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Toughie 1048

Toughie No 1048 by Elkamere

It’s good to be back!

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***/****Enjoyment ****

I was undecided whether to make my comeback this week but then I discovered it was an Elkamere puzzle and that settled it. I’m glad I returned because it was a thoroughly enjoyable puzzle on which I made steady progress without ever feeling that I was totally on top of it

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1a    Piggy banks good girl emptied for change? (6)
{TOGGLE} A piggy (as in this little piggy went to market) goes round (banks) G (good) GL (girl emptied) = to move between different features when using a computer

4a    Children boarding rather swift ship (8)
{SCHOONER} CH (children) goes inside (boards) ‘rather’

9a    Accepting work, that’s my mistake (6)
{WHOOPS} A 2 letter abbreviation denoting ‘work’ goes inside (is accepted by) ‘that’s’ to give an exclamation meaning ‘my mistake!’

10a    Come on — it could be a symbol (8)
{EMOTICON} An anagram (could be) of COME ON IT = a symbol, e.g. J

11a    Prison’s a hindrance to an artist (9)
{CANALETTO} Prison + A + hindrance + TO = a Venetian painter

13a    Jockey‘s personal requirements (5)
{RIDER} 2 meanings: jockey/a list of specific personal requirements, such as food and drink, included in the contract of a performing artist

14a    Katie clears throat — wrong answer (8,5)
{SCARLETT O’HARA} A character in a famous book and film whose real first name is Katie = an anagram (wrong) of CLEARS THROAT + A (answer)

17a    One may lose confidence if everything barber cuts is getting thinner (5,4,4)
{WALLS HAVE EARS} Everything + ‘to barber’ goes inside (cuts) ‘is getting thinner’ to give a phrase meaning ‘someone might be listening’

21a    Whenever turning cold, starts to hide under cape (5)
{FICHU} A reversal of ‘whenever’ + C (cold) + the first letters of Hide Under

23a    Relic from hostile desert? Yes, maybe (9)
{ANTIQUITY} Hostile + ‘to desert’ + Y (yes)

24a    Appeal put around to have meeting about campaign for social reform (8)
{CHARTISM} Appeal goes round a reversal of ‘to have meeting’ to give a 19c reform movement

25a    Space-age couple storing energy (2-4)
{HI-TECH} ‘To couple’ goes round E {energy}

26a    Medic welcomes parent that is less attractive (8)
{DREARIER} An abbreviation for a medic goes round ‘to parent’ and IE (that is)

27a    One funny way to interrupt abuse (6)
{JESTER} An abbreviation for a way (thoroughfare) goes inside (interrupts) ‘to abuse’


1d    What KFC doesn’t have following mixed buffet? (6)
{THWACK} An anagram (mixed) of WHAT KC (i.e. WHAT KFC without F for following)

2d    Weed — reason tree is cut (9)
{GROUNDSEL} Reason + a 3-letter name of a tree with the last letter removed

3d    Island where monk shelters friend (2,5)
{LA PALMA] One of the Canary Islands = a Buddhist monk round (sheltering)a friend

5d    Left cutting remark in personal manner (11)
{COMPORTMENT} Left (on board ship) goes inside remark

6d    Body of water connected with sailor I love (7)
{ONTARIO} The name of a lake = ‘connected’ + sailor + I O (love)

7d    Liquid acid under new type of battery (5)
{NICAD} An anagram (liquid) of ACID follows N (new)

8d    On which toll booths would be most appropriate? (4,4)
{RING ROAD} A flight of fancy here where the answer is a thoroughfare and the first word is a synonym of ‘toll’

12d    Unlikely — a diocese that has parts in Florida city (11)
{TALLAHASSEE} ‘Unlikely’ and A diocese goes round (is parted by) HAS

15d    Metal blocks missing, evidently not tight (9)
{ABSTINENT} A metal goes inside (blocks) ‘missing’ to give an adjective describing someone who definitely won’t be tight (drunk)

16d    Treacherous fat cow’s poorly educated (3-5)
{TWO-FACED} An anagram (poorly) of FAT COW + ED (educated)

18d    ‘Blind‘ is not a word to say (7)
{SHUTTER} A blind = ‘Not a word!’ + ‘to say’

19d    Get a group of singers on the radio (7)
{ACQUIRE} A homophone (on the radio) of A group of singers

20d    Nothing’s in code (6)
{CYPHER] 2 meanings: nothing (the character 0)/code. Be sure to choose the right spelling!

22d    Put a stop to France as Eurovision hosts (5)
{CEASE} Hidden in FranCE AS Eurovision

I hope for something as good next week

18 comments on “Toughie 1048

  1. I got through this one without too much difficulty; the only couple that held me up were 1d, and 9a.
    Very enjoyable – thanks to Elkamere, and to Bufo for the review.

  2. Very typical Elkamere toughie and none the worse for it, I found it extremely enjoyable and not overly difficult. Many thanks to Elkamere and to Bufo.

  3. I needed two answers and two explanations for this stinker (although a most enjoyable one) 1ac and 1dn , and 9ac and 20 dn . Thanks to Bufo, welcome back, and thanks to Elkamere for a great Thursday toughie.

  4. Thanks Bufo for the clarification which I usually need and this was no exception
    Last were 1a and 1d ,favourite 17a .
    Thanks to Elkamere too

  5. Very entertaining puzzle with some lovely smooth surfaces, favourites were 1a 9a 17a and 23a thanks to Elkamere and to Bufo for the comments.

  6. Usual high class stuff from this setter.
    Too many good clues for a favourite.
    Minor niggle with 17ac which doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head.
    Thanks to both.

  7. Thanks Bufo for explaining 22d, I totally missed the hidden bit. Otherwise no problems but many ticks. Thanks to Elkamere as well

  8. This one took us two sessions to complete. Not enough time available yesterday so it has been a Friday morning completion for us. Needed a bit of electronic help with the last few but managed to resist looking at the hints. A really tough challenge.
    Thanks Elkamere and Bufo.

  9. I think that I’d got a bit above myself having finished the last two Toughies. This one has put me right back where I belong which is bottom of the Toughie heap. I should have stuck with my instincts which were to leave this one well alone . . . oh dear! One day, perhaps, but not today and probably not next week or month either!
    With thanks to Elkamere and bufo, and I’m glad that your shoulder is better.

  10. Great crossword from Elkamere today, matched by a brilliant analysis by Bufo.
    Three stars for difficulty and five for enjoyment.
    While I love Micawber, if he is tomorrows setter, any friday Toughie that isn’t an Elgar just doesn’t feel like a friday Toughie. I’m still in awe of the brilliance that was Toughie 1037.

  11. Wow, I’ve only recently started taking on the Toughie, and that was by far the hardest yet. Thanks to Bufo for the parsing and Big Dave for a most entertaining site.

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