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Toughie 1022

Toughie No 1022 by Warbler

Makin’ Whoopee

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Warbler gives us an easy but, as ever, enjoyable start to the Toughie week.

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1a    Elton John, for example, gets a rousing hand back East (5,4)
{STAGE NAME} – an anagram (rousing) of GETS A followed by a hand or crew member reversed (back) and E(ast)

8a    Investigators should go through with it (4-5,4)
{FINE-TOOTH COMB} – investigators should go through a crime scene with this to try to find small shreds of evidence

It was all that Bill Bailey had when he was thrown out!

11a    Ultimately swindler employs tricks (5)
{RUSES} – the final letter (ultimately) of swindleR followed by a verb meaning employs

12a    Australian poll’s in the future (5)
{AHEAD} – A(ustralian) followed by a poll, in the sense of what is counted during a poll

13a    Hangman‘s craft? (5)
{KETCH} – the surname of Jack, the famous hangman and a small two-masted sailing vessel

16a    Northern Croat performing as singer (6)
{CANTOR} – an anagram (performing) of N(orthern) CROAT – as well as being the leader of the singing in a church, it’s the surname of Eddie, the singer who was famous for songs like “Makin’ Whoopee”, “If You Knew Susie” and “Ma! He’s Makin’ Eyes at Me”

17a    American riots disturbed Duke for one (6)
{ARISTO} – A(merican) followed by an anagram (disturbed) of RIOTS

18a    Private hotel on outskirts of Exeter (5)
{INNER} – a hotel followed by the outer letters (outskirts) of ExeteR

19a    Vocalist’s token instrument (6)
{CYMBAL} – sounds like (vocalist’s) a token

20a    Finally digested 18’s meal (6)
{DINNER) – the final letter of digesteD followed by the answer to 18 across

21a    John’s vacuous poetry, a bit crazy (5)
{LOOPY} – a slang word for a toilet or john followed by PoetrY without its inner letters (vacuous)

24a    Nearly naked ladette’s beginning to wreck joint (5)
{ANKLE} – an anagram (to wreck) of most of (nearly) NAKE(D) and the initial letter (beginning) of Ladette

26a    Carry money, a respected thing (5)
{TOTEM} – a verb meaning to carry followed by M(oney)

27a    Inquire as to name changes by electronic form for use in statistical comparison (13)
{QUESTIONNAIRE} – an anagram (changes) of INQUIRE AS TO N(ame) followed by E(lectronic)

28a    They remind one of some English men on tour around capital of Trinidad (9)
{MEMENTOES} – an anagram (on tour) of SOME E(nglish) MEN around the initial letter (capital) of Trinidad


2d    Hardy girl, holding top of roan’s mane (5)
{TRESS} – the eponymous heroine of a novel by Thomas Hardy around (holding) the initial letter (top) of Roan

3d    Trees conceal old track (6)
{GROOVE} – a small group of trees around (conceal) O(ld)

4d    Egg with touches of red in centre becomes kind of acid (6)
{NITRIC} – the egg of a human head louse followed by the initial letters (touches) of Red In Centre

5d    A second tea or coffee (5)
{MOCHA} – a second or brief interval of time followed by some tea

6d    Bury the hatchet and skis splashed with paint (4,3,4,2)
{KISS AND MAKE UP} – an anagram (splashed) of AND SKIS followed by the kind of paint that is slapped on by many women (4-2)

7d    They take off more points as boxer finally reels (13)
{IMPERSONATORS} – an anagram (reels) of MORE POINTS AS and the final letter of boxeR

9d    Formal dress with fine diamond on film (5-4)
{FROCK-COAT} – F(ine) followed by a slang word for a large diamond and a film or layer

10d    Papers with small spread written up about ordinary characters with a message (9)
{IDEOGRAMS} – a two-letter word for papers or credentials followed by the reversal (written up in a down clue) of S(mall) and a product often spread on bread around O(rdinary)

13d    Marine creatures run into prey (5)
{KRILL} – R(un) inside some prey

14d    Armoured vehicle not quite ready that follows Sierra (5)
{TANGO} – most of (not quite) an armoured vehicle followed by an adjective meaning ready or functioning properly gives the letter that follows Sierrra in the NATO Phonetic alphabet

15d    Oliver, say, is brave (5)
{HARDY} – the surname of Oliver, Stan Laurel’s comedy partner, for example (say)

22d    Not on reserve duty (6)
{OFFICE} – the opposite of (not) ON followed by reserve or coolness

23d    Work out with energy, taking time to produce a heavenly body (6)
{PLANET} – a verb meaning to work out or design followed by E(nergy) and T(ime)

25d    Follow, without question, Queen as ruler on a regular basis (5)
{ENSUE} – the odd letters (on a regular basis) of three words in the clue, excluding (without) the Q(uestion)

26d    Swap diamonds for clubs in outline (5)
{TRADE] – exchange D(iamonds) for C(lubs) in a verb meaning to outline or sketch

I hope you enjoyed the specially selected recordings – one from 1902 and the other from 1962.

11 comments on “Toughie 1022

  1. A gentle but enjoyable stroll through toughieland, just right for a nice start to the toughie week. Thanks to Warbler and to BD for a most amusing review.

  2. Very enjoyable ,one day I will remember “the egg” in 4d !,
    Faves 8a, 6d and others.
    Thanks to Warbler and BD

  3. Enjoyable fare on offer today favourites 4d 9d and 19a thanks to Warbler and Big Dave.

  4. Just three left…12A (because I had stupidly misspelled 7D), 19A, and 10D which was a new word. Not at all displeased with my effort. Thanks to Warbler and to Big Dave for the review and hints.

  5. Enjoyed this very much. Thank you for explaining 13A’s answer, I knew it was ketch, but couldn’t figure out what it had to do with a hangman!

  6. Managed this one apart from 10d which I’ve never heard of – lovely puzzle – and I could do it, well, almost!
    I really liked 8a and 6d. My favourite was 21a.
    With thanks to Warbler and BD.

  7. Thanks to Warbler and to Big Dave. At last a Toughie completion.! Great puzzle with some super clues. Was 3*/3* for me. Favourites were 8a and 5d.

  8. Completed but not really with 4* enjoyment. Struggled to parse 10d as was thinking ‘ms’ for papers and so couldn’t see spread or justify ID at start. Still, rarely attempt never mind complete a toughie, so happy days. Thanks to all

  9. Took us much the same time as the back-pager and a very pleasant time too. The last for us to parse was 10d where it took a little time to identify the spread part of the wordplay. We liked the connection between 4d and 8a. Inspired by a recent experience with grandchildren perhaps?
    Thanks Warbler and BD.

  10. Thank you Warbler, like others the egg and the first 2 letters of 10d caused me to headscratch in an as always thoroughly enjoyable puzzle. And BD for the music clips and dissection.

  11. **/**** for me, it’s rare that I have time to look at the Toughie, let alone finish one, so this was a nice bonus today.

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