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ST 2707

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2707

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All!. More excellent Sunday fare from my favourite setter. A big thanks must go to crypticsue for covering my blog last Thursday. Whilst not difficult, this puzzle has everything that an aspiring solver needs to progress.

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1a           In which second mate causes offence? (6)
BIGAMY – A nice cryptic definition where the mate is the wife in the Biblical sense. “I’ve got two wives and I think it’s very bigamy”.

4a           Gossip from unusual circle you are said to follow (6)
RUMOUR – RUM (unusual/odd) then O for circle and finally U R – A homophone (said) of YOU ARE.

8a           Nocturnal problem I encountered in dilapidated mansion (8)
INSOMNIA – Place I inside an anagram (indicated by dilapidated) of MANSION.

10a         Process food in a way that’s good in special diets (6)
DIGEST – G for Good inside an anagram (special) of DIETS.

11a         Corrupt in power after violent struggle (4)
WARP – P for Power after WAR (a violent struggle)

12a         Maiden I raced after, having character flaw? (10)
MISPRINTED – A charade of M (for Maiden as  cricket notation) then I SPRINTED (I raced, afterwards).

13a         Thrifty saint beset by standard indications of debts (12)
PARSIMONIOUS – SIMON – A saint) surrounded by PAR (standard) and the IOUS – the usual crosswordland description of indications of debts.

16a         Descriptions of events aren’t, strangely, accepted by Maoists (12)
COMMENTARIES – An anagram (strangely) of ARENT inside COMMIES or Maoists/Communists.

20a         Emergency workers aid campers in disarray (10)
PARAMEDICS – An anagram (in disarray) of AID CAMPERS.

21a         Encounter in the flesh, so to speak (4)
MEET – A homophone (so to speak) of MEAT – the flesh.

22a         Sound of alarm disturbed hikers (6)
SHRIEK – Another anagram, this time indicated by disturbed, of HIKERS.

23a         Not behaviour of the kind queen found in disorderly state (8)
MEANNESS – Queen ANNE inside a MESS or disorderly state.

24a         Go round art centre, old gallery (6)
ROTATE – A charade of the centre letter in aRt, then O for Old and the TATE gallery – another useful synonym.

25a         Novel character of part-time doctor? (6)
JEKYLL – A lovely cryptic definition. The other part of his time was spent being Mr Hyde.



1d           Daughter clothed in dotty silk neckwear (8)
BANDANAS – The abbreviation D for Daughter inside (clothed in) BANANAS or dotty/mad.

2d           Set to enter university without one part of basic education (5)
GROUP – To enter University is to GO UP. Insert R – one of the three parts of education – Raeding, ‘Riting and ‘Rithematic.

3d           Short piece of music you perform, ultimately, least (7)
MINIMUM – A MINIM is a short note in music. Add the last two letters (ultimately) of yoU perform.

5d           Experience as junior to government leaders (7)
UNDERGO – UNDER  (junior) and the two leading letters of GO(vernment).

6d           Person who co-ordinates ring and earrings, oddly (9)
ORGANISER – Start with O for a ring/circle and then add an anagram (oddly) of EARRINGS.

7d           More impulsive in anger, as he reacted (6)
RASHER – Hidden in – the last four words.

9d           People repeatedly don’t show up for this practice (11)
ABSENTEEISM – Another well worked cryptic definition.

14d         Left-winger, thus, put on US agents’ record (9)
SOCIALIST – A charade of SO (thus) the CIA (a US Agency) and LIST for record.

15d         Change for the worse that transforms lad into yob, for example (8)
REVERSAL – If you reverse YOB you get a BOY or a lad,

17d         African animal that sounds like just a pet (7)
MEERKAT – Simples! – A homophone of MERE (just) and CAT (a pet).

18d         Finally left everything one owns, being this? (7)
TESTATE – A cryptic definition, When one finally shuffles off the mortal coil and has left ones estate we are described thus.

19d         Conclude harvest (6)
GATHER – A good double definition, the former as in glean or gather information.

21d         The more people have of this, the less they want (5)
MONEY – Want as in lack or need. Another cryptic definition.

More thanks to Virgilius and for crypticsue for covering last week. I’ll see you tomorrow for a review of last Saturday’s prize puzzle.


2 comments on “ST 2707

  1. Even though I now manage to keep the Sunday crossword so that I can look at the review with it in front of me I can’t remember what I was thinking while I was actually doing it!
    I know that I enjoyed it a lot. I can also remember that I had a spot of bother understanding why 4a was what it was.
    I thought 15d was brilliant and I loved 17d.
    With thanks to Virgilius and gnomey.

  2. Like you Kath, I also always keep the Sunday crossword to check against the review. I do like to see whether or not I have arrived at my answers correctly!
    Virgillius is my fave setter, too. I always look forward to his puzzles and I always thoroughly enjoy them. I know I gave this one ***** for enjoyment. 25a is marvellous!
    Thank you, Virgillius, for your superb puzzle, and thank you Gnomey for your excellent review.

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