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ST 2705

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2705

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Never mind a full English, a bowl of cereal or even toast with my home-made greengage jam – the best way to start Sunday morning is with a Virgilius cryptic crossword.  This one wasn’t one of his most difficult but it had the usual high level of entertainment.

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1a           Doctor man’s cut in private room (7)
SANCTUM –   An anagram (doctor) of MANS CUT.

5a           Like debonair young man     in a hurry (7)
DASHING –   stylish and showy or rushing somewhere.

9a           Writes a short novel about university (7)
AUTHORS –  An anagram (novel) of A SHORT with U (university) inserted produces part of a verb meaning to create as an author.

10a         Advises what’s one essential to make a crossword popular (5,2)
CLUES –   CLUES (essential for a crossword) and IN (popular).

11a         Bird taking most of fruit — shame about that (9)
GUILLEMOT –   insert nearly all (most of)  of a LEMOn into GUILT (shame).

12a         Old clothes in which to chatter idly (5)
TOGAS –   TO (from the clue) and GAS (chatter idly or vapidly).

13a         Appropriate port for ship? On the contrary (5)
RIGHT –    A synonym for appropriate is also the opposite of port which as everyone knows is the left hand side of a ship!!

15a         Philosopher, self-proclaimed existential thinker? (9)
DESCARTES was the philosopher, who said ‘I think, therefore I am’.

17a         Newspaper partly concealing crime in minister’s house (9)
PARSONAGE –   Insert the crime of ARSON into a PAGE (part of a newspaper).

19a         The thankyou letter coming from Athens originally (5)
THETA –   THE (from the clue) and TA (thank you).

22a         Construction associated with Hoover when put in as US president (5)
ADAMS –   Insert DAM (there is a famous one named after President Hoover) into AS (from the clue).

23a         Movie director set to shoot after brief hold-up (9)
HITCHCOCK –   HITCH (brief hold up) and COCK (to pull back the trigger on a gun ready to shoot).

25a         Evil-doer holding power, professional propagandist? (7)
SPINNER –   Insert P (power) into a SINNER or evil-doer.

26a         Having reformed, in ashes and sackcloth (7)
HESSIAN –   An anagram (having reformed) of IN ASHES.

27a         A lot of rulers can be extremely dastardly and disagreeable (7)
DYNASTY –   The outside (extremely) letters of DastardlY plus NASTY (disagreeable).

28a         A pacifist finally in position to pacify (7)
PLACATE –    Insert A (from the clue) and T (pacifisT finally).


1d           Small happy dog’s air of superiority (7)
SWAGGER –   S (small) and WAGGER (a lovely way to describe a happy dog).

2d           One of those sweet words of affection or love (7)
NOTHING –  A whispered word of affection and endearment ,  or love in the sense of zero, nought.

3d           Charge for bridge, going over river to do some fishing (5)
TROLL – To fish with a moving bait –   Insert R (river) into TOLL (charge for bridge).

4d           Sources of information for many as dim as me, possibly (4,5)
MASS MEDIA –   An anagram (possibly) of AS DIM AS ME.

5d           European money formerly put into education (5)
DUCAT –   Hidden in eDUCATion.

6d           Hit it big, ultimately, in royal house in European city (9)
STUTTGART –   Insert into the Royal House of STUART the final letters (ultimately) of hiT, iT and biG.

7d           Understanding not absent from mind, proverbially (7)
INSIGHT –   Split 2, 5 it is the opposite of the proverb ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

8d           Sourcebook? (7)
GENESIS –   The book of the Bible that deals with the creation and development of everything on earth.

14d         Large number in middle of summer (9)
THOUSANDS –   Two thousands –  MM in Roman numerals – is hidden in the middle of suMMer.

16d         Illicit tapes show awful working environment (9)
SWEATSHOP –   An illicit anagram of TAPES SHOW.

17d         People’s leader elevated and honoured (7)
PRAISED –   P (the ‘leader’ of people) and RAISED (elevated).

18d         Change order right before meal — dig in without starters (7)
REALIGN –  R (right) followed by mEAL  dIG and iN (without their ‘starters’ or first letters).

20d         Beethoven’s work, including his fourth, is rousing stuff (7)
EROTICA –   Insert the fourth letter of BeeThoven into his work EROICA.

21d         Question one about name obliquely (7)
ASKANCE –   ASK (question) ACE (one) with N (name)  inserted.

23d         Badger member of undistinguished trio (5)
HARRY –   Any old  Tom, Dick or HARRY – harry as a verb means to badger or harass.

24d         Pour cold water on a book of prophecy (5)
HOSEA –   HOSE (pour cold water on) and A (from the clue).

I’m back in the morning with a review of last Saturday’s puzzle.

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  1. Completed this in 2 sittings due to family entertainment taking precedence and it being slightly more difficult IMHO.. As usual another superlative puzzle from the Sunday Maestro so thanks to he & to CS as per.

  2. Sunday with Virgilius is a joy, thoroughly enjoyable and just difficult enough to tease. Thanks to our Sunday Maestro and to Crypticsue for a super review.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more re a superlative puzzle and super review. Big thanks to the Sunday Maestro and to Crypticsue.

  4. Thanks to Crypticsue as always.

    A nuance in 19a is that theta is found in “Athens” as written in Greek.

    1. I’m sure it will be obvious …but, please, explain!

      Αθήνα στα ελληνικά …. ?

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