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NTSPP – 184

NTSPP – 184

A Puzzle by Gazza

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NTSPP - 184

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle follows.

Welcome back to Gazza with his usual entertaining blend of humour and fair cluing.  I am hoping that the good offices of Crypticsue will ensure that this review reaches you in good time on Saturday afternoon as I am otherwise engaged.



1 Turkey stuffed in a variety of ways and distributed (6)
{STREWN} – The IVR code for Turkey goes inside (stuffed in) the four cardinal points of the compass.

5 Select object, one with matching handle (8)
{NAMESAKE} – A word meaning select (as you might your with successor) is followed by a word meaning object (as in purpose or aim)

9 Pleaded to have one’s picture on a poster? (8)
{BESOUGHT} – A double definition.  For the second definition, if you were on a wanted poster you would (2, 6)

10 Light shower of words? (6)
{KINDLE} – Another double definition, the second being an proprietary name for an electronic book reader.

Kindle11 Left high and dry at a service with novice standing in for one of the chaplains (2,3,5)
{IN THE LURCH} – Where you would be if attending a religious service with the first CH (chaplain) replaced with the abbreviation for a novice or learner.

12 Believes at heart maybe in public transport (4)
{BUYS} – The middle letter (at heart) of maybe goes inside a form of public transport.

13 I came back and disposed of waste (8)
{EMACIATE} – Reverse “I CAME” from the clue and add a word at the end meaning disposed of or consumed.

16 Queen’s backing city ball (6)
{YORKER} – … a type of cricket ball delivery.  The name of a northern city is followed by the two letter abbreviation for the Queen

17 Shot ahead to make a quick purchase (4,2)
{SNAP UP} – A word meaning shot (as in take a photograph) is followed by a word meaning ahead.

19 Tell one of those chaps on Features … (8)
{MARKSMEN} – William Tell is an example of this sharpshooter.  A word for features is followed by a word meaning chaps.William Tell 21 … media’s follow-up to modern scandals is way out (4)
{GATE} – The word that is added to a name to indicate a scandal (from the original Nixon scandal) is also a form of exit.

22 It‘s weird, politician getting taken in by promiscuous yuppy (5-5)
{RUMPY-PUMPY} – … the definition is “it”.  A word meaning weird is followed by an anagram (promiscuous) of YUPPY with the abbreviation for a politician inside.

25 Tortuous clues hampering solver right at the end are sore points (6)
{ULCERS} – An anagram (tortuous) of clues goes around (hampering) the final letter (right at the end) of solver.

26 His kin have been resettled around the Spanish capital (8)
{HELSINKI} – … of Finland.  An anagram (have been settled) of HIS KIN goes around the Spanish for the.

27 Tidy up last as these are needed by cook (8)
{SPATULAS} – An anagram (tidy) of UP LAST AS.

28 No word is foreign to him (3-3)
{YES-MAN} – A cryptic definition of a person who has difficulty saying no.


2 Secure modern relationship (3-2)
{TIE-IN} – A double definition.  The second refers to the relationship between say, a film and the merchandise, games, etc that are linked to it.

3 Local line loops round outside quiet period (5)
{EPOCH} – Put the abbreviation for quiet inside the word describing a line from which you would play darts (found in the pub or local) with the last letter put first (loops around).

4 Served up portion of veal leg infuriates TV cook (7)
{NIGELLA} – The answer is hidden and reversed (served up portion) in the words VEAL LEG INFURIATES


5 Utter mayhem in Geordieland, where hard cases hang out (3,4)
{NUT TREE} – … botanically speaking.  An anagram (mayhem) of UTTER goes inside the geographical description of Geordieland.

6 Combine to take advantage of the sunshine? (4,3)
{MAKE HAY} – A cryptic definition of what farmers are supposed to do when the sun shines.

make hay

7 More than one lied about prison larks for example (9)
{SONGBIRDS} – A word for lied (German music) goes around a slang word for prison.

