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DT 27289

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27289

A full review by crypticsue

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There must have been lots of entries for this week’s prize puzzle as it was extremely  easy and in some places hardly cryptic at all.

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1a           Enter about fifty in total (8)
COMPLETE –  Insert L (the Roman numeral for 50) into COMPETE (enter).

5a           Benefit for female with sex appeal (6)
PROFIT –   PRO (for) F (female) IT (sex appeal).

9a           Spiral dive bothered alpinist (8)
TAILSPIN –   An anagram (bothered) of ALPINIST.

10a         Smart circle’s old beer? (6)
STINGO –  STING (smart) and O (circle)to get what Chambers describes as ‘strong malt liquor’.

11a         Strangely docile about college being freezing (3-4)
ICE-COLD  –   Insert C (college) into an anagram (strangely) of DOCILE.

12a         Carried outside when ready to eat (7)
TOASTED –   Insert AS (when) into TOTED (carried).    Having checked the BRB, I remain confused as to why this means ‘ready to eat’.

13a         Long odds about lunchtime? (6,2,3)
TWENTY TO ONE –   Long betting odds or around lunchtime.

16a         The ‘Scotsman’ for instance did it to get rid of surplus energy (3,3,5)
LET OFF STEAM –   The Flying Scotsman may well have done this, we do it to work off excess energy.

21a         Eight pints and a quarter inside vessel (7)
GALLEON –  Insert E (East, a quarter) into GALLON (eight pints).

22a         It’s baked in pastry, not cold, for during the journey (2,5)
EN ROUTE –   When baked in pastry, salmon, for example, is said to be baked EN CROUTE.   Remove the C (not Cold)to get an expression meaning during the journey.

23a         Originator put gold repeatedly round unfinished article (6)
AUTHOR –   AU (the chemical symbol for gold)  TH (almost all of the, the definite article) and OR (the heraldic term for the colour gold.

24a         She does an entertaining take-off (8)
STRIPPER –  Just glad I don’t have to either explain or illustrate this one!

25a         Try that’s made in rugby (6)
TACKLE –   To challenge or attempt something;  the act of intercepting a player who has the rugby ball.

26a         Rebuilt cart — it is creative (8)
ARTISTIC –   An anagram (rebuilt) of CART IT IS.


1d           Illicit rice contains this acid (6)
CITRIC – this acid  is hidden in illiCIT RICe.

2d           Single from over with no runs? (6)
MAIDEN –   A young unmarried girl or an over in a game of cricket in which no runs were scored.

3d           Left before beer round’s got in — missed a trick (4,3)
LOST OUT –  L (left)  O (round) STOUT (beer).

4d           He is following two others (5,6)
THIRD PERSON –   The third person singular could be someone following two other people.

6d           Withdraw what’s said about pamphlet (7)
RETRACT –   RE (about) TRACT (pamphlet)

7d           Social event‘s loud, followed by something soothing (8)
FUNCTION –  F (the musical instruction to play loudly) followed by UNCTION (something soothing).

8d           Like a sword that’s doubly sharp (3-5)
TWO-EDGED  –   A definition of a sword.

12d         Strictly directed at landlord (2,3,6)
TO  THE LETTER –  An expression meaning exactly, in every detail, could be a missive directed at someone who lets out property.

14d         Iris’s bluster — shameless! (8)
FLAGRANT –   An iris is also known as  a FLAG.   RANT is one meaning of bluster.

15d         Lithe cat may jump to get fit (8)
ATHLETIC –   An anagram (may jump) of LITHE CAT.

17d         Foul lie about energy source (4,3)
FUEL OIL –   An anagram (about) of FOUL LIE.

18d         Swallow single cocktail (7)
MARTINI –  MARTIN (a bird similar to a swallow)and I (single).

19d         Initially puts up with dog perhaps — one’s highly strung (6)
PUPPET –   The initial letter of Puts,   UP (from the clue) and PET (dog perhaps).

20d         Containing a metal, could be terrific without it perhaps (6)
FERRIC –  Containing iron –   Remove the letters IT (without it) from TERRIFIC and rearrange what’s left.


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  1. Normally the Saturday DT is discussed in some depth during the Sunday call to my Ageing P. This week however was summarily dismissed as being far too easy. My mother is 83 years young & relishes a cerebral challenge although she thinks it cheating to access the BRB (I haven’t told her about its sibling “The Crossword Solver” although I’ve bought her one for Christmas).

    Thanks to Cephas(?) & to Cryptic Sue ~ long may she blog over us.

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