in the US and a syllable that sounds like (reportedly) a verb meaning conveyed or denoted

6d    Cast shows fault (not perfect) (5)
{FLING} – start with a fault and drop (not) the two letters representing perfect or first-class

7d    Windows installer relatively sluggish after halfway in program (7)
{GLAZIER} – an adjective meaning relatively sluggish preceded by the middle letter (halfway) of proGram

8d    ‘Ruling classes against lower classes’ providing recurrent subject matter (6)
{THEMED} – the so-called ruling classes (the opposite of “us”!) followed by two of the lower socio-economic classes

9d    Old domestic goddess is presented with a gong by Lincoln College (8,6)
{ISABELLA BEETON} – at last a telegraph setter has correctly spelt the name of this domestic goddess from years gone by! – the IS and A from the clue, followed by a gong, the three-letter version of the first name of President Lincoln and a boy’s college in Berkshire

16d    Rare record stores dear in France, hence empty (9)
{RECHERCHÉ} – REC(ord) around (stores) the French for dear followed by HencE without its inner letters (empty)

17d    Getting hot, top’s removed, unacquainted with suit (8)
{UNKISSED} – start with a word meaning hot or ripened (3-6) and drop (removed) the initial letter (top) to get an adjective meaning unacquainted with suit / not having been involved in a romance

19d    Heraldic image councillor detached in agreement (7)
{UNICORN} – CR, the abbreviation for councillor, separately (detached) inserted into an agreement

21d    Deserving sympathy, investigator prepared to sue (7)
{PITEOUS} – a Private Investigator followed by an anagram (prepared) of TO SUE

22d    Fungal growth briefly abounding beneath cooker (6)
{AGARIC} – most of (briefly) an adjective meaning abounding or plentiful preceded by a range cooker

24d    Legendary bowler running fleet? Duck! (5)
{DRAKE} – two definitions – the Admiral who famously continued playing bowls as the Spanish fleet approached and a male duck

A bit tricky in places.

6 comments on “Toughie 1061

  1. Good offering from todays setter and a pangram to boot, favourites were 9d 12a and the devious 27a thanks to Osmosis and to Big Dave for the dissection.

  2. Despite noticing the pangram, I took about a 3.75 time to solve the crossword Thanks to Osmosis and BD

  3. Really enjoyable. I would never have got the wordplay for 27a without help – having solved the top half before going to watch my daughter play netball I had totally forgotten having got surprised by the time I got back to this! Didn’t take any longer than usual to fill the grid but a bit longer to work out all the wordplay. Thanks to Osmosis and BD.

  4. I enjoyed this one, and not too tricky for a Friday, although a couple took a while to parse.
    Thanks to Osmosis, and to BD for the notes.

  5. We thought this one was a lot of fun with 27a being the stand out favourite, once we had twigged the word-play. Had noticed the pangram but not in time to give any help with missing words. Needed a modicum of electronic assistance with a couple towards the end. Very enjoyable, still chuckling over ‘tenac’.
    Thanks Osmosis and BD.

  6. Began this at 9pm and have only just finished! Would never have have been able to parse ‘Tenac’ so thanks to BD and Osmosis.

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