8 House number one (5’1,3)
{KELLY’S EYE} – A cryptic definition of the description of number one in bingo (house).

Kellys Eye

14 Lot of underwear problems experienced by accident-prone drinker? (4,1,4)
{MANY A SLIP} – Another phrase for a lot of underwear gives a phrase that begins the saying there’s ? twixt the cup and the lip (accident-prone drinker).

15 Bobby’s object – to share a sofa? (2-7)
{CO-PRESENT} – … like Richard and Judy on morning TV.  A word for a policeman is followed by a word meaning object (as in dislike).

18 Ring round core members of trust to arrange inspection (7)
{PERUSAL} – A word meaning ring (as campanologists do with bells) goes around the central letters (core members of) trust.

19 Motorway stress not as apparent in city (7)
{MEMPHIS} – … in Tennessee.  The abbreviation for motorway is followed by a word meaning stress with the AS removed (not AS).

20 Payment in sovereigns? (7)
{ROYALTY} – A double definition of a payment the creator of an artistic work receives and kings or queens.

23 Ones can be seen in the kitchen (5)
{UNITS} – A description of “Ones” as a figures and a description of cupboards in a kitchen.

24 Genuine screw-up by the sound of it (5)
{PUKKA} – A slang word for genuine sound like a word that means screw-up as you might your lips for a kiss.


Any ‘mutterings’ about the illustrations should be addressed to me rather than Prolixic.   There were a number of ‘opportunities’ for illustrations but I decided to play safe.   Prolixic may well change or add more when he returns from his day out.  CS

12 comments on “NTSPP – 184

  1. Really enjoyed this one, some very clever misdirection in the surfaces, favourites for me were 6d 9a 15d 19d and 22a thanks to Gazza and to the Blogger in advance.

  2. A really good puzzle, witty with loads of misdirection and enough sitters to get a duffer like me going.
    22 made me laugh, didnt believe it would be in BRB but there it was. Took me ages to work out the word play on 7d, lied!!!

    Thanks to Prolixic for the review, and to CS for the pics.

    Thanks to Gazza, another tour de force, look forward to the next one.

  3. Thanks Gazza as has been said artful misdirection and fun but by no means a walkover for me at least .Faves 10a ,15d and 22a (which for some reason I half anticipated )
    Thanks to Prolixic too

  4. Just thought that I’d pop in to say that I haven’t looked at hints or comments, yet. It’s doing my head in and husband is fed-up with my mutterings.
    I refuse to be beaten by this beast – the crossword that is, not gazza – for two reasons. The first is that the only thing I have ever won in my whole life (so far) is an MPP by gazza nearly a year ago (I was SO proud of myself!) The second is that one of my favourite ever clues was in a gazza puzzle – at least I’m pretty sure it was. The clue was “Looks like Gregory’s after a nibble” (7) It took me ages to get but I giggled for far longer than it took me to get the answer.
    I’ve done a fair bit of this one but am beginning to think I might have gone wrong in top right corner – 8d is beginning to look seriously unlikely or it’s something that I don’t know.
    Back tomorrow – in the meantime thanks to gazza and CS for what I think will be the much needed hints.

    1. Not my hints Kath… I just did the technological bit while Prolixic is out for the day.

  5. I’ve finally beaten the beast. This one really stretched me to the limit of my ability as the NTSPP so often does. I think that’s what they’re meant to do.
    I loved it. I would never have got 8d but husband took one look and said what the answer was just from the letters that were already in – then we worked out the why bit. I needed the hint to explain 2d which wasn’t an expression I’d heard of before.
    My last two answers were 19a and down.
    My joint favourites (just for once I’m allowing myself the luxury of two) were 22a and 24d.
    With thanks to gazza for a brilliant crossword and to the efforts put into the hints by Prolixic and CS.

  6. PS Can’t wait to see what the final answer is to the MPP – finished the crossword but . . .

  7. Really good fun on a Sunday morning for us. Had everything in correctly but had not fully parsed 1a and 3d. Had a good chuckle over 22a.
    Many thanks Gazza and Prolixic/Sue.

  8. No mutterings from me on the photo front. Thanks to Crypticsue for getting the review on line and once again to Gazza for the crossword.

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