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Cruciverbalist Convention (Oct 2013)

Cruciverbalist Convention (Oct 2013)

in conjunction with the Times Crossword Championship

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What? A Cruciverbalist Convention for crossword setters and blog contributors and readers will take place in London, coinciding with the annual Times Crossword Championship.
When? 12 noon onwards on Saturday 19th October 2013
Where? London – meeting at the The Town of Ramsgate, Wapping

The Town of Ramsgate, 62 Wapping High Street, London, E1W 2PN
And later? Anyone still standing will be heading towards a nearby restaurant
Who? Anyone who is interested
Why? It is hoped that a number of the Times setters and several of the Telegraph, Guardian, Independent and FT setters will put in an appearance.  There should also be a cross-section of bloggers and readers from this site, Times for the Times and Fifteensquared.  This is your chance to meet us!
How? Just turn up on the day.
If you’ve never been before, these are very friendly functions and you have the opportunity to meet other like-minded people.

Plan your journey to the Town of Ramsgate

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12 comments on “Cruciverbalist Convention (Oct 2013)

  1. Sounds great. Sadly I suspect I will have to give it a miss, but if I am there I’ll be the one with false beard, specs and fast getaway car :-)

  2. I have to go to the chapel at Kings College Cambridge University for a memorial service for my late brother Paul and several others. I cannot be in two places at once and one pulls more than the other. Blood is thicker than water. Sorry.

  3. Will be there sometime after lunch. May have children with me but hopefully can dispatch with wonderful husband for educational trip to Design Museum or similar!

  4. Can’t get dog sitters for this, but to be fair have called in a lot of favours in last couple of months, will be doing the Sheffield do shortly after for Mr Hendersons bash. Shame

  5. Just a quick note.
    Our own Crypticsue entered this competition today. She breezed through the online qualifying rounds earlier in the 2012/2013 period. Today was the Final prequalifying and Final of the competition (3 nasty puzzles in each). Sue narrowly missed out on a place in the Grand Final having made one error in three puzzles (but still finishing all three in the hour period). This performance guarantees a free entry to next year’s event.
    Both myself and other notable Times solvers are very proud of her achievement and the good news is that Sue has a taste for next year’s competition and is sure to improve on her already high solving standard.
    And Mick Twister signed my book….

    1. And somebody got very “tired and emotional” (hint – it wasn’t me!)

      So just to clarify, I solved one puzzle in the paper back in May and sent it off and got a place.

      A lovely time was had by all (and some more than others ;) )

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