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Toughie 1046

Toughie No 1046 by Excalibur

Anyone for Venice?

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BD Rating – Difficulty */** Enjoyment ***

Good afternoon from South Staffs, where a bright morning has become an overcast autumnal day.

A gentle start to the Toughie week, though I found that some of the clues took longer to explain than to solve.

In the hints below, the definitions are underlined.

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1a           How migrating birds fly shows intelligence (11)
{ INFORMATION } Split (2,9) this is how migrating birds fly.

9a           Does one grumble when caught? (4)
{ CARP } An all-in-one clue. A fish whose name suggests it might grumble when caught.

10a         Met and managed to win the girl (3,8)
{ GOT TOGETHER } Split (3,2,3,3) this could be ‘managed to win the girl’.

11a         Gentleman given time in prison (4)
{ STIR } A mode of address for a gentleman or knight, with Time inside it.

14a         Feels sorry for chaps — last flings over (7)
{ LAMENTS } An anagram (flings) of LAST wrapped round (over) another word for chaps.

16a         In substance, not dissatisfied (7)
{ CONTENT } Double definition: a noun for the substance of, for example, a newspaper article;  and an adjective meaning not dissatisfied.

18a         Outside tap’s beginning to trickle and soak (5)
{ STEEP } Put a verb for a slow trickle of water around the first letter (beginning) of Tap. To get a verb  for soak or imbue.

19a         Name and number must appear on everything (4)
{ CALL } The definition is a verb. Put a Roman numeral in front of a word for everything.

20a         Give a hoot for vehicle on one’s right-hand side (4)
{ CARE } A common motor vehicle followed by the last letter (right-hand side as you look at it) of onE.

21a         Holding a three-fifty examination (5)
{ TRIAL } A prefix signifying ‘three’ and the Roman numeral for fifty with A (from the clue) between them.

23a         Like something abominable being house-broken, I had sheltered within (7)
{ HIDEOUS } The contracted form of ‘I had’ inside an anagram (broken) of HOUSE.

24a         Turn clergyman against love, that’s ridiculous (7)
{ REVOLVE } The short form of a clergyman’s title, followed by an anagram (that’s ridiculous) of LOVE.

25a         I caught myself protecting little creatures (4)
{ MICE } I (from the clue) and the abbreviation for ‘caught’ on a cricket scorecard inside a pronoun meaning ‘myself’.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

30a         Car to suit missionary? (11)
{ CONVERTIBLE } A type of car which sounds as if it won’t resist the message a missionary is bringing.

31a         Open with bad round right away (4)
{ UNDO } Anagram (bad) of (R)OUND with Right removed.

32a         Nose no longer running, easing off? (7,4)
{ BLOWING OVER } A phrase describing the ending of a squall, or possibly the state of things when you can finally put your handkerchief away.


2d           Back-to-back rejections this time (4)
{ NOON } A time of day made up of two instances of a word signifying rejection, the second one reversed (back to back).

3d           Man flipping won’t change! (4)
{ OTTO } …because his name reads the same backwards as forwards.

4d           Metal drawers (7)
{ MAGNETS } A cryptic definition of the sort of metal bars which attract other ferrous objects towards them.

5d           Thoughts Hugh dismissed. They’re infantile (4)
{ TOTS } Remove the letters of HUGH from ThOughTS.

6d           Surpass in open-work (7)
{ OVERTOP } An adjective meaning ‘out in the open’ followed by a Latin abbreviation for work.

7d           Bit of a character (4)
{ PART } Double definition: a bit of something; or the role of a character in a play. The online version was enumerated (4,0), which was a bit confusing!

8d           What told builder if someone had been at his whisky? (6,5)
{ SPIRIT LEVEL ) Cryptic definition of a tool used by a builder, which might also be the amount of whisky left in the bottle.

12d         Smutty jokes? (5,6)
{ BLACK HUMOUR } Smutty, as in ‘covered with smuts’ (of soot).

13d         Was clearly pleased with vehicle holding road (6)
{ SMILED } A type of vehicle with no wheels, with the usual crossword motorway inside it.

15d         Takes the lead member of crew aboard (5)
{ STARS } One of the regular crossword sailors inside the usual crossword ship.

16d         Part spruce, darling, it’s coniferous (5)
{ CEDAR } Hidden (part) in the clue.

17d         Allow men when figure’s gone to get fit (6)
{ ENABLE } Remove the Roman numeral from (M)EN and add a word meaning fit.

21d         Lit up, having had rum cocktail nothing to eat: chaos (7)
{ TURMOIL } Reverse (up, in a Down clue) LIT and insert an anagram (cocktail) of RUM and the letter which looks like zero or nothing.

22d         It restrains prisoners — one girl goes free (3-4)
{ LEG-IRON } Anagram (goes free) of ONE GIRL.

26d         Point to fish’s secret language (4)
{ CODE } A variety of fish followed by one of the points of the compass.

27d         Swear there will be a victory. Next ball: wicket! (4)
{ AVOW } A charade of A (from the clue), Victory, then (next) the letter which looks like a picture of a ball, and the abbreviation for Wicket in a cricket scorecard.

28d         Lies down, half cut at Back Beach (4)
{ LIDO } Remove the second half (half cut at back) from LI(es) DO(wn) to get a bathing beach, famously one in Venice.

29d         Prompt pocketing coin for tip (4)
{ CLUE } A stage prompt with one of the components of £.s.d. inside it, giving what you’re trying to solve!

Eight double unches in this grid, but I didn’t find them too much of an inconvenience.

12 comments on “Toughie 1046

  1. I enjoyed this.
    The only problem I had was my own fault. I had ‘heinous’ for 23a. My explanation was that it’s an anagram of ‘house’ with ‘in’ for sheltered in the middle. That made 13a impossible.
    Thanks to Excalibur and Deep Threat.

  2. Great crosword. Lovely moments of humour in an all too serious working day
    Thanks, too, to Deep Threat, though I didn’t need help today

  3. Anyone for Venice? (28d?)

    The most expensive beer I have ever bought was purchased in Piazza San Marco!

    (Well Done, Rafa!)

  4. I found it more straightforward than the one on the penultimate page – and more amusing. Not an obscure answer in sight. Wittier than the Whittier one.

  5. Spent some time trying to justify the hidden subtlety of what (4,0) could mean for 7d before deciding it must have been a typo. Apart from that it all went in very quickly. Amusing enough.
    Thanks Excalibur and DT.

  6. Thanks to Excalibur and to Deep Threat for the review and hints. Very enjoyable, must have been on the gentle side for a Toughie, as I almost finished it. I had slowing down for 32a, which made 28&29d impossible. After I corrected 32a, 28d fell into place, but 29d eluded me. Favourites were 8&29d. Was 1*/3* for me.

  7. I managed to solve the crossword but am now left wondering what a “double unch” is and how come I didn’t spot any of them !

    1. Welcome to the blog Tigerbond.
      A ‘double unch’ means two consecutive unchecked characters in the grid (for example, characters 4 and 5 in 14a in this puzzle).

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